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Minecraft Arrows

ID: 262
Dec value: 262
Hex value: 106
Maximum stack 64

Arrows are used as ammunition for bows and dispensers, however, bows can only shoot arrows, dispensers can shoot anything. Arrows can be crafted by the player by combining flint, a stick and a feather. They’re also dropped by skeletons. Skeletons also shoot arrows, but those arrows cannot be picked up.

Arrow Damage

Arrows deal damage depending on how far the bow is drawn. Fully drawn bows deal extra damage, much like the special effect of swords. A fully drawn bow will deal 4.5 hearts of damage, though they sometimes deal 5 hearts. A minimally drawn bow will barely fire an arrow, which will do only half a heart of damage, which is the same amount as fists. Arrows shot by dispensers will always deal 1.5 hearts of damage.

Arrow Physics

Arrows are affected by gravity and water. Distant enemies will have to be shot at by aiming above their heads.

Arrows shot on solid blocks will be stuck on that block, but they can be picked up again. This is often used in mini games or as target practice. If the block on which an arrow is attached is removed, the arrow will drop down. The arrow is still capable of doing damage. The arrows will disappear after a minute if they’re not picked up.

It’s possible to fire arrows through lava, which will catch fire. Mobs and players can be set on fire by these fire arrows, which is often used in traps with dispensers. Blocks cannot be set on fire through this. Shooting arrows through fire will not set them on fire.

Arrows shot on minecart rails will stop any minecart that hits the arrow, this is a stronger breaking method than using powered rails. Note that this only happens when no player is riding the minecart.

Arrows shot at minecarts and boats can cause them to break. This is not only useful to prevent players from quickly traveling to your island or mineshaft, it’s also a great way to deactivate pressure plates that have a minecart or boat on them. Wooden pressure plates can also be activated by shooting a painting off the wall and making it land on the pressure plate.