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How to Speedrun Minecraft Like a Pro

Curiosity about beating Minecraft fast? In this article, we will show you how to speedrun Minecraft like a pro just in a few steps! Let’s go!

How to Speedrun Minecraft Like a Pro

What is a Minecraft Speedrun?

First, we must talk about the Speedrun phrase. Typically, speedrun in a video game is a section of a playthrough about any game with only one purpose, to complete the game as fast as possible.

So what is considered complete Minecraft when it comes to speedrunning?

You guess it! Killing the dominant Ender Dragon in the End dimension!

Nowadays, many speedrun types are also invented to make the speedrun category more diverse and fun. Some of them are advancement speedrun, speed run to obtain a specific block, or to kill a particular boss, … you get it!

What Are the Rules of Minecraft Speedrun?

Since there will be an online leaderboard for the Minecraft speedrun category, people must compete for it following specifically defined rules. So you can’t cheat and earn the number one position on the speedrun leaderboard that easily!

In case you want to do a speedrun, here are the rules:

  1. No resource packs
  2. No mods
  3. Cannot change the difficulty once you’ve been started
  4. Must play in Singleplayer mode. Unless you’re competing for the Co-op category
  5. Any Minecraft versions are allowed, but not snapshots, pre-leases, or beta-version
  6. No cheat and bonus chest
  7. You can’t modify the world or option file
  8. The footage video must contain the time when you first create the world until you finish the Ender Dragon
  9. No pre-prepare the world and seed or using third-party software to get more information about the world
  10. You must be on Survival or Hardcore game mode and the world type is default

Remember that you have to record the whole section and submit that footage on this website for review. If no suspicious activities are found and your speedrun time is decent enough, your name will be listed on the leaderboard!

How to Speedrun Minecraft Like a Pro

Follow the steps below to beat Minecraft as fast as possible. If you’re kinda new to the game, please create a new world and learn about the game mechanic first. Since this guide is for experienced players who are already familiar with the game.


Gather Basic Resources

Like a normal run in Minecraft, you will need to gather some wood first to start crafting a crafting table and a wooden pickaxe. Then go mine some stone to craft stone tools.

Try to get as much food as possible by killing pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens around. You don’t want to starve to death in a speed run.


Find a Village

The village structure contains a large amount of good material that you can use for speedrunning in Minecraft. You can steal their hay bale and crops for more food, or trade with them for some more basic materials.


Obtain Iron Ingots

You can go mine for iron ores but it is such a waste of time. Instead, go to the village you found in step 2 and kill the Iron Golem there. It will drop at least 3x Iron Ingots on death.

Then craft yourself a Bucket and fill it with water.


Find a Lava Lake

Finding a lava pool above the ground is quite hard if you don’t pay attention enough to the surrounding terrain.

Try to look carefully, especially in the desert, savannah, or plains biome.


Build a Nether Portal

With the water bucket in your inventory, carefully pour the water on a pillar. Then use the same bucket to pick the lava up and slowly form a nether portal shape.

Make sure you place some blocks to block the water from flowing into the lava pool. Enter the portal when you’re done!


Collect some Gold Ingots

There will be a lot of Nether Gold Ores generated around when you enter the Nether dimension. Try to mine as much as you can and craft some gold ingots.


Find a Nether Fortress and Obtain Blaze Rods

Finding a Nether Fortress in Minecraft is the most time-consuming task. So good luck on a dangerous adventure!

Pay attention to a dark castle-like structure. Once you enter it, you will gain the A Terrible Fortress advancement.

Now run around and find a small room containing a mob spawner, that’s the Blaze spawner! You will need to kill them and get at least 5-6 Blaze Rods, but more is better!


Bartering for Ender Pearls

Now, try to find the piglins! They can spawn in the Nether Wastes, Crimson Forest, and Bastion remnant biome. Remember to wear at least one piece of gold armor so they won’t attack you.

Then, with the gold ingots crafted in step 6, just throw them in front of the piglins. They will collect the ingots and give you some items in return.

The item you need is Ender Pearl. And the piglins have a 2.8% chance to give you 2-4x Ender Pearl. This is still a slow way to get ender pearl but it’s better than manually hunting the ender man.

Try to get at least 12 ender pearls.


Craft the Ender Eyes

Press E to open your inventory, and place the Blaze Rods found in step 7 in the crafting area to get Blaze Powder. You want to use all the blaze rods if possible.

Then put the blaze powder and the ender pearl in the crafting grid to craft Eye of Ender. You may keep some of the Ender Pearl left for an emergency situation, but craft at least 12 eyes of ender.


Find the Stronghold

Back to the overworld, you can find the Stronghold structure by using the Eye of Ender. Put it in the hot bar, choose it, then right-click while looking in the air to use it.

You will see the eye of the ender start flying, simply follow it! When it stops or flies downwards, dig straight down and you will find the Stronghold.

This is a maze! You have to find the portal room with 12 portal frames in it and fill them with the Eyes of Ender.


Prepare for the Fight

You don’t want to spend a ton of time to mine diamonds, instead, looting chests in generated structure is a better option.

Here is the list of items you will want to prepare before fighting the Ender Dragon:

  • A bucket of water: To save you from fall damage caused by the dragon. You already have this from step 3.
  • A bow: Use to shoot the ender crystal and the dragon. Can be crafted with 3x sticks and 3x string.
  • Some arrows: Can be obtained by crafting or trading with the Fletcher villager. Most speedrunners prefer the trading method since it’s quicker and cheaper.
  • Some beds: You know that bed will explode if you use it in the End dimension? Use this feature to blow the dragon’s health!
  • Better gears: This contains armors, tools, weapons, and even potions. For potions, it’s best to brew splash potions!

When you are ready, just jump straight into the portal!


Defeat the Ender Dragon

You’ve come to the boss palace! The first thing you will notice is those obsidian pillars. On top of them is the ender crystal, which will heal the Ender Dragon.

Quickly draw your bow and take a few shots. For the pillar with an iron fence cage, you will need to build up to destroy to crystal. Then jump down and do an MLG bucket if you like!

When all the crystals are destroyed, time to fight the dragon!

While it’s in the sky, use your bow to shoot. Sometimes later, the dragon will rest in the middle place with surrounding bedrocks. Immediately go below it and do a few sword swings.

If you have brought some beds, place them right below the dragon while it’s resting. Then right-click the bed to deal massive damage to it.

Repeat the process until the dragon’s health drain and you get the Free the End advancement. Congratulation!


Now you know how to speedrun Minecraft like a pro! Just don’t forget that practice makes perfect and sometimes speedrun is depend on luckiness as well! Have fun speedrunning Minecraft!

FAQs about Speedrun in Minecraft

Can You Die in a Minecraft Speedrun

Unless there is some speedrun categories rule mentioned about this, dying in a Minecraft speedrun is normal and you can just continue the run without any problems.

But we’d recommend you to try a new run because when you die, you will lose all of your items and it’s quite a pain to get them all to speedrun again.

What Is the Quickest Minecraft Speedrun

The quickest Minecraft Speedrun belongs to Rayoh, with a time count of 1 minute and 58 seconds in a set seed category. For the random seed category, the quickest speedrun belongs to Cube1337x with a time count of 9 minutes and 23 seconds.

What Is Dream’s Fastest Minecraft Speedrun?

If you want to compare yourself with the most famous Minecraft Youtuber Dream, you may want to speedrun Minecraft in less than 22 minutes!

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