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Best Young GK FIFA 23 (Wonderkids) – Best Young Goalkeepers to Sign in Career Mode

This year’s edition of the FIFA franchise is here, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a good one. Career mode especially is seeing many new features and improvements. With that said, we thought that it’s right if we finally update our old best young GK FIFA 22 list with the latest goalkeeping wonderkids of 2023 and beyond.

Best Young GK FIFA 23

The important question is, who are the best goalkeepers this year with the highest potential? We’re here to answer that question in our best young GK FIFA 23 guide.

Goalkeepers play one of the most critical roles in football. It doesn’t matter how great your team is if the other side can easily put the ball past your keeper. Scoring goals will win games, but saving goals can also also be equally important to the win as well. Making sure you have the best player to fill this role will infinitely increase your chances of success in FIFA 23’s career mode.

Without further ado, here are the best young goalkeepers with the highest potential to sign in FIFA 23 career mode.


Gabriel Slonina (65 OVR / 81 POT)

This is a young goalkeeper that has high potential and has plenty of room to grow. He has 81 POT, and although the OVR rating of 65 can be improved, the price is worth paying for him, as he’s worth 1.6 million euros. He is currently playing in MLS, more precisely in Chicago Fire Football Club, and this year his contract ends so that you could bring this gem to your team!


Lucas Chevalier (65 OVR / 81 POT)

Chevalier is currently playing in Valenciennes and is there on a loan, and the 19-year-old is looking to prove himself on the big stage. The 81 potential speaks for itself, and just like Slonina, the 65 OVR can be improved. But the price is the same as the previous goalkeeper, and 1.6 million euros isn’t too much to pay if you have a place in your roster to develop this guy!


Konstantinos Tzolakis (67 OVR / 81 POT)

The 18-year-old Greek goalkeeper is playing in his homeland in Greece for Olympiacos CFP until the end of the 2024 season. For his services, you’d have to pay 2.1 million euros, and although he has the same amount of POT as the other goalkeepers, he has 67 OVR, which is more than the previous two.


Arnau Tenas (67 OVR / 81 POT)

Tenas is currently the backup goalkeeper in Barcelona, and with how Ter Stegen has been defending the goal, it’s unlikely that the team can count on him. However, he does have decent qualities and can provide solid value to your team. He is estimated to be worth 2.1 million euros and with 81 POT and 67 OVR, rest assured that he is worth every penny of his contract!


Luiz Junior (70 OVR / 81 POT)

Junior is playing in Futebol Clube de Famalicao and is under contract until the end of the 2027 season, so for his services, you’d have to pay 3 million euros. The youngster is just 20 years of age and has proven to be a prolific goalkeeper that has defended many impossible situations in the Brazilian league. With 81 potential and 70 OVR, the sky’s the limit for this guy, and he does need to go to a higher market club in order to develop himself into a better player!


Ersin Destanoglu (73 OVR / 81 POT)

Ersin is a 20-year-old goalkeeper that is currently playing in his homeland in Turkey for Besiktas JK until the end of the 2023 season. The team is looking to bank 6 million from his contract, and given the fact he has 81 POT and 73 OVR, and is truly the goalkeeper you’d want to have in your team, that money is nothing compared to what you’ll receive in return! Consider him if you have a free spot on your team.


Etienne Green (74 OVR / 82 POT)

Green is currently defending the goal of Saint-Etienne until the end of the 2025 season, and for his services, you’d have to pay 8 million euros. Etienne is a prolific goalkeeper that has very good reflexes and is very good in defending tough situations, like penalties, corner kicks, and free kicks. Therefore, consider him as a solid piece to your rotation if there is enough place!


Peder Hoel Lervik (57 OVR / 82 POT)

Lervik is just 16 years of age, and he has 82 potential behind his name. Although his overall isn’t too good, 57 as we speak, the Molde’s goalkeeper can truly be developed into a “cat” on the goal, providing decent defense and stopping certain situations from being translated into goals for the enemy team! You don’t have to pay much for his services, just 475k euros, and if you do have a place in your team, Lervik can be the right choice for you!


Alejandro Iturbe (65 OVR / 82 POT)

Iturbe is another young goalkeeper who has just turned 17 years of age, and with the 82 potential and the fact that he’s been able to learn from one of the best, Jan Oblak, since he is the backup goalkeeper for Atletico Madrid, Iturbe can be the real deal for you! He is estimated to be worth around 1.6 million euros, and rest assured that he’s worth every penny of that contract!


Giorgi Mamardashvili (70 OVR / 83 POT)

Another 20-year-old goalkeeper that is truly a gem on the goal can be found in Giorgi. He is currently playing in Valencia, and although he doesn’t receive much playing time, he could be the next big thing for your team if you decide to bring him along. He has very good reflexes, the 83 POT speaks for itself and the 77 OVR isn’t something you can overlook! With that being said, Giorgi will provide a very stable presence on the goal for your team!


Maarten Vandevoordt (70 OVR / 84 POT)

Maarten is currently playing in Genk and is under contract until the end of the 2023 season. For his services, you’d have to pay 3.3 million euros, and given the fact that he has 84 POT and 70 OVR, the money is nothing for this 19-year-old goalkeeper. Rest assured that he’ll provide you with something you truly miss if you struggle in this position!


Gavin Bazunu (70 OVR / 85 POT)

Bazunu sits on top of our list, and given the fact that he is just 19 years of age and has 85 POT along with 69 OVR, the 19-year-old goalkeeper is what your team desperately needs in order for stable goalkeeping. He is currently in Portsmouth on a loan, but this guy can provide everything that you’ve wished for. Penalties? Not a problem. Corner Strikes? His specialty. Bazunu just doesn’t let the ball go behind his back, in the net, without a proper battle!

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