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Best Young CB EA FC 24 to sign in Career Mode

EA FC 24 is finally here! Read on for our Best Young CB EA FC 24 guide in FIFA 24 Career mode. These are the best young centre backs with high potential in FC24.

Best Young CB EA FC 24 to sign in Career Mode

Best Young CB EA FC 24 to sign in Career Mode

If you’re looking for the best young centre backs with the highest potential for your FC24 career mode playthrough, then we’ve got you covered! The following list of players are all under 22 years old and have a potential of at least 82 or higher.

Update: The stats are correct as of September 25, 2023

PlayerOVRPOTGROAgeValue / WageRelease ClauseSkillsWeak FootWork Rate (Atk / Def)FootHeight / WeightIn-game Stats
William Saliba 8389622€53M €105K€023M / HR193cm | 6'3" High & Average (85kg | 187lbs)1,937
Joško Gvardiol 8288621€44.5M €93K€034H / HL185cm | 6'0" High & Average (80kg | 176lbs)2,084
António João Tavares Silva 78881019€28.5M €7.3K€022M / HR187cm | 6'1" High & Average+ (80kg | 176lbs)1,807
Jorrel Hato 68871917€2.8M €500€023M / ML182cm | 5'11" Average (76kg | 168lbs)1,732
Wesley Fofana 7986722€33M €80K€023M / HR190cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (76kg | 168lbs)1,789
Jurriën Timber 7986722€33M €80K€033H / MR179cm | 5'10" Average (78kg | 172lbs)1,975
Piero Hincapié 7986721€33M €36K€032M / ML184cm | 6'0" Average (76kg | 168lbs)1,910
Gonçalo Inácio 7986721€33M €11K€022M / HL185cm | 6'0" High & Average+ (78kg | 172lbs)1,824
Giorgio Scalvini 75861119€11.5M €19K€023M / MR194cm | 6'4" High & Average (75kg | 165lbs)1,586
Marc Guehi 7885722€26.5M €33.5K€024M / MR182cm | 5'11" Average (82kg | 181lbs)1,799
Benoît Badiashile 7885722€26.5M €73K€023M / HL194cm | 6'4" High & Average (75kg | 165lbs)1,807
Malick Thiaw 7785821€22M €36K€024M / MR191cm | 6'3" High & Average (80kg | 176lbs)1,873
Leon King 66851919€2.1M €6.6K€023M / MR185cm | 6'0" High & Average (75kg | 165lbs)1,652
Castello Lukeba 7785820€21.5M €30.5K€022M / HL184cm | 6'0" Lean (73kg | 161lbs)1,899
Micky van de Ven 7885722€26.5M €59K€033H / ML193cm | 6'3" High & Average (81kg | 179lbs)1,855
Ousmane Diomande 75851019€11.5M €6.1K€024M / HR190cm | 6'2" High & Average (86kg | 190lbs)1,644
Jorne Spileers 69851618€3.3M €2.7K€023M / MR188cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (70kg | 154lbs)1,616
Yann Aurel Bisseck 74841022€9M €42K€023H / HR196cm | 6'5" High & Average (87kg | 192lbs)1,846
Jarrad Branthwaite 72841221€5.5M €17.5K€025M / HL195cm | 6'4" High & Average (74kg | 163lbs)1,572
William Pacho 74841021€9M €19.5K€022L / ML186cm | 6'1" High & Stocky (81kg | 179lbs)1,716
Adamo Nagalo 71841320€4.2M €6.1K€023M / HR185cm | 6'0" High & Average (75kg | 165lbs)1,641
Levi Colwill 74841020€8.5M €46.5K€023H / ML187cm | 6'1" High & Average (80kg | 176lbs)1,763
Leandro Morgalla 66841818€2M €1.4K€023M / MR186cm | 6'1" High & Average+ (74kg | 163lbs)1,560
Abakar Sylla 70841420€3.6M €8.3K€023L / ML188cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (80kg | 176lbs)1,681
Logan Costa 71831222€4.3M €11.5K€022L / MR188cm | 6'2" High & Average (87kg | 192lbs)1,512
Odilon Kossounou 7683722€14M €34K€023L / MR191cm | 6'3" High & Average+ (81kg | 179lbs)1,751
Nathan Collins 7683722€14M €38K€023M / HR193cm | 6'3" High & Average (81kg | 179lbs)1,652
Taylor Harwood-Bellis 7483921€9M €24K€023H / MR188cm | 6'2" High & Average (73kg | 161lbs)1,747
Tanguy Nianzou 73831021€6.5M €13K€023L / HR191cm | 6'3" High & Average (83kg | 183lbs)1,680
Zeno Debast 71831219€4.2M €7.3K€024M / MR189cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (76kg | 168lbs)1,846
