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Ultimate Minecraft Fishing Guide (1.19)

Ultimate Minecraft Fishing Guide (1.19)

Do you know everything about Fishing in the newest Minecraft update? In this article, we will show you the ultimate Minecraft fishing guide for 1.19!

Fishing is one of the minor functions in Minecraft that can be done by using a fishing rod on any water source. You either need to go fishing for random items or just have fun and catch fish to serve your stomach.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into this guide and improve your overall knowledge about fishing in Minecraft!

How to Make a Fishing Rod Minecraft

The first thing you need to do if you want to go fishing is to craft a fishing rod. By using 3x stick and 2x string, then follow the recipe below.

You can obtain sticks through wooden planks, which you can get from any type of tree. For string, you need to kill some spiders or destroy cobwebs in the mineshaft underground.

If you don’t want to craft one, you can trade a fishing rod with the Fisherman villager for 6x emeralds. Or you can go hunting the drowned mobs. They have a 3.75% chance of dropping one on death.

Not like other tools in Minecraft, the fishing rod only has one tier. On Java Edition, it only has 64 durabilities, but on Bedrock Edition, it has up to 384 durabilities, making fishing on Bedrock way more efficient!

Like other tools, a fishing rod can be repaired and enchanted. We will cover this later on!

How to Fish in Minecraft

Minecraft Fishing Mechanic and Technique

Once you have the fishing rod, go and find any water source you can, such as the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, or even player-created water blocks!

Then, right-click with a fishing rod on your hand to start fishing. As long as the bobber landed on the water, you can pretty much stand anywhere, whether it’s on land, on the water, on a boat, or even underwater.

Pay close attention to the bobber! After 5 to 30 seconds, you will see a trail of bubbles start flowing to the bobber. As long as it comes close, the bobber will be pulled down. Immediately right-click again with your fishing rod to pull the reel.

With this being said, you must set the Particles Setting to at least minimal in order to see the trail of water.

Be careful if you go too far away from the bobber (32 blocks), or switch to another item since this will make the bobber disappear. Therefore, you must recast the fishing rod to fish again.

Minecraft AFK Fishing Farm

Although Minecraft AFK fishing farm is nerfed or even worst, being removed in those latest Minecraft updates, people still find a way to play the system!

There are a lot of tutorials for this, but we see this one is super convenient due to its efficiency and does not take up so much space!

Minecraft Fishing All Items

Fishing in Minecraft can give you a random item in three specific categories: Fish, Treasure, and Junk items. Let’s see what are they!

Fish Items

Unenchanted fishing rodLuck of the Sea ILuck of the Sea IILuck of the Sea III
Raw cod51%50.9%50.8%50.7%
Raw salmon21.3%21.2%21.2%21.1%
Tropical fish1.7%1.7%1.7%1.7%

Treasure Items

Unenchanted fishing rodLuck of the Sea ILuck of the Sea IILuck of the Sea III
Enchanted book0.8%1.2%1.5%1.9%
Fishing rod0.8%1.2%1.5%1.9%
Name tag0.8%1.2%1.5%1.9%
Nautilus shell0.8%1.2%1.5%1.9%

Junk Items

Unenchanted fishing rodLuck of the Sea ILuck of the Sea IILuck of the Sea III
Lily Pad1.7%1.4%1%0.7%
Fishing rod0.2%0.2%0.1%0.1%
Leather boots1%0.8%0.6%0.4%
Rotten flesh1%0.8%0.6%0.4%
Water bottle1%0.8%0.6%0.4%
Ink sac0.1%0.1%0.1%0.04%
Tripwire hook1%0.8%0.6%0.4%

Minecraft Fishing Rod Enchantments

Without using a command to add enchantments to the fishing rod, here is the list of what enchantments you can get for your fishing rod.


As its name, Lure make fish bite your bobber faster. Each level of Lure reduces the waiting time by 5 seconds, up to 15 seconds at Lure III. Normally, the waiting time for a normal fishing rod is 5-30 seconds.

However, you can’t catch fish instantly as you would think. For example, if you cast the bobber, and let’s say this time you have to wait 7 seconds before the fish appear. And you have Lure II, which will reduce your waiting time by 10 seconds. What will happen?

The game will reroll a new number in a game’s next tick for you!

Luck of The Sea

The items you get by fishing are divided into 3 categories: fish, treasure, and junk items. With every level of Luck of The Sea, the chance to get treasure items is increased by 2%, while the chance to get junk and fish items is decreased by 2% and 0.15%, respectively.


This is the most common enchantment you’ve ever seen for most Minecraft tools. Basically, Unbreaking gives a chance to not consume an item’s durability when being used.

With Unbreaking I, you have a 50% chance of not consuming durability. While it’s up to 33% and 25% chance for Unbreaking II and III, respectively.


This enchantment is the most useful enchantment in Minecraft that can be used to repair your item freely. With every experience point, your item will be repaired by 2 durability points, as long as they’re in your main hand, off-hand, or armor slots.

Cursed of Vanishing

This is the bad enchantment that you don’t want to get on your fishing rod. But you will often see this when fishing for items. This enchantment will make the item completely disappear when the player holds it dead.


So that’s all about Minecraft 1.19 Fishing Guide, fisherman! We hope through this article, you will understand more about fishing and can get your desired items easier. Make sure to check the surrounding area for any creepers before fishing!

FAQs about Fishing in Minecraft

Can you get bamboo and cocoa beans by fishing in Minecraft?

Yes, you can! But you need to go fishing in the Jungle biome. To be exact, the bobber must be inside the biome, not you! You will have a 0.9-0.3% chance of getting Bamboo and Cocoa Beans while fishing in the Jungle.

Does fishing in Minecraft require sky exposure or sunlight?

It’s not mandatory for the fishing block to expose to the sky. But if you fishing underground or without any direct sunlight, you have to wait as twice as normal. So it brings the wait time to 10-60 seconds.

Is fishing while raining faster in Minecraft?

Yes! Fishing in the rain will make the wait time 20% faster. Remember that it must be raining on a block with a bobber, not on you!

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