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World Flipper Tier List 2024 (May)

World Flipper Global is finally here! Are you new to the game and wondering which heroes are the best to roll for? Then we’ve got you covered!

This guide will list the best 5-Star units to obtain. This is especially useful when rerolling an account.

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The best and strongest units in the game.

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Attribute: Wind

Silty is the queen of combos and her broken scaling means she can do mind-blowing damage when the combos are kept up. There are probably better options for early game, but as the game progresses she will only get stronger and will be a staple part of the meta through the games’ lifespan.


Attribute: Wind

Veron is a very strong unit that provides his team with attack buffs and pi. The best weapon in the game is currently Malte, and that requires penetration to be active. This makes Veron viable in any team, although he doesn’t actually fit too well in dark teams.


Attribute: Light

Razelt is the best light unit in the game and is strong is any light team. He’s a support character that can tank damage and provide buffs for his team. Notably, one of those buffs is regeneration and that’s important for fever teams. The combination of Razelt & Eliya (4*) is certainly enough to carry you through the early game.


Strong units that are a solid pick for any player.

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Attribute: Wind

Phiria is a great healer that’s strong for the early game. She synergies well with her wind counterpart Silty, as her float buff will maintain the combos from Silty. She will also become stronger in later updates and will remain the best Wind healer for quite a long time.


Attribute: Fire

Clarisse is a great carry DPS in the early game, and arguably one of the best fire characters overall. On top of the already decent kit she has, her fire skill will apply a debuff that increases fire damage taken. This will make her synergize well with fire characters that get released further down the line.


Not the best, not the worst. Mostly niche niches that may get strong as the game progresses.

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Attribute: Water

Sonia can fit into any water team and can act as a decent carry or support character. She’s the best water character on global release, however, water is quite weak overall.


Attribute: Fire

Marina is pretty average on global release. She mainly focuses on multiball and powerflip, and the synergy for that just isn’t here yet. As she provides increased penetration uptime, she will get stronger when penetration itself becomes a strong meta in later updates.


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Attribute: Dark

Belsidia is a strong DPS that is heavily focused on boss damage. When built well, she is capable of allowing teams to one-shot many bosses in the early game. Unfortunately, once harder bosses are released she falls out quite hard. Also, Belsidia’s main niche is that when dark units are on low health, they do more damage. If you get paired with teams that run a healer, this can really nerf the damage she brings.


Attribute: Thunder

Cagliostro is quite a good healer that’s useful during the early game. However, she can easily be replaced by a 3 Star unit called Foula that comes in the first banner. Once Thunder gets better units, she will definitely become a strong character. For now, she’s quite a niche unit beyond the early game.


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Attribute: Thunder

Inaho’s main strength is the ability to provide many different things to her team, including fever support and paralysis. Unfortunately, there are other characters that are much easier to obtain that can do a better job than her for each of those individual things.


Attribute: Light

Nephteim is not too great in the current global version. Her main niche is fever, but they’re just not enough light units to make that viable yet.


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Attribute: Fire

Wagner is mainly focused on providing additional powerflip damage and is generally quite weak in the current global release version of World Flipper. He will get better in the future when fire powerflip becomes a thing in later updates, but for now, he’s a hard avoid.


Attribute: Poison

Suizen and poison characters in general are very weak in the current global release version of the game. It’s best to avoid them for now.


Attribute: Wind

Leon is another powerflip meta hero. Unfortunately, wind units don’t support this for quite a long time. Even once they do, it’s still not very strong.


Attribute: Light

Ecreel is a decent unit and synergizes well with Razelt. The main issue is that there are 4* light units that do a better job than her, namely Eliya & Kira. For a 5* unit, Ecreel is just not really worth using.

Notable Mention

Sha Susu (6-Star)

Sha Susu is an incredibly important unit in the current version of the game and is a character that everyone should try to obtain. She’s the only 6* currently available. Her main niche is to refill the leader’s skill gauge. This allows much more skills to be cast and this will really make life easier through the early game and beyond.

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