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What is a Case Key in Blade Ball?

Blade Ball is a popular Roblox game where players hit a ball with a sword to keep it from touching them. The game includes a fun cosmetic reward system using case keys and crates. Here’s an overview of how case keys work in Blade Ball:

What is a Case Key in Blade Ball?

What is a Case Key in Blade Ball?

Case keys are a currency in Blade Ball used to open cosmetic crates. There are two types of crates that require case keys:

  • Explosion Crates – Provide explosion effects when you die
  • Sword Skin Crates – Give cool sword skins

Keys instantly open the crate to receive the cosmetic item reward.

How to Get Case Keys in Blade Ball

There are a few methods to obtain free case keys in Blade Ball:

  • Blade Ball Codes – Redeem codes provided by the developers for free keys
  • Playtime Rewards – Earn 1 key for every 20 minutes spent playing, up to 6 keys
  • Daily Spin Wheel – Small chance to win a pack with keys from the wheel
  • Purchase with Robux – Buy keys directly using Robux (premium currency)

How to Use Case Keys in Blade Ball

Using case keys is simple:

  1. Go to the Explosion Crate or Sword Skin Crate
  2. Click on the crate or press E
  3. Open the crate instantly with a case key
  4. Obtain the cosmetic item reward in your inventory

And that’s everything you need to know about case keys in Blade Ball! They provide an exciting way to earn cool cosmetics in the game. Looking for more guides? Check out our Blade Ball tier list, Blade Ball Trello, and Blade Ball Discord pages.