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Blade Ball Tier List: Best Abilities (June 2024)

This is a Blade Ball tier list. An updated Blade Ball ability tier list that ranks the best abilities currently available in the game.

Blade Ball Ability Tier List: Best Skills

Blade Ball Tier List Guide

We’ve compiled a Blade Ball tier list for all abilities in the game. They’re ranked and classified into various tiers based on their effectiveness in the game. Here’s a breakdown of the tier rankings:

  • S+ Tier: Overpowered
  • S Tier: Very Strong
  • A Tier: Good
  • B Tier: Average
  • C Tier: Weak
  • D Tier: Useless

Tier List Changelog & Notes:

  • Note 1: Make sure to keep track of the Blade Ball Trello for any changes to the game.
  • Note 2: Redeem Blade Ball codes for in-game freebies.
  • October 6th Changelog: The tier list has been created.

Blade Ball Tier List: S Tier

S-Tier abilities are the best of the best skills on our Blade Ball tier list, offering the most significant advantages. Here are the S-Tier abilities you should aim to use:

  • Swap: S-Tier
  • Infinity: S-Tier
  • Rapture: S-Tier
  • Pull: S-Tier
  • Wind Cloak: S-Tier


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: S

  • Upgrade 1 Cost: 2,000 Coins
  • Upgrade 2 Cost: 4,000 Coins

Swap allows you to trade positions with any player in the match.

The key to effectively using Swap is timing. Activate it at the last possible second before an incoming ball strikes you. This leaves your target no time to react before getting hammered by the speeding ball, now homing in on them instead.

However, savvy opponents have abilities to counter Swap:

  • Invisibility makes you untargetable, causing the ball to harmlessly pass through you if swapped.
  • Freeze stops the ball briefly, giving you time to react after being swapped.
  • Infinity auto-parries for several seconds, negating the need to manually time a block if swapped.

Mastering the precise timing of Swap is critical to outmaneuvering your foes. But skilled use of this ability can allow you to turn the tables on any opponent in an instant.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: S

Infinity is a powerful yet controversial ability in Blade Ball. When activated, it grants temporary invincibility by automatically deflecting the ball if you fail to parry.

This makes Infinity extremely useful in close-range standoffs, as the autoparry practically guarantees you’ll emerge victorious. However, Infinity was only obtainable initially by purchasing multiple packs totaling over 11,000 Robux – leading many to criticize its pay-to-win nature.

The ability introduced divide in the Blade Ball community. While advantageous for those willing to pay, it proved nearly impossible for most players to obtain without spending real money. This resulted in perceived imbalance, as Infinity users gained an undisputed edge that many felt provided an unfair and insurmountable advantage.

Ultimately, Infinity demonstrated the potential perils of introducing overpowered abilities only accessible through purchases. Its auto-deflect mechanics disrupted Blade Ball’s competitive balance. Moving forward, the developers face the challenge of making powerful new abilities feel earned, not bought.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: S

Rapture is a fierce, uppercut-style ability in Blade Ball empowering your hits. Activating Rapture adds speed, power, and extra curve influence to the ball after impact.

This versatile ability is effective at both close and long ranges thanks to its swift activation and dramatic curving shots.

However, savvy opponents have counters:

  • Raging Deflect can send the ball screaming back even faster.
  • Telekinesis allows manipulating the ball’s movement mid-flight.
  • Freeze briefly stops the ball.
  • Infinity auto-parries, negating Rapture’s impact.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: S

Pull is a disruptive ability in Blade Ball, allowing you to seize control of the ball mid-flight. Activating Pull breaks any existing target lock, wrenching the ball off course and towards you instead.

Pull is ideal for sowing chaos in close-quarters play. If timed properly, you can catch opponents off guard by abruptly stealing their target lock moments before striking them. This forces them to quickly react or face being slammed by their own deflected ball.

However, careless use of Pull can backfire. Mistiming it may accidentally redirect the ball into yourself or a teammate. Mastering the ability requires diligently honing your timing to avoid deadly misplays.

Wind Cloak

Blade Ball Tier List Rank: S

Wind Cloak is a mobility-focused ability in Roblox Blade Ball granting enhanced agility and evasion. Activating Wind Cloak surrounds you in an aura of wind, increasing your movement speed and jump height for a period of time.

This ability is ideal for defensive playstyles, as the speed boost helps create space between you and the ball. The extended jump height also allows you to swiftly traverse the arena and reach advantageous positions.

While Wind Cloak does not directly attack opponents, its utility lies in outmaneuvering them. The wind aura lets you swiftly dodge incoming balls and reposition to places enemies struggle to reach. With proper timing, you can activate Wind Cloak to rapidly escape dangerous situations.

Overall, Wind Cloak provides vital agility to users favoring evasive tactics over raw offense. The temporary boosts give you the tools to keep your distance, outpace pursuers, and set up plays by swiftly reaching key points on the court. It’s an ability tailored for those who prefer to be an elusive gale rather than a overwhelming force.

