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Minecraft Splash Potion of Fire Resistance

Dec value: 373:16387
Hex value: 175
Maximum stack 1

A splash potion of fire resistance will allow you to walk through fire and swim through lava without getting hurt. It’s the same as it’s normal counter part, but throwable.

There are 2 types of splash potions of fire resistance, a 2:15 minute version and an 6 minute version. The further you stand from the potion’s blast radius the shorter this time will be.

A splash potion of fire resistance is created by first adding a nether wart to a water bottle, then adding magma cream and finishing it by adding gunpowder to it. Redstone can be added to this to create the 6 minute version. Glowstone can only be added to the 6 minute version which will change it back to a 2:15 minute version.