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Best & Most Popular Gacha Games 2021 (October)

This is a list of the most popular, successful (and possibly best) gacha games currently on the market.

It’s based on data provided by Sensor Tower and Reddit.

The main stats tracked are Monthly Revenue (USD – August, 2021), Monthly Downloads (August, 2021), and Subreddit subscriber count (September, 2021) .

It should be noted that the data is only for Google Play & iTunes. As such, it won’t be 100% accurate due to certain games having their app on other platforms as well. However, it will certainly give a pretty good overall perceptive of what’s currently doing well.

The order is defaulted to Monthly Revenue, as that’s generally the main indicator of success, but it doesn’t necessarily make it the most popular or best game. The order can be changed to your liking.

GameMonthly RevenueMonthly DownloadsSubreddit
Fate/Grand Order$86,800,000175,000257,000
Genshin Impact$76,000,0004,000,0001,190,000
Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle$15,000,000900,000211,000
Marvel Strike Force$15,000,000600,00089,000
Summoners War$15,000,000110,000120,000
Epic Seven$13,000,000350,000131,000
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes$12,000,000170,000101,000
Fire Emblem Heroes$11,000,00040,000179,000
AFK Arena$10,000,000550,000252,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links$10,000,000300,000131,000
Dragon Ball Legends$7,000,000600,000154,000
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross$5,000,000300,00059,800
Idle Heroes$5,000,000270,00069,900
Mobile Legends: Adventure$4,000,000900,000162,000
Honkai Impact 3rd$3,000,000690,000107,000
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp$3,000,000500,000110,000
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius$2,700,00048,00081,500
Another Eden$1,600,00036,00017,600
Azur Lane$1,400,00090,000150,000
Disney Sorcerer's Arena$1,300,000160,0005,600
Exos Heroes$600,00056,00013,200
Dragalia Lost$600,00016,00067,600
One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 $500,00090,0009,800
Illusion Connect$400,00026,00013,000
Girls' Frontline$290,00011,00087,900
Crossing Void$50,00035,0005,000