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How to Level Up in Royale High

Wondering how to level up in Royale High? Let’s find out!

How to Level Up in Royale High

How to Level Up in Royale High

The Roblox game Royale High is a fantasy and role-playing game. It’s also known for the game’s talented, young developers. Every new outfit set launched is always much awaited by fans, who are excited to see the new beautifully made outfit set and accessories. 

The game also has very competitive players who level up. The top player today in Royale High has a level of 41000+. Other players are also catching up to the leveling-up race. When you first join the game, expect to be clueless first, as no buttons tell you what to do in the game. Follow this guide, do it consistently, and you’ll join the ranks of high-level players soon!

Royale High Campus

Royale High is a school, so of course, there are school classes. Click the Teleport button at the bottom of the tab on the right of the screen. There are two Royale High schools, Campus 1 and Campus 2. Most high-level players prefer Campus 1 because there’s an extra class that gives additional XP.

Once you are in school, simply attend the classes. If you attend a class, answer, and finish the activity, you will get a score of A, B, or C, and the yellow inside the star next to your level number will go up little by little. One line that goes up is that’s XP you’ve earned. Once the yellow fills the star, you gain one level.

English Class

Choose the letter of the word that has the correct spelling.

Swimming Class

Once the class starts, you will be teleported to a pillar above the swimming pool. The timer starts, and you will jump over a spinning log; even if you fall, it’s alright. When the class ends, you will still get a grade and XP.

Computer Class

  • Campus 1: A sentence will appear on the screen, copy and type it in the chat box.
  • Campus 2: Random letters appear, click on the correct letters

Chemistry Class

You will be teleported to the Chemistry room. There will be potion bottles in different colors. Click on the correct color sequence. In public servers, there are multiple sequences; in private servers, there will be only one color sequence.

Art Class

The art room has a canvass in front that looks like a “color by numbers” kit. You will copy the correct colors on your canvass. When you join the class, don’t pick any seat, the system will teleport you to your seat with your username on the canvass.

PE Class

  • Campus 1: Finish one lap in the track field with obstacles. But you can simply fly to the bell at the top, click the bell, and you’re done.
  • Campus 2: It’s a different map, but you’ll need to completely finish the lap with obstacles and fly to the island where the bell is.

Baking Class

Go to a kitchen counter with an oven, and bake a cupcake. There will be an easy process to bake. Both campuses have the same counters with ovens.

Music Class

This class is only on Campus 1 and only works on PC. You can’t do the music sheet with the chat box on mobile, so you will not earn XP for this if you’re playing on that version of Roblox.

Campus 1: Head inside the music room, pick the piano or drums and play a song using the music sheet using keyboard keys.

After the school day is done, go to the computer room or your dorm room, and sit on the computer desk chair. The homework will appear on the screen. It’s a simple color sequence of arrows; complete the homework. To pass homework, head to the respective rooms of each homework subject. You will see a “Homework Turn In” box near the classroom doors. Click it, and the homework will be passed. You will earn smaller XP for homework, but even that  XP will add up and help you to level up faster. 

How to Level Up in Royale High


After completing the school map, it’s important to teleport back to your apartment and sleep on the bed. Your energy levels will be low or at 0%, wait until 100%, and the XP bar on the star next to your level number will go up. You can also sleep at Diamond Beach and the Beach House.

Sunset Island

There’s also another way of leveling up on Royale High, but only if you can win the other players’ hearts and vote for you to win the Sunset Island pageant. Teleport to Sunset Island, and join the pageant by signing up at the pageant board after you get off the boat.

There will be a pageant theme, and you will make an or edit your outfit based on it. There will be a question and answer portion and then the voting. You can vote for up to 3 players, one vote will earn you 30 diamonds, but you can also choose not to vote.

  • Non-winner: 200 diamonds and 50 XP
  • 2nd runner-up: 400 diamonds and 100 XP
  • 1st runner-up: 600 diamonds and 200 XP
  • Winner: 1000 diamonds and 300 XP, which can level you up to not more than five levels

Lazy Way To Level Up in Royale High

How to Level Up in Royale High

If you are bored of doing the school classes and not winning at Sunset Island, fret not, for you can still gain levels.

If you like to role-play or hang out in the game, do that instead. But, after maybe 10 minutes, your energy level will drop. Yes, your character gets tired in the game, so remember that after playing for a while, it’s time to sleep and earn XP!

Remember to do the steps above consistently if you want to level up fast. And the most important thing is to have fun!

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Royale High can be played for free on Roblox.