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Book and Quill

Book and quill can be used to write your own stories, instructions or other secrets in a small book. The book can be up to 50 pages long, with up to 256 characters or 13 lines per page.

Once a book has been written and signed, the book and quill will change to a book with a glowing texture around it, as if it were enchanted. The book and quill will also be renamed to whatever the player named it and under the name of the book will be the name of the author.

Book and quills are crafted using a book, a feather and an ink sac. The position of these items does not matter.

Writing a book

Writing a book is very easy and straight forward. But there are a few ways to stylize your text. To add a style to your book you’ll have to use specific codes, all of which start with the § sign. Some keyboards have this symbol as a key, though most people will have to copy paste this symbol in the book. The symbol can either be copied from a website or typed by pressing alt + 2 + 1. Other alt code symbols can also be pasted in this way.

Note that the color code always has to be used first when using multiple style functions. When you continue typing passed the end of the line, only the last added style will continue onto the next. Pressing enter will stop all styles from continuing on to the next line. This takes a little practice to get the hang off, but it’s pretty easy to get used to.

Naming your book

A book can be named anything up to 16 characters, though unlike the pages, titles cannot be pasted in, so special characters can only be used if they’re on your keyboard. If the book is gained through inventory edits or other such methods the book will be called “Written book”. Books will always be signed with the username of the creator, though the author will be “Player” if the you’re playing in offline mode.

If you really want to get a special character, simply changing your keyboard settings to that of another will allow you to type special characters available on certain keyboards. There’s a large variety of keyboard types, so it’s best to simply Google the character you want to use and find out on which keyboard and on which key it’s positioned.