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Minecraft Porkchop (cooked)

Dec value: 320
Hex value: 140
Hunger restoration: 4 hunger bar slot
Hunger saturation: 12.8
Maximum stack 64

Cooked porkchop is obtained by cooking raw porkchops or by killing pigs with fire. Pigs will drop 0-2 pieces of cooked or uncooked porkchops, depending on how they died.

Cooked porkchops restore 4 hunger bar slots and 12.8 hunger saturation, this makes porkchops the best food item in game, together with beef. Mushroom stew also restores 4 hunger bar slots, but only restores 9.6 hunger saturation. However, steaks are easier to farm in larger quantities than porkchops, as cows will drop 1-3 pieces of meat, while pigs only drop 0-2.

Farming porkchops

Pigs can easily by farmed by breeding them. Simply feeding them with will put them in love mode. When 2 pigs are in love mode they’ll start to “dance” around each other and after a few seconds a piglet will spawn. After 5 minutes the parent pigs can be bred again.