Blade Ball Tier List: A Tier

A-Tier abilities on our Blade Ball tier list are not far behind S-Tier in terms of raw power. They are quite strong and can significantly benefit your gameplay:

  • Phase Bypass: A-Tier
  • Thunder Dash: A-Tier
  • Waypoint: A-Tier
  • Raging Deflect: A-Tier
  • Forcefield: A-Tier

Phase Bypass

Blade Ball Tier List Rank: A

Phase Bypass is one of the best mobility abilities in the game. It allows users to phase out of reality and move at godly speed for a few seconds before teleporting to their original position. When used properly, it can provide a major edge in maneuverability.

Phase Bypass was only obtainable from the Cyber Pack DLC.

Thunder Dash

Blade Ball Tier List Rank: A

When activated, Thunder Dash propels your character forward in a blur of lightning. This move is extremely useful for rapidly closing the gap between you, the ball, or an opponent. It’s basically an upgraded version of Dash.

This ability lets you quickly create space between you and the ball, buying precious extra moments to line up the perfect deflection. Its lightning-quick velocity can catch opponents off guard, too.

Overall, Thunder Dash has a decent ability for mobility and positioning in Blade Ball. Its speed and electric flare make it superior to the standard Dash, allowing more dynamic plays.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: A

Waypoint allows you to place a teleport marker anywhere and return to it on demand. Mastering Waypoint requires learning optimal marker placement and teleport timing.

To use Waypoint, plant your sword anywhere in the arena to create a waypoint. When you activate the Ability again, you’ll instantly warp back to that exact spot.

When the game first launched, Waypoint could only be obtained by purchasing the Skill Pack for 2,999 Robux or getting lucky with the spin wheel. This rare Ability let early adopters execute advanced plays.

Overall, Waypoint brings a unique strategic element to Blade Ball. The ability to tactically place teleportation markers and warp between them as desired opens up gameplay possibilities.

Raging Deflect

Blade Ball Tier List Rank: A

When activated, Raging Deflect dramatically boosts the speed and power of your next deflect shot.

While less useful against slower balls, Raging Deflect truly shines when the ball is already careening at high velocity. If timed properly against a fastball, it will deflect the ball at blistering speed, making it nearly impossible for opponents to counter. This almost guarantees defeating an opponent if you activate Raging Deflect just before a fastball reaches you.

Mastering the timing of Raging Deflect is crucial to utilizing its full potential. But once honed, it’s an ability that can swiftly swing the momentum of a Blade Ball match in your favor.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: A

Forcefield grants temporary invulnerability and automatic deflects. Upon activation, a forcefield materializes around you, protecting you from incoming balls and bouncing them away.

This makes Forcefield extremely advantageous in close-quarters combat. It allows you to swiftly volley the ball back, overwhelming opponents with rapid auto-deflects before they can strike you.

However, Forcefield loses some potency in standoffs to prevent imbalance. Direct standoffs weakly sap its auto-deflect strength, ensuring fairer back-and-forth exchanges.

When used proactively, Forcefield enables aggressive, high-pressure play. You can overwhelm foes through relentless deflects before the forcefield decays. But it is also great for reactive saves, shielding you from certain defeat at the last moment.

Forcefield provides a tremendous defensive edge but with limits to maintain competitive balance. Mastering both its protection and deflect boosts is key to fully utilizing this ability’s formidable potential.

Blade Ball Tier List: B Tier

B-Tier abilities on our Blade Ball tier list are still quite powerful, providing decent mechanics:

  • Invisibility: B-Tier
  • Shadow Step: B-Tier
  • Freeze: B-Tier
  • Telekinesis: B-Tier


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: B

Activating Invisibility cloaks you for several seconds, preventing the ball from locking onto you during that time.

This grants a major tactical edge early in matches. You can vanish as the round starts, dodging the initial skirmish while opponents eliminate each other. This allows whittling down competitors right from the get-go.

However, Invisibility loses usefulness in 1v1 standoffs. Its vanishing act does not work during intense back-and-forth volleys. With no one else to target, the ball remains fixed on you despite invisibility.

Overall, Invisibility rewards patient, evasive playstyles. Well-timed activation when multiple targets exist can steer the ball away from you, leaving the remaining players vulnerable. But the ability requires other techniques once only one foe remains.

Shadow Step

Blade Ball Tier List Rank: B

Activating Shadow Step instantly creates shadow clones of you dashing rapidly in all directions. Your movement speed is also boosted for a short time.

This ability shares similarities with Dash and Thunder Dash. However, Shadow Step lasts longer while providing multi-directional mobility unlike the forward-only dashes.

Shadow Step truly shines in standoff situations. It allows you to swiftly flank and surround opponents, creating openings to finish them off. The speed boost also aids evasion while closing in for the final blow.

