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Minecraft Leaf Blocks

Dec value: Oak: 18 Pine: 18:1 Birch: 18:2 Jungle: 18:3
Hex value: 12
Minimum tool requirement to harvest: Shears
Blast resistance: 1 Maximum stack 64
Transparency: Yes, if video settings are on fancy.

Leaf Blocks

Leaves are obviously part of trees, as well as bushes in jungle biomes. There are 4 different types of leave, each belonging to a corresponding type of tree. Besides the different leaf types, the colours can also change depending on the biome they’re in. This is due to the colour filters and will not affect the leaves when harvested. This often leads to multi coloured trees on the borders of different biomes.

Leaves are completely solid if you’ve set your graphics options to fast. If you’ve set them to fancy, leave blocks will be slightly transparent, allowing you to see the other side. This also means you suffocate if you’re stuck in leaves while on fast mode, but not if you’re on fance mode.

Although tree saplings require light to grow, leaves placed by a player will not decay in darkness, nor will trees die without light. If the logs of a tree are destroyed, the now disconnected leaves will decay. Destroyed leaves will sometimes drop saplings of their tree type. Oak tree leaves also have a small chance of dropping an apple, and jungle tree leaves have a small chance to drop cocoa beans. Note that leaves will not decay if another tree is attached to them, even if it’s a different type of tree.

Harvesting and Destruction

Leaf blocks can easily be harvested using shears, which can then be placed on other blocks without decaying. They’re often used to create hedges or bigger trees and tree houses. The fastest tool to get rid of leaves is shears, which makes it almost instant. But if you’re after the saplings, apples and cocoa beans, swords are the fastest tool. However, swords will take double durability damage, so using a diamond sword is often discouraged.

Leaves are highly flammable, burning faster than other flammable blocks. This means a forest fire can quickly result in an enormous sea of fire, which could cause massive lag on slower computers and some multiplayer servers. Leaves are also extremely weak against explosions, which can cause fires.