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Where To Buy Arrows In Elden Ring

Arrows are an excellent way to fight enemies and keep your distance. But what if you are short on arrows? Let us tell you where to buy Arrows in Elden Ring.

Where To Buy Arrows In Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers you a wide range of options to take your enemies down. From Axes and Swords to bows and arrows, you have got everything you need to become the Elden Lord. Although most people see soulsborn games like Elden Ring as melee heavy, ranged, combat is sometimes the best line of attack when you are struggling. 

The bow is a strong and trusted weapon in Elden Ring. If you are looking to go for an archer build and pick your enemies off from afar, you’ll not only need a good bow. You’ll need a large number of arrows, too, so that you don’t run out during a fight. So, if you are looking for ways to do that, this guide will tell you where to buy arrows in Elden Ring. 

Where To Buy Arrows In Elden Ring

While you can also craft arrows in Elden Ring, the cheaper and easier option is just to buy them off merchants located at different locations. But you might ask, where are the merchants located in Elden Ring? How much does an Arrow cost? Let us help.

What do you need to buy arrows in Elden Ring? 

Where To Buy Arrows In Elden Ring

Buying arrows in Elden Ring is pretty straightforward. All you are 20 Runes. Runes are the in-game currency in Elden Ring. You can pick up runes from dead enemies. 

2o runes for a single arrow can be considered a little expensive, but you will have to make do with that. The crafting route can cost you about 800 runes. 500 for the Nomadic Warrior’s Cook-Book or 300 runes for a crafting kit. This is a one-time investment so keep that in mind. 

Merchant Locations In Elden Ring

Now, if you have decided to buy arrows in Elden Ring instead of crafting them, you’ll need to find merchants. The merchants are scattered across the map and will sell you arrows in exchange for runes. Here are all the merchants you can buy arrows from.

Where To Buy Arrows In Elden Ring

Merchant Kale

Merchant Kale can be found in the Church of Elleh in the Western Limgrave area of the game. You can easily purchase arrows from this merchant.

Isolated Merchant

If you are running short on arrows while you are headed South East from Limgrave, don’t worry. The Isolated Merchant will be waiting for you in the Weeping Peninsula. Just pay the runes and get all the arrows you want. 

Hermit Merchant

While on the outskirts of Leyndell, the royal capital, if you climb a cliff just inside the capital’s outermost wall, you will find the Hermit merchant shack. You can find the Hermit Merchant from whom you can easily restock your arrows. 

Nomadic Merchant #1

There are a few Normadic merchants in Elden Ring, and they sell arrows too. The first of these merchants can be found just east of Limgrave at the Siofra River. So, you can collect your runes and head there to buy more arrows.

Nomadic Merchant #2

This merchant can be found in an area called Mt. Glemir, and trust me, if you find yourself in that region, you are going to need all the arrows you can get. Don’t hesitate to purchase a hefty amount of arrows from this merchant when you find him. 

Nomadic Merchant #3

You can find this merchant in the Coastal Cave. The Coastal Cave is located in Western Limgrave, on the Southern part of the beach. If you are searching for arrows in that area, just head there. 

Nomadic Merchant #4

This Normadic Merchant can be found in Limgrave. It’s the first accessible region of the game, and if you start with your bow, you will need enough arrows. You can easily buy them here. 

Nomadic Merchant #5

Just North of Limgrave is a region called Liurnia of the Lakes. You can use this Normadic merchant in this region. 

Nomadic Merchant #6

If you find yourself short on arrows and fighting for survival in the red, corrupt environment of Caelid in Elden RIng, don’t worry, a Normadic Merchant is around the corner. You can restock on arrows and continue your hunt. 


Elden Ring is a game that rewards every playstyle. If you have chosen to use bows and arrows, you can easily find several ways to stock up on arrows. Although the game can also be a bit unforgiving at times (it’s a FromSoft game, duh), there are many merchants you can buy arrows from. 

This guide covers all the locations where you can find merchants that sell you arrows. Getting lost in Elden Ring’s world is easy, just as easy as forgetting to restock your arrows. So, gather enough arrows and continue your quest to become the Elden Lord. 

Do you have another way to collect and stock arrows? Tell us in the comments below. We’ll love to hear it. 

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