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Minecraft Lava bucket

Dec value: 327
Hex value: 147
Burning time: 1000 seconds
Maximum stack 1

Lava buckets are obtained by filling a bucket with lava, which is done by right-clicking a lava source block. Clicking flowing lava will not fill the bucket. Lava buckets can be used in various ways, though most players only use them as a weapon or to create traps.

Lava Buckets as a Fuel

A lava bucket can be used as fuel in furnaces and will last 1000 seconds, which means you can smelt or cook 100 items. However, the bucket will be destroyed in the process.

Item Destruction

Lava will destroy any item that’s dropped into it, which is why many players use a small lava pit as a quick way to get rid of stacks of unwanted items. By using a fence gate or a piston system, a safe lava pit can easily be created, in order to avoid accidentally falling into your own garbage disposal system.

Lava Buckets as a Weapon

Lava buckets make great weapons as the lava can be placed down and picked up again in just a second. This is often used on pvp servers on which players will try to hide their lava bucket by equipping another weapon, once another player comes close enough the lava bucket will be used and placed in the other player’s path.

Lava buckets are the perfect way to create lava traps for either mobs or players. You can find a lot of such traps in our traps section.