Proper timing of Shadow Step can give you a quick, unpredictable edge. The temporary clones disorient foes while your actual self speeds behind them. And unlike dashes, you aren’t limited by having to face a specific direction before activating.

Overall, Shadow Step rewards aggressive, mobile playstyles. Mastering it grants you an elusive, multi-angled advantage that’s difficult for opponents to counter. This ability epitomizes the philosophy of striking hard and vanishing like a shadow.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: B

Activating Freeze immobilizes the ball in midair for 5 seconds or until parried by another player.

If left unparried, the frozen ball unfreezes and continues pursuing its original target.

Freeze combines aspects of abilities like Pull and Telekinesis. You decide when to freeze the ball, interrupting its trajectory. However, you don’t control where it goes after, unlike directly manipulative abilities.

This makes Freeze more about disrupting flow and creating opportunities. Timely activation can pause the ball right before hitting you, allowing an escape or switch of position. It also lets teammates reposition for cooperative plays after you freeze.

While not a directly offensive ability, mastering Freeze’s disruptive potential is key to utilizing it effectively. With proper timing, freezing the ball even briefly can reset the court in your favor. This versatility makes Freeze a unique and unpredictable ability.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: B

Telekinesis can forcibly stop and redirect the ball mid-flight, even if you aren’t the target.

After activating Telekinesis, you manually select a new target destination for the ball. This grants immense control to hit any player, but requires caution in choosing wisely.

Mistargeting can backfire catastrophically – you may accidentally strike yourself or allies. Users who activate Invisibility also become impervious to targeting, potentially sending the ball bouncing back to you.

Mastering Telekinesis requires keen situational awareness and quick judgment. Targets must be evaluated in a split second to avoid disastrous own goals. But clever redirects can eliminate competitors or create openings for teammates.

This high-risk, high-reward ability demands concentration and care when manipulating the ball’s trajectory. Telekinesis’ immense control comes with equal responsibility in wisely wielding its potential.

Blade Ball Tier List: C Tier

C-Tier abilities on our Blade Ball tier list are below average and not really worth using.

  • Platform: C-Tier
  • Dash: C-Tier
  • Super Jump: C-Tier


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: C

Activating Platform sprouts a giant column beneath your feet, elevating you high above the arena for a short time.

This ability provides key utility early and late match. Initially, it creates distance from other players, keeping you safe as they battle. During standoffs, it adds space between you and the opponent to complicate their shots.

However, Platform requires care to use safely. The ball can still pass through the pillar, striking your feet if poorly positioned. Keeping aware of the ball’s path is vital, as the height difference makes redirecting shots more difficult.

With practice, Platform enables safer starts and standoff mind games. Its verticality adds a new dimension to court positioning, allowing temporary overhead safety. But be ready to precisely parry shots that breach your pillar perch.


Blade Ball Tier List Rank: C

This starter ability makes your character swiftly dash in the direction you’re facing.

Despite being a beginner power, Dash remains useful even for experienced players. During standoffs, you can dash while blocking to rapidly close distance on opponents. This forces them to react quicker at short range, pressuring their defenses.

Well-timed dashes can also evade incoming balls by quickly sidestepping them. And dashes allow swiftly pursuing opponents trying to escape.

While straightforward, proper Dash timing is key to maximizing its effectiveness. New players should master Dash’s quick mobility to build foundational skills. But even seasoned pros can integrate Dash’s speed bursts to keep foes off-balance during intense volleys. This simple yet essential ability forms a cornerstone of skilled Blade Ball play.

Super Jump

Blade Ball Tier List Rank: C

Activating Super Jump propels your character into a towering jump over the arena.

As one of the most affordable abilities, Super Jump sees widespread use. Skilled players can utilize the height advantage for disorienting midair deflects, capitalizing on the difficulty of tracking the ball from below.

It’s most effective early in matches when multiple targets exist. Opponents struggle to follow the ball’s trajectory when deflected at the peak of a towering Super Jump. This creates openings to eliminate distracted foes.

However, the aerial exposure also brings risk. Well-aimed rises can strike you while exposed at the jump’s apex. And 1v1 standoffs lose the misdirection benefit against a single grounded foe.

When used strategically, Super Jump allows dominating the arena from above. But mastering safe landings and selective use is key to maximizing its potential. Overall, it’s a high-risk, high-reward ability demanding skill and situational awareness.

Tier List Disclaimer

We’ve made this Blade Ball tier list to help players progress through the game faster. However, as with any tier list, the skill ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. They’re purely based on our opinion—and what worked for us may not work for you.

If you like the way a certain ability looks and feels, then play it! It isn’t always about dominating the meta. Play the game for fun.

We recommend using our Blade Ball tier list as a starting point for your own explorations within the game. Experiment with different abilities and strategies to uncover what works for you.

In conclusion, this Blade Ball tier list guide aims to serve as a compass, not a map. We’ll work hard to keep it updated with the latest meta shifts in the game. However, there are many different ways to play, and ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which heroes they want to play.

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