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Minecraft Squid

Squid are the only water dwelling mob in minecraft and can spawn in any large enough body of water, in any biome, in any light level and on any game difficulty level. However, only between height levels 45 and 62. It’s not uncommon to find a squid in your pool or pond.

Squid drop 1-3 ink sacks and experience orbs worth a total of 1-3 experience points. Ink sacks are used to dye sheep and to create a book and quill.

Occurence and Behavior

Squid usually spawn in groups of 3-5. They can often be found in the deeper parts of rivers, lakes and almost anywhere in the ocean. This makes it a little tricky to find and kill them.

Squid are one of the only mobs that don’t make a sound. Funnily enough, squid won’t die when they happen to get on land (through punching, mod spawning or using a monster egg) and they can even ride a minecart.


It’s impossible to breed squid, which further adds to the difficulty of farming ink sacs.