Strahinja Pavlović 7583822€12M €14.5K€023M / HL194cm | 6'4" High & Average (86kg | 190lbs)1,722
Jon Pacheco Dozagarat 71831222€4.3M €14.5K€023L / ML184cm | 6'0" Lean (77kg | 170lbs)1,471
Morato 7583822€12M €10K€022L / ML192cm | 6'3" High & Average (89kg | 196lbs)1,673
Ismaël Doukouré 70831319€3.5M €6.1K€022M / MR183cm | 6'0" Average (80kg | 176lbs)1,546
Lorenzo Pirola 71831221€4.3M €12.5K€023M / HL185cm | 6'0" High & Average (79kg | 174lbs)1,651
Mees Hilgers 73831022€6.5M €8.1K€023H / MR186cm | 6'1" High & Average+ (78kg | 172lbs)1,710
Radu Dragu?in 70831321€3.7M €8.7K€023M / HR191cm | 6'3" High & Average+ (80kg | 176lbs)1,654
El Chadaille Bitshiabu 68831518€2.6M €4.5K€023M / ML196cm | 6'5" High & Stocky (96kg | 212lbs)1,501
Callum Doyle 71831219€4.2M €12.5K€023M / ML188cm | 6'2" High & Average (85kg | 187lbs)1,733
Fabio Chiarodia 62832118€1.2M €1.2K€023M / ML186cm | 6'1" High & Average+ (78kg | 172lbs)1,500
Tomás Lemos Araújo 70831321€3.7M €4.8K€022M / MR186cm | 6'1" High & Average (83kg | 183lbs)1,525
Madi Monamay 60832317€725K €500€023M / MR185cm | 6'0" High & Average+ (72kg | 159lbs)1,500
Mauro Perković 67831620€2.5M €4.6K€022M / HL185cm | 6'0" High & Average (78kg | 172lbs)1,596
Natan 72831122€4.9M €25K€022M / HL188cm | 6'2" High & Average (82kg | 181lbs)1,592
Saba Sazonov 7583821€12M €24.5K€023M / HR194cm | 6'4" High & Average (85kg | 187lbs)1,751
Sepp van den Berg 72821021€4.9M €12.5K€023M / MR192cm | 6'3" High & Average (87kg | 192lbs)1,692
Eric García Martret 7582722€10.5M €18.5K€023M / MR182cm | 5'11" Average (76kg | 168lbs)1,831
Leonidas Stergiou 70821221€3.7M €8.6K€023L / MR180cm | 5'10" Average (75kg | 165lbs)1,686
Armel Bella Kotchap 7482821€9M €10K€025M / MR190cm | 6'2" High & Stocky (87kg | 192lbs)1,579
7482822€9M €16.5K€023M / MR186cm | 6'1" High & Average+ (77kg | 170lbs)1,673
Francés 7382920€6M €6K€024M / HR180cm | 5'10" Lean (70kg | 154lbs)1,797
Nnamdi Collins 63821919€1.2M €3.3K€023M / MR191cm | 6'3" High & Average (84kg | 185lbs)1,448
Isaak Touré 70821220€3.6M €8.3K€023M / ML206cm | 6'9" High & Average (98kg | 216lbs)1,579
Caleb Okoli 72821021€4.9M €6.4K€022L / HR191cm | 6'3" High & Average (91kg | 201lbs)1,554
Maxime Estève 7482821€9M €13.5K€023M / ML193cm | 6'3" High & Average (87kg | 192lbs)1,606
Serdar Saatçı 68821420€2.7M €3.8K€022M / MR190cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (90kg | 198lbs)1,474
Linus Gechter 68821419€2.7M €2.9K€023M / HR191cm | 6'3" High & Average (81kg | 179lbs)1,547
Ashley Phillips 60822218€750K €2.7K€023M / HR191cm | 6'3" High & Average (74kg | 163lbs)1,396
Cristhian Mosquera Ibargüen 68821419€2.7M €5.9K€023M / MR188cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (79kg | 174lbs)1,581
Leopold Querfeld 67821519€2.3M €3.5K€023L / HR190cm | 6'2" High & Average (83kg | 183lbs)1,554
Mika Mármol Medina 72821022€4.9M €11K€023H / ML182cm | 5'11" Lean (72kg | 159lbs)1,742
Leny Yoro 71821117€3.6M €850€023M / MR190cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (73kg | 161lbs)1,627
Wisdom Amey 61822117€975K €500€023M / MR187cm | 6'1" High & Average (75kg | 165lbs)1,517
Christian Mawissa Elebi 64821818€1.4M €1.4K€023M / ML185cm | 6'0" High & Average (77kg | 170lbs)1,443
Nathan Zézé 64821818€1.4M €1.4K€023M / ML190cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (76kg | 168lbs)1,372
Wouter Goes 65821719€1.7M €1.4K€023M / MR187cm | 6'1" High & Average (75kg | 165lbs)1,556
Alan Matturro 65821718€1.7M €1.6K€023M / ML189cm | 6'2" High & Average+ (77kg | 170lbs)1,528
Mamadou Sarr 66821617€2M €500€023M / MR194cm | 6'4" High & Average+ (80kg | 176lbs)1,525
João Muniz 66821618€2M €1K€022M / HL187cm | 6'1" High & Average+ (73kg | 161lbs)1,528

