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Minecraft Mundane Potion

Dec value: 373:8192
Hex value: 175
Maximum stack 1

Mundane potions are glass water bottles with a secondary ingredient added to them. This is a mistake some players make, as this step can only lead to potions of weakness.

To create a potion of weakness from a mundane potion you have to add a fermented spider eye, but by simply adding fermented spider eye to a water bottle you will also create the same potion of weakness.

Mundane potions are also created if you add redstone dust, though its real name is mundane potion extended. By adding a fermented spider eye to this extended version will result in a potion of weakness that lasts 4 minutes instead of the usual 90 seconds. This step not a waste of ingredients if you intent on making these 4 minute weakness potions. There is no other faster way to create this potion, though there are other ways to create it.