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Mythic Heroes Astrolabe Guide 2022 (October)

The Mythic Heroes Astrolabe is the “AFK/Idle” mechanic of the game. Rewards are generated continuously and can be collected at any time.

Mythic Heroes Astrolabe Guide

However, there are some extra mechanics attached to it that makes it a little more interesting.

Mythic Heroes Astrolabe of Truth

This is where the rewards are generated. It’s a large casino-like wheel of fortune that automatically spins around and lands on rewards. These are then placed in the treasure ready to collect. Keep in mind that the treasure pile can only hold a certain amount of rewards, so make sure to collect them as often as possible.

Mythic Heroes Astrolabe

The wheel can also be spun manually. After spinning, the slot the pointer stops at will indicate the reward. When the pointer stops over an icon, the slot is lit up. After all of the slots on the outer rim are lit, the pointer switches to spin the inner rim and it is spun 1x, producing better rewards.

Aside from reward slots, there are also 4 skills that can be landed on, and will significantly increase the Astrolabe’s rewards. When these slots are triggered with the pointer, energy will be added inside their icon. Once the icon is filled with energy, the skill will be cast.

Once you’ve reached a certain amount of campaign progress, the Astrolabe of Fate will be unlocked. This will allow hero tokens of your choice to be a reward from the Astrolabe.


When the pointer stops on the Astrolabe’s 4 skill icons, a small amount of energy will go into each. Once their energy is filled, the skill will be cast.

Mythic Heroes Astrolabe

Triple Pointer
Astrolabe’s 1 pointer becomes 3, and it is more times.

Super Reward
Gain extra multiples of a reward from a random slot.

Chained Lightning
Releases bolts of Chain Lightning. Gain all rewards hit by the bolts.

Core Charging
Increases core energy.


The core is the yellow thing in the middle.

Mythic Heroes Astrolabe

Each time the Astrolabe’s outer rim is spun, Core Energy will be charged. Once the Energy is filled, tap on the Core to receive a high-quality reward.

Mythic Heroes Astrolabe

A Random Core Reward will be given once the Core is spun. Each reward can be collected more than once.

Gears of Time

There is an item called Gears of Time that can accelerate the Astrolabe of Truth to produce rewards immediately.

They can be obtained from the Astrolabe itself, the Marketplace, or Tasks.

Cube of Truth

Mythic Heroes Astrolabe

Players can unlock Cube Talents and receive bonuses by collecting Cube Fragments.

When a Cube Talent is unlocked, the connecting pieces activate and become available for unlocking.

When one side of the Cube is fully unlocked, the Cube will flip to the next side, and the players then can proceed to unlock and level it up.

When all 6 sides of a Cube are completed, the next Cube will be unlocked.

Switch between the sides of a Cube and between Cubes to view unlocked Talent bonuses.

Astrolabe Lore

The Astrolabe of Truth is a microcosm of the natural laws of the Universe. It can produce resources, summon Gods/Legends, and even seal demons. Through its connection with the planets and the stars, it can also foresee the future and obtain energy from the Zodiac essences. According to the Oracle, a “key” is necessary to activate the Astrolabe of Truth. It is not a physical key, but rather a Goddess and her willpower keeps the Astrolabe operating.

As Mythic Heroes is growing by the day, I highly recommend that you follow the official community channels to keep up to date with the latest game news and information. They will be the first place you’ll find new gift codes, events, and heroes!

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