Top 10 Best Young CB EA FC 24 to sign in Career Mode


Benoît Badiashile

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 78, POT: 85
  • Age: 22
  • Nation: France
  • Club: Chelsea FC
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 9th

Benoît Badiashile has swiftly risen to prominence, especially since joining Chelsea FC in the Premier League. His football journey began with Saint-Étienne, where he showcased his defensive prowess and soon became a sought-after talent. Leicester City was quick to recognize his potential, and he played a pivotal role in their defense.

However, it was in 2023 that Chelsea FC secured his services, and he has since been a formidable presence in their backline. At Stamford Bridge, Badiashile has displayed his exceptional ability to read the game, combined with his strength and technical skills, making him a key player in the team’s defensive strategies.

Internationally, Badiashile has represented France across various youth levels and has been called up to the senior squad, further solidifying his reputation as one of the top young defenders in the world.


Piero Hincapié

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 79, POT: 86
  • Age: 21
  • Nation: Ecuador
  • Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 7th

Piero Hincapié has emerged as a standout figure in the defensive line, representing both Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga and the Ecuador national team. Hailing from Esmeraldas, Ecuador, his early footballing journey saw him play for local clubs such as Escuela Refinería, Emelec, and Barcelona. He later joined Independiente del Valle in 2016, where he made his mark and was promoted to their first team by 2019.

In 2020, Hincapié made a significant move to Argentina, joining Primera División side Talleres. His impressive performances caught the attention of European scouts, leading to his transfer to Bayer Leverkusen in August 2021. At Leverkusen, he quickly adapted to the demands of European football, making notable appearances in the Europa League, including scoring against Celtic in a 4-0 victory.

Internationally, Hincapié has been a beacon for Ecuador. He represented his country as captain at the U17 level and made significant contributions during the South American U-17 Championship in Peru and the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil. His senior debut for Ecuador came in June 2021 during a Copa América match against Colombia. By November 2022, he was named in Ecuador’s squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where he played crucial minutes in the group stages.


Gonçalo Inácio

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 79, POT: 86
  • Age: 22
  • Nation: Portugal
  • Club: Sporting CP
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 6th

Gonçalo Bernardo Inácio has rapidly established himself as a key figure in the heart of Sporting CP’s defense and has also made significant contributions to the Portugal national team. His football journey saw him start with local club Almada before joining Sporting CP’s youth academy in 2012.

Inácio made his mark with Sporting CP’s first team in a match against Portimonense in October 2020. His consistent performances played a pivotal role in Sporting CP’s Primeira Liga triumph in the 2020-2021 season, ending a long title drought for the Lisbon giants. Recognizing his potential, Sporting CP extended his contract until 2026, signaling their faith in his abilities.

