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Best Mining Methods in Minecraft (1.19)

Here’s our list of the top 12 best mining methods in Minecraft!

Best Mining Methods in Minecraft

Ever wondered how to optimize your mining strategy in Minecraft to get more ores and diamonds? Let’s get straight into today’s guide and find out!

A Little Bit About Mining in Minecraft

If you’ve played Minecraft long enough, you will know how important it is about the mining aspect of the game.

It’s a great way to get more high-value materials, as well as to relax and chill while exploring the wonderful cave system in Minecraft.

But did you know how to mine the right way? It’s not just about swinging your pickaxe over some blocks. With a great technique and strategy, you can maximize your resource to get as many ores back as possible!

How to Mine Efficiently in Minecraft

Despite the fact that there are many tips and methods for mining in Minecraft, there are some other criteria you should always pay attention to. For example:

  • How good is your pickaxe: Is it the right tier to mine the block you want? Does it have any powerful enchantment to speed up the mining process like Efficiency?
  • Mining location is also extremely important since you don’t want to be surrounded by ocean, or worst, a sea of lava.
  • Negative effects such as Mining Fatigue from the Elder Guardian. This is super frustrating since it slows your mining speed by 37 times.

Without further it does, let’s take a look at those best mining techniques in Minecraft!

12. Staircase Mining

This is the first-ever way you would think of to start mining in Minecraft. Since it’s pretty safe, and you can come back to the surface easily.

To start off, just look for a good place (or in your house) and start digging down one block, then dig forward one block, and down for another block. Repeat this until you reach the desired Y level.

You can also expand the staircases by digging blocks next to the first one.

11. Vertical Mining (Dig Straight Down)

Vertical Mining, as known as the Dig Straight Down method, is a risky but fast mining strategy that was invented a long time ago. Basically, you need to choose a random block and dig it straight down.

The advantage of this method is you can get to the lower level fastest, but it also contains a lot of risks like falling into a big cave or just falling straight into the lava. That’s why we love to call this method another name, Dig Your Own Grave!

10. Cave Mining

Before the 1.17 update, Cave Mining is still one of the best mining methods for every Minecrafter. Since you just need to follow a big cave system to find any exposed ores.

But later on, Mojang decided to reduce the ores’ exposure, especially for rare ores such as diamonds. So people just forget about Cave Mining over time.

9. Quarry Mining

Usually used to mine a chunk or multiple chunks in Minecraft, Quarry Mining is inspired by a real-life mining technique – where you constantly dig a giant hole with stairs leading down to the mine.

This method is the best if you have a beacon set up and want to gather some extra materials like stone, Diorite, Granite, Andesite, and Deepslate.

8. TNT Mining

As its name, this method uses 100% TNT to blow up an area for materials and ores. Although it sounds dangerous, TNT mining works well and fast!

The only downside is sometimes the TNTs will blow up the valuable ores. And crafting a bunch of TNT is quite expensive too!

7. Random Mining

If you’re unlucky down at the mine, try this strategy!

Assuming you’re already at the Y level you need. Instead of mining in a straight line, try to take as many random directions as you can. Maybe turn right when you see gravel, or suddenly mine up and down for every 5 blocks you mine.

As you can see, this mining method is quite dependent on luckiness. So you make the rule!

6. Branch Mining

There are a lot of layouts for this particular mining technique. But to sum up, the goal of branch mining is to get as many blocks to expose as you can while breaking minimum blocks.

The most common layout is to simulate the mineshaft structure, in which you will need to dig a long tunnel first. Then on either side, for every 2-3 blocks, start another tunnel. Then repeat this!

5. Wither Mining

Using explosion from the Wither boss to mine, this method is an alternative way of TNT mining.

All you need to do is find some soul sands and three wither skeleton skulls. Then assemble the Wither deep underground and watch it destroy the cave for you.

Like TNT mining, there is a chance that the Wither will blow up valuable ores. And you can also be killed in the process if not careful.

4. Horizontal Mining (2×1)

Typical and old-day mining method in Minecraft. First, you need to dig straight down or use the staircases method to get to your decided Y level.

Then pick a direction (we usually go for North), and start mining a 2×1 area in front of you. Keep moving and breaking in that pattern to create a long tunnel.

You may find caves with dungeons or special terrain like the amethyst geode. Remember to come back to the old tunnel when you’re done harvesting the materials in nearby caves.

3. Mineshaft Mining

Similar to Cave Mining, Mineshaft Mining is quite popular, especially before the 1.17 update.

You need to find a Mineshaft first to apply this method. So feel free to use the above strategies to find a mineshaft.

Then what’s next? Just follow the mineshaft and explore every single corner of it. You will find many ores exposed to the mineshaft’s surface.

2. Beacon Mining

This method is kinda a bonus rather than a mining method, but we listed it here anyway.

With a beacon, you can simply mine any terrain you like. And you can even apply this method to other mining techniques in this article to create the best output.

A beacon with the Haste 2 status effect will make you mine every block 40% faster.

1. Horizontal Mining (1×1)

This is by far the best mining method to maximize the resources you can gather while minimizing the block you break.

With the 2×1 mining strategy, you break 2 blocks to reveal 8 more blocks.

But this method, you only break 1 block to reveal up to 5 blocks. Although it is not a huge gap, breaking a thousand blocks will!

The only downside of this method is you have to bring either a trapdoor or a bucket of water in order to crawl into a 1×1 hole.


What is The Best Mining Method in Minecraft?

This totally depends on your playstyle. If you want a safe and slow way, try staircase and strip mining. If you want a fast but dangerous way, try digging straight down or using the Wither method.

With that being said, the 1×1 and cave mining methods are the most popular ones if you don’t know what to try.

Where Should I Mine in Minecraft?

Depending on the ore you need, you may want to find a specific location. If you love diamonds, any biomes should work well! If you’re aiming for copper ores, try looking for the dripstone caves biome. And if you love gold, the badlands biome is the best location!

Will TNT and the Wither Destroy Diamond Ores?

Absolutely yes! So please consider before using those methods!


And that’s the end, Miners and Crafters! Let’s choose your favorite mining technique and gather as many diamonds as possible. Remember to check this Ultimate Mining Guide to know where the ores are!

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