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Mythic Heroes Beginner’s Guide 2023 (December)

If you’ve just started out and are new to the game, then check out this Mythic Heroes beginner’s guide! It goes over most aspects of the game.

Mythic Heroes Beginner's Guide

Massive thanks and credit to Asura (Asura#4237) and Nuke (Nuke#0690) on the official discord for providing most of the information in this guide!

General Heroes Guide

You cannot reset Divinity enhancements or Weapon upgrades yet, so tread carefully.

Do not focus too much on UR units unless you’re a whale (heavy spender), but at least 1 copy is good to have. Ideally for a normal player that wants to use them, raising a UR hero to at least Mythic (8 copies) is feasible and a good compromise.

Always level your main carry as much as you can. This is usually either 20 or 40 levels higher than the other heroes, depending on your current level.

A typical balanced team will usually consist of:

  • 1 Main DPS Carry.
  • 1 Healer.
  • 1 Tank.
  • 1 Support.
  • 1 DPS.

Best Heroes

The best Main Carries to focus on at the moment are Lucifer, Susanoo, Ganjiang & Moye, and Izanami.

The best Tanks are Hades, Athena, and Gaia if her weapon is at level 300+.

The best Healers are Idun (early game) and Nagakayna (lategame).

The best Supports are Nuwa for pretty much everything, and Dionysus for bosses if his weapon is at least at level 100+ (ideally 300+).

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list, we’ve got a Mythic Heroes Tier List and also a Mythic Heroes Best Team guide.

Are UR Heroes Worth It?

Lucifer and Nuwa are both great, and if you can get multiple copies of those 2, then it’s worth investing a bit into them to help you progress.

However, keep in mind that SSR heroes are still extremely strong, and even better than UR heroes in some cases. Therefore, it isn’t currently mandatory to have UR heroes. This will likely change as the game releases more of them though.

Limited Banner

The limited banner is up for 14 days, during these 2 weeks you’ll have a chance to get the heroes in the banner.

  • 1 SSR
  • 1 UR
  • 1 SSR of choice

NOTE: the rate is up for the specific heroes in the banner, and not overall.

  • If you do 200 summons, you’ll get the guaranteed UR from that banner.
  • If you summon that specific UR within 200 pulls, the pity system will go down to 0 and you won’t have that rate up anymore.
  • Pity WILL NOT carry over to the next banner once the current banner ends, it will reset.


All heroes adopt the fifth-lowest hero’s level. This happens automatically. If you reset your 5th highest hero, all heroes synced to it will also reset.

Once your team (top 5 heroes) reaches level 300, you’ll be able to level them all at once using Gold, EXP, and Dust.


SSR & UR heroes can be ascended by consuming a copy of that specific hero.

Each ascension rank has its own name and color. The current ranks in order are:

  • Elite (Yellow),
  • Legendary (Orange),
  • Mythic (Red),
  • Celestial (White),
  • Infinite (Rainbow).

Each ascension rank has 3 different levels: I, II, III.

With each ascension, you’ll be able to raise the level cap of your hero.

The level cap and copies needed are:

  • Elite I / lvl 120 / 0 copy (base ascension)
  • Elite II / lvl 140 / 1 copy
  • Elite III / lvl 160 / 1 copy
  • Legendary I / lvl 180 / 1 copy
  • Legendary II / lvl 200 / 1 copy
  • Legendary III / lvl 220 / 1 copy
  • Mythic I / lvl 240 / 2 copies
  • Mythic II / lvl 260 / 2 copies
  • Mythic III / lvl 280 / 2 copies
  • Celestial I / lvl 300 / 2 copies
  • Celestial II / lvl 300 / 2 copies
  • Celestial III / lvl 300 / 2 copies
  • Infinite I / lvl 300 / 3 copies
  • Infinite II / lvl 300 / 3 copies
  • Infinite III / lvl 300 / 3 copies

26 copies are needed to fully ascend a hero, which is a total count of 27 including the base ascension.

