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Mythic Heroes Ascension & Enhancing Guide

There are many different ways to upgrade heroes in the game. These include Ascending, Enhancing, Divinity, Divine Weapons, Artifacts & Runes.

Oh my, that seems like a lot! Don’t worry though, each system is very simple to understand and it’s easy to upgrade heroes.

Mythic Heroes - Ascension & Enhancing Guide

We’re going to focus on Ascending & Enhancing, as the others are better suited to their own guide.

Enhancing Heroes

Enhancing heroes requires using duplicate copies of SR heroes that belong to the same faction.

The amount of times a hero can be enhanced is tied to Divinity talents. The base-level cap is 10. The highest enhance level is currently 30.

Enhance levels can be reset, so don’t worry about investing in the wrong hero as it can always be reversed. Always make sure to use all of your SR fodder on enhancing the best heroes. Wondering which ones are good? Check out our Mythic Heroes Tier List guide.

Mythic Heroes Enhancing

When a hero is enhanced, their Health, Attack & Defense stats are slightly increased. This isn’t a huge upgrade, but it definitely all adds up at the higher enhance levels.

Ascension Guide

Ascension in Mythic Heroes is the process of upgrading characters with Hero Tokens, which are duplicate copies of the same hero. Upgrading them will unlock new skill levels, increase stats and also raise the maximum level that the hero can obtain.

Mythic Heroes Ascension Guide

The unique thing about this system compared to other idle games is that heroes can only be upgraded via copies of themselves. Therefore you can never make a mistake by upgrading the wrong hero because there’s only one choice to make.

Mythic Heroes Ascension Guide

You can easily tell the current ascension of a hero by the color of their frame, and by how many crystals are unlocked at the bottom.

The current colors are Elite (Yellow), Legendary (Orange), Mythic (Red), Celestial (White), Infinite (Rainbow).

Mythic Heroes Ascension Guide

It should be noted that regardless of the ascension level, heroes will always match the level of your 5th highest hero.

Hero Ascension Requirements

This is for SSR & UR heroes, which all start at Elite I. It requires 27 copies of a hero to reach maximum ascension.

AscensionCopiesLevel Cap
Elite IBase Ascension120
Elite II1140
Elite III1160
Legendary I1180
Legendary II1200
Legendary III1220
Mythic I2240
Mythic II2260
Mythic III2280
Celestial I2300
Celestial II2300
Celestial III2300
Infinite I3300
Infinite II3300
Infinite III3300

R & SR Heroes

These lower-tier heroes have their own ascension levels. SR heroes can be enhanced, but R heroes can’t.

It is advised to never actually upgrade these heroes, and keep the SR copies for enhancing SSR & UR heroes. Don’t worry if you do though, as their ascension levels can be reset and you’ll receive all of the copies back.

Rare I
Rare II
Rare III

Uncommon I
Uncommon II
Uncommon II

Hero Exhibition (Museum)

As you upgrade the ascension of heroes, you’ll also earn Exhibition points in the Hero Exhibition section of the Museum building.

These points will be rewarded when a hero reaches Legendary I, Mythic I, Celestial I, and Infinite grade. The number of Exhibition points awarded is in order of ascension grade – 15, 20, 25, 30.

Increasing your Exhibition level will give every hero more stats, mostly HP, ATK & PvP DMG Bonus or Reduction. This means that collecting as many heroes as possible will always be in your best interest, even if it’s ones that you don’t really need.

As Mythic Heroes is growing by the day, I highly recommend that you follow the official community channels to keep up to date with the latest game news and information. They will be the first place you’ll find new gift codes, events, and heroes!

Looking for some in-game freebies? Check out our Mythic Heroes Codes page for an updated list of all gift codes for the game.

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