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Is Pokemon Arceus Multiplayer?

Is Pokemon Arceus multiplayer or not? If you’re not sure, here’s everything you need to know about the game and if you can play it with others.

Pokemon has become one of the most played android games in the world, with millions of players chasing and battling every day. It becomes even more fun when it comes to playing it with friends.

The multiplayer feature makes any game even better as you can include as many of your friends as you want. Many gamers wonder if the new Pokémon Arceus is multiplayer.

Pokémon Arceus is multiplayer and allows you to play with two players except for couch co-op.

Pokémon Arceus Multiplayer

Pokémon Arceus offer a multiplayer game; however, it is limited to trade only.

The game differs from the regular Pokémon games and offers an open-world adventure. It supports trading multiplayer, which enables you to trade Pokémon with friends.

The website says, “Along with the headquarters of the Galaxy Team and your lodgings, Jubilife Village boasts a range of useful institutions and services—such as the trading post, where you can trade Pokémon with other players. A paid Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to enjoy certain features.”

The listing on Nintendo mentions that two players may play it online or for trading. It will support battling and trading between two players, but you will not be able to enjoy double battling.

While it is suitable if you usually play with your one best buddy, it will make it difficult for Pokémon Arceus to become a favorite. Many players prefer group raid battles and fighting against other squads. The inability to add multiple people to the game will turn these players into another match.

Is Pokemon Arceus Multiplayer?

Multiplayer Features in Pokémon Arceus

As we already mentioned, Pokémon Arceus allows multiplayer trading. Unlike other games, you may not be able to add all your friends to fight other Pokémon masters. However, some players appreciate the inclusion of two-player multiplayer. Let’s tell you about the multiplayer features in Pokémon Arceus.


The first feature of Pokémon Arceus is the ability to trade Pokémon with your friends. Speak to the trading post NPC in Jubilife Village and choose the Trade Pokémon option. You may deal Pokémons with the locals or enter a trade session with your friend online. Entering a trade session requires you to enter a link code to join the session.

Retrieving Lost Satchels

You can earn a few Merit Points by helping other players get their satchels. In Pokémon Arceus, players lose some items in their satchel if they black out. Other players can locate these satchels on the map. You can try to retrieve the satchel and give it back to the owner through the Lost and Found section in the menu. It gives you Merit Points that you may use to purchase rare items from the trading post.

How to Activate Multiplayer Mode?

Players require a Nintendo Switch Online Membership to access the online Multiplayer modes in Pokémon. The Nintendo switch is essential for the Multiplayer functionality in Multiplayer.

How to Play Pokemon Arceus Multiplayer?

The main feature of the Pokémon Arceus Multiplayer is trading which you may choose from the Trading post NPC in Jubilife Village as mentioned above. It allows you to play with another friend and trade Pokémons.

Pokémon Arceus Online Battles

Pokémon Arceus does not support local or online battles as the enemy Pokémon may injure the players. It is expected that Game Freak might introduce online battling in the future as it is an essential part of online gaming now. They might implement a colosseum-style mode to avoid interaction of the character with the battle arena to avoid injuring the player character.

Is Pokemon Arceus Multiplayer?


Pokémon Arceus is the latest Pokémon game in the action & role-playing series that allows you to catch Pokémon. It is based in an open-world environment where the players learn about Pokémons and catch them instead of engaging in battles like other games. Gamers often wonder if Pokémon Arceus is multiplayer, and the answer is somewhat between yes and no. Nintendo mentions that the game supports two players online and for trading. However, you might need a Nintendo Switch Subscription to use the multiplayer function. This feature also allows you to earn some Merit Points.

Pokémon Arceus is better for gamers who want to catch Pokémon instead of battle with other Pokémon masters.

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