On the international stage, Inácio has donned the Portugal jersey across various youth levels and made his senior debut in the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifiers in March 2023. He further showcased his defensive prowess by scoring twice in a 9-0 victory over Luxembourg in September 2023.


Giorgio Scalvini

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 75, POT: 86
  • Age: 19
  • Nation: Italy
  • Club: Atalanta Bergamo
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 5th

Giorgio Scalvini is an Italian professional footballer who stands out as a centre-back for Serie A club Atalanta and the Italy national team. Hailing from Chiari, Italy, Scalvini’s footballing journey took him through clubs like Palazzolo and Brescia before he found his home at Atalanta’s youth academy in 2015. His talent was undeniable, and he played a crucial role in Atalanta’s UEFA Youth League victory during the 2021–22 season.

Scalvini’s transition to Atalanta’s first team was smooth, making his debut in a Serie A match against Udinese in October 2021. His performances continued to impress, and he marked his European debut in the UEFA Europa League against RB Leipzig in April 2022. Not long after, he netted his first career goal in a match against Verona.

Internationally, Scalvini has been a beacon for Italy across various youth levels. He made his debut with the Italy U21 team in November 2021 and soon found himself called up for the senior national team, making his debut in a match against Germany in June 2022.


Jurriën Timber

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 79, POT: 86
  • Age: 22
  • Nation: Netherlands
  • Club: Arsenal FC
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 4th

Jurriën David Norman Timber is a Dutch professional footballer who currently plays as a defender for Premier League club Arsenal and the Netherlands national team. While he primarily serves as a centre-back, Timber is versatile and can also be deployed as a right-back.

His footballing journey saw him transition from Feyenoord to Ajax’s youth academy in 2014. Timber’s first-team debut for Ajax came in March 2020, and during his time with the club, he secured two Eredivisie titles and one KNVB Cup. His contributions were further recognized when he won the Marco van Basten Award in 2022. In July 2023, Timber made a significant move to Arsenal for an initial transfer fee of £34 million.

Internationally, Timber has been active at various levels for the Netherlands. He was part of the under-17 team that clinched the 2018 UEFA European Under-17 Championship and made his senior international debut in June 2021. He was also selected for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, representing the Netherlands in several matches during the tournament.

Timber’s recent transfer to Arsenal in 2023 has been a notable highlight. Shortly after joining, he made his competitive debut for the Gunners against Manchester City in the Community Shield, which Arsenal won on penalties. However, an unfortunate ACL injury on his right knee during a Premier League match against Nottingham Forest has temporarily halted his progress, requiring surgery and a recovery period.

With his combination of defensive prowess, tactical understanding, and versatility, Jurriën Timber stands out as one of the most promising young centre-backs in the football world today.


Wesley Fofana

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 79, POT: 86
  • Age: 22
  • Nation: France
  • Club: Chelsea FC
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 4th

Wesley Fofana, with his undeniable talent and prowess, has carved a niche for himself in the footballing world, especially since joining the ranks of Chelsea FC in the Premier League. Originating from France, Fofana’s early days were spent impressing at Saint-Étienne, where he displayed a level of maturity and skill beyond his years, catching the eyes of top European outfits.

Leicester City initially secured his signature in 2020, where he rapidly became an integral part of their defense. His blend of agility, power, and technical finesse made him a daunting adversary on the pitch. Particularly commendable are Fofana’s game-reading capabilities, his knack for timely interceptions, and his ability to halt opposition advances in their tracks.

His standout performances at Leicester didn’t go unnoticed, leading to his transfer to Chelsea FC. At Stamford Bridge, he has seamlessly integrated into the Blues’ defensive line, further enhancing his reputation. On the international front, Fofana has donned the French colors at various youth levels and is widely regarded as a future linchpin for the senior squad, given his stellar displays in top-tier football.


Jorrel Hato

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 68, POT: 87
  • Age: 17
  • Nation: Netherlands
  • Club: Ajax
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 4th

Jorrel Hato is making a name for himself at Ajax, having joined the first team on May 5, 2023. Standing at a height of 1.82 meters, the Dutch defender, who also holds citizenship in Curacao, is known for his versatility, capable of playing as a centre-back and left-back. His current contract with Ajax is set to expire on June 30, 2025.

