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Where to Find Clay in Minecraft (1.19)

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Although clay is not used so much in Minecraft, finding a sufficient amount of them is quite challenging. Especially if you don’t know what it looks like and where they are located. This guide will show you where to find clay in Minecraft!

What is Clay in Minecraft?

Clay is a gray block with a noisy texture generated near wet places. You can find clay naturally in most rivers, lakes, and swamps, and mainly in the lush caves, which were added in the 1.17 update.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

To mine clay fast, you will need to use a shovel, which can be crafted by following the recipe below. Remember that you can use any basic material to craft such as wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and netherite.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Natural Ways to Find Clay in Minecraft

There are many places to find clay in Minecraft, and here are all of them!

Lush Caves

This is well known as the best place to gather clay in a large quantity. With greeny vines and the gloomy light from the glow berries, you can find clay much easier in this type of cave, and also there are fewer hostile mobs.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Just follow along the cave and pay attention to your feet, where you will find a bunch of puddles and drip leaves, and there go along with the clay.

Near Water

Before the lush caves were introduced to the game, players must manually find disks of clay near the water source. They can be rivers, lakes, ponds, beaches, oceans, and even swamps.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Traveling through land and water to collect clay this way is tedious. The maximum amount of clay blocks you can get per disk is around 15 blocks.


Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

You can also find clay blocks in the mason houses in plains, deserts, and savanna villages. The Fisher cottage in the taiga village also contains 2-5x clay blocks.

How to Farm Clay in Minecraft

With the new dripstone and mud block, you can now actually farm clay in Minecraft with a little effort.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

In the new mangrove swamps biome in the Minecraft 1.19 update, you will find many new dark blocks called “Mud”. Those will be the sources used to produce clay so make sure to collect a lot of them.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Then locate the dripstone cave biome and collect some pointed dripstones. This is the second material to produce clay.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

When you have the mud and pointed dripstones, simply place the mud block on top of the pointed dripstone and wait for it to dry out. Eventually, mud will be turned into clay blocks.

FAQs about Finding Clay in Minecraft

What is the easiest way to find clay in Minecraft?

The easiest way to find clay in Minecraft is still going along the lakes and rivers. This is suitable if you’re looking for a small amount of clay and just want access to it as soon as possible. Otherwise, finding a lush cave is recommended.

How do you find clay in a Minecraft River?

As long as you see any type of water, just run straight into them and look underwater. If you see a vein of white blocks stand out from the rest, it’s clay! You can also swim down the ocean and place doors there to easily gather the clay. Just make sure to brew the Water Breathing potion!


Now you know how and where to find clay in Minecraft! Make sure to craft a shovel, and bring some food and torches with you since the journey may be dangerous.

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