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The End in Minecraft

The End is another dimension in minecraft which features some unique content. It can only be accessed by entering an End portal, which can be found in strongholds and requires eyes of enders to activate it. The End is home to the Ender dragon and filled with endermen, who all live in the large, floating island that makes up most of the End dimension. The Ender dragon’s health bar will be displayed when you enter the End, unless the dragon has already been killed.


The End is pretty much just a big, floating island, made out of end stone. This end stone is the strongest block that can still be destroyed by explosions.

On top of the island are various sized, obsidian pilars with End crystals on top of them. These crystals will heal the Ender dragon when it flies close to them, though any enderman will die if it teleports into the crystal.

The island is relatively flat, though quite thick and solid. A player should have no trouble when crossing from one side to the other, besides possible attacks from enderman and the Ender dragon of course.

Unlike the Overworld and the Nether, the End is finite in it’s size, though it appears infinite as the sky is block with a lot of static. This means the supply of end stone is very limited.


There are only 2 mobs which can be found in the End, endermen and the Ender dragon.

The End is the home dimension of the endermen, they live here in large quantities. They large numbers make it difficult to look around without aiming your mouse at one of their heads, which will cause that enderman to attack.

Ender dragon:
The Ender dragon is a boss mob and acts as a type of guardian of the End. The Ender dragon is difficult to kill and will require a great deal of planning and preperation. Killing the Ender dragon is the only way to get out of the End, unless you die yourself.

Environmental Effects

Like the Nether, the End has no day/night cycle, which not only means clocks don’t work in the End, it’s also impossible to sleep in a bed. Trying to sleep in a bed will cause the bed to explode, and you with it. An exploded bed will leave a small crater with many fires around it. If they player survived the explosions, usually one of the fires will kill the player if he/she walks around carelessly.

Because your original spawn point is outside of the End, a compass fails to work in the End, which makes them completely useless as a navigational tool. They will simply spin around randomly. Maps don’t work at all in the End, they only map the static and not the blocks. Though this isn’t a huge issue as the End is very small.

Like the Nether, the End has a constant, dim light, though any light source will still be able to produce more light up to 16 blocks away.

Getting to the End

The End can only be reached by jumping into an active End portal and End portals can only be found in strongholds, which are very rare. There are only 3 strongholds per world. By firing an eye of ender, the eye will fly up in the air and towards the End portal. This eye of ender will then either fall back on the ground or explode in a small burst of particles. Using enough eyes of ender will eventually lead the player to the portal, though this can take a very long time. When a player is on top of the portal, on any altitude, any eye of ender shot into the air will go straight down into the ground, which is usually the only indication of a stronghold.

Once you’ve reached the portal, eyes of ender will have to be placed in each end portal frame block. There are a total of 12 frame pieces, though some pieces usually already have an eye of under inserted.

Once every portal frame piece has been filled with an eye of ender, the portal will activate. Simply jumping in will teleport you to the End without a risk of falling into the lava below. Any contact with the active part of an End portal will immidiately teleport the player.

Once a player is in the End, the only way out is through the Overworld portal, which is only created when the Ender dragon dies. If you die you’ll also be teleported back to the Overworld.


Seeds aren’t very useful for the End, as it’s pretty much always a round, floating island. Some variations do exist, though they’re hardly worth the search. It’s often much easier to simply build your own island.

Each world has it’s own seed, which is a number used to generate the world. Seeds can be used to create a specific world, as you can enter a seed before creating a new world save. A seed will always create the same world, which is often used by players to share amazing, naturally generated worlds or worlds that spawn you close to a stronghold, dungeon or other advantage. Seeds will be displayed in the information you see when you press F3, in the top left corner.