Despite his young age, Hato has already made appearances in the Eredivisie during the 23/24 season, contributing with an assist and receiving one yellow card in four matches. His market value as of June 23, 2023, is estimated at €5.00 million. Hato’s journey through Ajax’s ranks is commendable, moving from Ajax U17 to the first team in a short span, showcasing his rapid development and promise for the future.


Antonio Silva

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 78, POT: 88
  • Age: 19
  • Nation: Portugal
  • Club: SL Benfica
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 3rd

António Silva was born in Viseu, Portugal. He’s a rising star in the world of football. Standing at 1.87m, this Portuguese professional footballer plays for the renowned Primeira Liga club, Benfica, and also represents the Portugal national team. Silva’s journey in football began with his youth career at clubs like Penalva do Castelo, Repesenses, and Viseu United before joining Benfica’s youth academy in 2016.

Silva’s talent was evident early on as he played a pivotal role in Benfica’s UEFA Youth League victory in the 2021–22 season, marking Benfica’s first European trophy in six decades. His impressive performance in the youth system earned him a promotion to Benfica’s first team, where he made his professional debut at just 18 years of age. In his debut season, Silva’s contributions were instrumental in securing the league title for Benfica.

On the international front, Silva has represented Portugal at various youth levels and was selected for the senior squad in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He made his senior international debut shortly after his selection.

Silva’s style of play is characterized by his hard-tackling and versatility. He is known for his accurate tackling, ability to win back possession, and his keen tactical intelligence. His leadership qualities on the field have also been praised, with many seeing him as a potential future captain for Benfica. Silva draws inspiration from football legends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luisão, Rúben Dias, Antonio Rüdiger, and Virgil van Dijk.

With his combination of skill, leadership, and dedication, António Silva is undoubtedly one of the most promising young talents in the football world today.


Joško Gvardiol

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 82, POT: 88
  • Age: 21
  • Nation: Croatia
  • Club: Manchester City
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 2nd

Joško Gvardiol was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He currently plays for the Premier League club Manchester City and the Croatian national team. While he is primarily a centre-back, Gvardiol has also showcased his versatility by playing as a left-back. He is recognized for his physical prowess, astute positioning, and has been heralded as a top prospect in the footballing world.

Gvardiol’s journey began at Dinamo Zagreb, where he rose through the youth ranks and made his professional debut in 2019. During his time with Dinamo, he clinched two league titles and the Croatian Cup. In 2021, he transferred to Bundesliga’s RB Leipzig, where he won two DFB-Pokals. His impressive performances caught the attention of Manchester City, who secured his services in 2023 for a staggering £77 million, making him the second most expensive defender in football history.

On the international front, Gvardiol made his senior debut for Croatia in 2021 and has since represented the nation in major tournaments like UEFA Euro 2020 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Notably, he played a pivotal role in helping Croatia secure third place in the 2022 World Cup.


William Saliba

  • A FC 24 Rating: OVR: 83, POT: 89
  • Age: 22
  • Nation: Frace
  • Club: Arsenal FC
  • Best Young CB EA FC 24 Rank: 1st

William Saliba was born in Bondy, France. He currently plays for the Premier League club Arsenal and the France national team. Standing tall at 1.92 meters, Saliba is recognized as one of the top centre-backs globally.

Saliba’s football journey began at a young age, with stints at AS Bondy and FC Montfermeil before joining Saint-Étienne in 2016. He made his professional debut for Saint-Étienne in 2018 and subsequently signed with Arsenal in 2019. However, he was loaned back to Saint-Étienne for the 2019–20 season. Following his return to Arsenal, Saliba had loan spells with Nice and Marseille, where he made significant impacts. At Marseille, he was named the Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year and secured a spot in the Team of the Year for the 2021–22 season.

In the 2022–23 season, Saliba solidified his place in Arsenal’s starting lineup, impressing with his performances. However, a back injury in March 2023 sidelined him for the remainder of the season, a significant blow to Arsenal’s title aspirations. Despite the setback, Saliba’s commitment to the Gunners was evident when he signed a new long-term contract with the club in July 2023, extending his stay until 2028.

On the international front, Saliba has represented France at various youth levels and made his senior debut in 2022. He was also part of the French squad that competed in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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