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How Many Blocks Are There In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game made out of blocks. But exactly how many blocks are there in Minecraft? Well, let us help you find the answer.

How Many Blocks Are There In Minecraft?

The whole idea of Minecraft as a game is based on blocks themselves. You must build a world for yourself to live in out of these blocks. You have to kill and pet creatures that are made out of these blocks to some extent. There are essentially no limits to what you can do in Minecraft, and a lot of it is owed to blocks. 

There are numerous types of blocks in Minecraft. That means you can build a house for yourself out of any real-world material that you like. So, if you are the kind of person who likes a little trivia, you might want to know how many blocks are in Minecraft. Let’s try and find out. 

How Many Blocks Are There In Minecraft?

As far as the materials are concerned, there are over 150 different types of blocks to choose and build from in Minecraft. But, it’s not really possible to know about the number of blocks that make a Minecraft. There are an estimated 2 million blocks in a single Minecraft world.

Blocks In Minecraft

Blocks are easily the most integral part of Minecraft. Not only do they make up the game world, but the amount of choices a player gets is also nothing short of brilliant. There are several different block types in Minecraft that you can use to craft your dream house or world. These types can be divided further into subclasses. These subclasses are:

  • Wood Blocks 
  • Stone Blocks 
  • Environmental Blocks 
  • Red Stone Blocks 
  • Decorative Blocks 
  • Miscellaneous Blocks 

Each one of these subclasses has several different block types. For example, Oak, Dark Oak, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Spruce, Mangrove, Crimson, and Warped are all wood blocks. They can be crafted into wooden planks, doors, and whatnot. 

Stone blocks are less in number, but they can be some of the most useful blocks in Minecraft, especially when you are trying to build a home for yourself. Blackstone, Brick, Cobblestone, and Deepslate are all made up of stone.

Then there are the elemental blocks that are made up of all types of elements present in the game. These blocks are Dirt Blocks, Water sources, flowing Water, Clay blocks, Vines, and Sand. Since there are a large number of elemental blocks in Minecraft, it is tough to name all of them. 

Redstone blocks are only used in Redstone devices, and decorative blocks only serve one purpose, decoration. Decorative blocks such as Glass Panes, Glazed Terracotta, Glass Blocks, and Pumpkins can be used to amplify the look of your home once you are done building it. 

Miscellaneous blocks are just special items like mob heads or items found in dangerous places. 

How Many Blocks Are There In a Minecraft World?

The entire Minecraft map is made up of a plethora of blocks. There are few definitive answers found if you look closely, but these numbers are subject to change after every new update that rolls out. 

The estimated number is close to 2 million blocks. Now, that is a lot of blocks, and you expect that number to be really high since the Minecraft world is exactly enormous. 

The amount of blocks in Minecraft, by types and by concrete numbers, has grown significantly over the years. Minecraft has now been around a long time, and it only started with a total of 30 block types. 

Continuous updates to the world and additions to the block types have allowed players to become more creative with the worlds that they build, and we hope to see the same as more updates roll out later. 

This guide gives you a rough idea of the number of blocks present in Minecraft. We hope it answers all your questions. 

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