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Minecraft Powered Minecarts

Dec value: 343
Hex value: 157
Maximum stack 1

Powered minecarts are used to push other minecarts at a constant speed of about 3,5 blocks per second. They require a piece of charcoal or coal to be powered, which will last for 3 minutes. It’s possible to keep adding (char)coal, which will add 3 minutes to the time it’s powered per coal or charcoal piece.

A powered minecart is not able to go up a steep slope on it’s own if it’s pushing something, which means that for every block you go up, you have to place 2 blocks before increasing the height again. However, using 2 or more powered minecarts does provide enough power to go up steep slopes, but they go very slowly.

While it’s possible for powered minecarts to push all types of minecarts, pushing anything else will cause them to come to a stop. This also happens when there’s too much weight in the carts it has to push, which could be too many carts or too many player/mob occupied minecarts.

Destroying a powered minecart will cause it to break into a minecart and a furnace, but they can be put back together in the crafting interface in your inventory.

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