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How to Get Coins Fast in Blade Ball

Blade Ball is an exciting and fast-paced Roblox game where coins are essential for unlocking new abilities, skins, explosions, and more. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get coins fast in Blade Ball.

How to Get Coins Fast in Blade Ball

How to get coins fast in Blade Ball

There are many different ways to earn coins in Blade Ball. Here are the best methods:

Defeating other players

The most basic way to earn coins in Blade Ball is by eliminating other players. You’ll receive around 7-9 coins for each direct kill you get by hitting another player with the ball. Focus on getting clean kills instead of just assists to maximize your coin earnings.

Finishing in the top 3 of a match

At the end of each match, placing in the top 3 spots will reward you with bonus coins:

  • 3rd place: Around 26 coins
  • 2nd place: Around 50 coins
  • 1st place: 80+ coins

Try to play aggressively and go for the win to have a chance at getting these lucrative coin bonuses.

Redeeming codes

Blade Ball has active codes that can be redeemed for free coins. Go to the codes menu and enter the latest working codes to get hundreds or even thousands of coins. Check Blade Ball codes for an updated list of active Blade Ball codes.

Playing regularly

The more you play Blade Ball, the better you’ll get. As your skills improve, you’ll start earning more coins per match. Make sure to play regularly to take advantage of this.

Equipping coin multipliers

Certain abilities like “Coin Magnet” boost the amount of coins you earn per kill. Equip these to increase your coin farming potential.

Playing game modes with bonuses

Some game modes like “Coin Frenzy” have periodic bonuses that allow you to earn double or triple coin rewards for a short time. Play during these bonuses to maximize coins.

Not wasting coins

Avoid spending all your coins on cosmetic skins. Save up and strategically invest in abilities that will help you perform better in matches and earn coins faster. Following these tips will have you raking in coins so you can unlock all the cool items in Blade Ball. Let us know in the comments if you have any other effective strategies for getting coins fast!

And that’s how to get coins fast in Blade Ball! Looking for more guides? Check out our Blade Ball tier list, Blade Ball Trello, and Blade Ball Discord pages.