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How to get Safari Dog in Pet Simulator X

Are you wondering how to get Safari Dog in Pet Simulator X? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a complete guide on how to get this new event pet.

If you’ve already obtained the pet, check out how much it’s worth on our Safari Dog value or Huge Safari Dog value pages.

How to get Safari Dog in Pet Simulator X

Safari Dog can be obtained by hatching a hidden Scavenger Hunt Egg. These eggs are part of a weekly event that occurs 30 minutes after a new update has been released.

Three hidden eggs are scattered across the different worlds in Pet Simulator X. You must find them and then hatch each one by pressing “E” or your platform equivalent button. If you’re struggling to find the eggs, luckily, we have a Pet Simulator X Scavenger Egg Hunt locations guide to make it easy!

Once you’ve obtained an egg, you can open it and obtain either a Safari Dog or, rarely, a Huge Safari Dog pet.

And that’s how to get Safari Dog in Pet Simulator X. Did you hatch a new pet recently and wonder how much you can sell or trade it for? Read our complete Pet Simulator X value list guide. We have a comprehensive list of prices for all the best pets in the game and constantly update them daily.

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via