Enhancement & SR Heroes

Heroes can be enhanced by consuming SR tier heroes of the same faction. This basically makes them “fodder and you shouldn’t really ascend them unless you’ve just started and are really stuck in progression. Even if you ascend them though, they can be reset.

The current max cap for enhancement is +30.

You can make your hero +10 at the start until you unlock the Enhance Limit +5 in the divinity tree. You can get the Enhance limit +5 from Dinivity LVL 9/12/15/18, in the middle path.

The Marketplace

Priority purchases in the Marketplace are Dust, EXP, SSR/UR shards (or other bargains). There’s a free refresh daily.

Make sure to not spend too much of your gold as you’ll need it for upgrading.

Buying the above with diamonds is alright for quick advancement, as you hit walls frequently.

Buy the cubes that are at 6 coins in the Tribute section (refreshes daily).

What is the Astrolabe of Fate and is it Worth it?

Astrolabe of Fate, or AoF. Is another summoning system that you unlock at chapter 16 (or VIP 10)

In AoF you get to choose a UR of choice and an SSR of choice for a rate up. If you want you can even choose 2 different SSRs or 2 of the same SSR to raise the odds.

Each summon costs 500 diamonds, and a x10 summon costs 5000 diamonds.

It is recommended to at least do 1 x10 as a f2p player, since the first x10 guarantees a UR/SSR of your choice.

Do not touch this feature beyond the first x10 pull unless you’re a whale, it isn’t worth it.


The pantheon lasts for two days and is best done on the second day as there’s a chance you’ll be stronger than on the first day.

Do not be discouraged by losing, it’s almost always a matter of RNG (the randomness) or tactics and you have to repeatedly try a lot, and in different ways. Like, a lot. Do not be surprised if it takes you hours to clear a stage.

The best DPS to use are:

  • Zeus.
  • Artemis.

The best Tank to use:

  • Hades.

Support heroes should fill the last two spots:

  • Dionysus (Only if weapon 100+ is unlocked).
  • Idun or Nagakayna.

Divine Chronicles

Divine Chronicles, a.k.a “Faction towers”, are unlocked on campaign stage 14-4. To progress in them you will need to use heroes of a specific faction. Raising a few good heroes or at least carries for each faction is not a bad idea.


In the Astrolabe, using the gears after having unlocked all Astrolabe-related bonuses on your current Cube or face is good practice. you’ll be able to reap the most rewards for the time being. Of course, it is even better if you don’t need to use them (achievements get unlocked though).

The game and its devs are quite generous with rewards and events.

The Rookie Handbook event will remain even after the last day is over, until you have completed all the quests in it.

Guilds are cross-server, so you and your friends can meet no matter where you’re from.

Spending Tips

Some very low-cost packs are worth getting, such as the first couple rookie packs.

Your very first top-up or purchase will also give you a pack including the UR unit, Lucifer.

Permanent subscription is also good and you can add the other monthlies on top. It also gives you a pack including the UR unit, Nuwa.

Completing campaign stages will make spontanous packs pop up. I recommend buying the $0.99 and $1.99 packs that appear then. Especially the ones from the early chapters, with very high value.

Pretty much any pack princed beyond $1.99 with a value less than 1000% isn’t exactly worth it in my opinion, but you can purchase them. Every bit counts after all.

There is a low-cost-huge-value campaign completion plan just like most gachas purchasable at $4.99 for the first part, and $9.99 for the following one.

The Carnival plan is available to purchase for 30 days, but the rewards will still be delivered after the 30 days are over.

Mythic Heroes Official Links

As Mythic Heroes is growing by the day, I highly recommend that you follow the official community channels to keep up to date with the latest game news and information. They will be the first place you’ll find new gift codes, events, and heroes!

Looking for some in-game freebies? Check out our Mythic Heroes Codes page for an updated list of all gift codes for the game.


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