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Mythic Heroes Medusa Wiki Guide 2023 (March)

Once a Priestess of Athena, Medusa attracted the attention of Poseidon and broke her vows by falling in love with him. This caused a curse to give her the Snake-like form that she now holds forever.

Medusa is one of the few heroes that can do an AOE physical attack through her auto-attack. Her multi-shot ability makes her pretty powerful and frightening in team battles. Her weapon manages to improve all the abilities she needs and make her a great carry, although very squishy, with very high investment.


Her weapon allows her to absorb the Energy she removed from the target, and increase her Attack Speed by up to 100% for 5s after unleashing her ultimate. Her weapon’s stats are biased towards Attack while forsaking Health and Defense.


Her kit is made of 2 passives and an active. Her first passive is an improved auto-attack as she can target 3 enemies at the same time for up to 230% damage to a main target, and 120% damage to the secondary targets. Her second passive adds a Lifesteal effect to her auto-attack for an up to 50% chance of a maximum of 135% Lifesteal. Her only active is an attack targeting the enemy with the highest Energy, dealing 150% damage, removing up to 40% of their Energy and increase her damage dealt by 1% per 10 Energy removed for 10s. Her ultimate is a wide-scale petrify for up to 5s; enemies that turned their backs on her have 50% reduced Attack Speed for 4s.


Medusa was once a priestess in the Temple of Athena. She was proud and dignified with long hair that cascaded down like a waterfall. Her delicate and poised face was heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Countless men came to try to woo the stunning woman, but none were even remotely Uccessful. Medusa took her priestess vows incredibly seriously and did not even acknowledge her want-to-be suitors. It simply was not an option at all; she only wanted to serve Athena…

However, the young woman was cursed by fate. Her beauty had attracted even the attention of the Sea-King Poseidon. Given his position as a God, Medusa was forced to engage with him, and the immortal, regal charm of Poseidon slowly worked its magic. Almost unknowingly, she fell in love with the ruler of the sea. Unfortunately, within the sacred vow that the priestess took, was a curse. One morning, she awoke to the sound of hissing. Her hair had turned into a mess of hideous, poisonous snakes and her healthy body had become that of a snake from the waist down. It would writhe behind her from this point on. Her eyes were changed as well, turning everyone she looked upon into stone. She could no longer love anyone. Poseidon, sensing this change, never returned. Medusa was now a gorgon and there was nothing even Athena could do about it. The curse was beyond her control.

Medusa was shocked, and her heart was filled with hatred for the Gods. She returned to her homeland, an island surrounded by the river Oceanus and smoldered with anger. She was eager to fight against the Gods, and soon after, when the Void God’s call made her wish come true, she left the island and embarked on the road to Mount Olympus.

Weapon Stats

Poisonous Fangs

Increases Attack Speed by 40% for 5s after releasing “Petrifying Glare.”
Unlock when Attributes reach: 100

Increases Attack Speed by 70% for “Petrifying Glare.”
Unlock when Attributes reach: 200

After using the skill, “Venomous Snake,” absorb removed Energy from the target.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 300

Increases Attack Speed by 100% for “Petrifying Glare.”
Unlock when Attributes reach: 400


  • Class: Fighter
  • Faction: Shadowarch
  • Rarity:
  • Role: DPS
  • Artifacts: Axe, Staff
  • Runes: Fire, Thunder
  • Recommended Combo: Axe + Fire
  • PvE Tier Rating: B
  • PvP Tier Rating: A
  • Boss Tier Rating: A

Hero Skills

Petrifying Glare

Medusa uses her eyes, petrifying all enemies (facing in her direction) for 3s.

Lv.2: Petrification lasts for 4s.
Lv.3: Enemies facing away from Medusa have 50% reduced Attack Speed for 4s.
Lv.4: Petrification lasts for 5s.

Split Shots

Medusa’s auto-attack targets multiple enemies, dealing 200% damage to the primary target, and 100% damage to 1 secondary target(s).

Lv.2: Targets 2 secondary enemies.
Lv.3: Deals 215% damage to the primary enemy target; 110% damage to secondary enemies.
Lv.4: Deals 230% damage to the primary enemy target; 120% damage to secondary enemies.

Arrows of Corruption

Medusa’s auto-attack has a 33% chance to add 75% Lifesteal.

Lv.2: Increases Lifesteal to 105%.
Lv.3: Increases the chance to 50%.
Lv.4: Increases Lifesteal to 135%.

Venomous Snake

Medusa releases a poisonouS snake to attack the enemy with the highest Energy, dealing 150% damage and removing 30% of Energy from the target.

Lv.2: Deals 180% damage.
Lv.3: For every 10 Energy removed, increase Medusa’s damage dealt by 1% for 10s.
Lv.4: Removes 40% of Energy from the target.

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