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New World Leveling Guide 1-60

Rushing to max level isn’t for everyone, but if that’s your goal then here’s a guide on how to get there in a somewhat optimized way.

Keep in mind that most of this is heavily tied to grinding the same content, and so if that’s not your thing then just do what you find fun and level at your pace. There’s absolutely no need to rush to endgame in New World.

Leveling Tips

  • Follow the main story quests.
  • Avoid side quests if EXP is your main goal.
  • Enabling PvP (U key) will give you an XP buff. Do this at your own peril though, as ganking low levels is rampant in New World.
  • Every activity rewards EXP, so don’t be afraid to do lots of crafting and gathering. It all adds up in the end.

How long Does it Take to Reach Level 60?

  • 70 hours – Powerleveling,
  • 200 hours – Casual-leveling.

Types of Quests

Quests are the main source of EXP, Gold, and Faction Points/Rep,

  • Main Quests – These are mandatory quests to complete and are tied to the story and progression. They reward a lot of EXP.
  • Side Quests – These quests are scattered across the map from various NPCs. They provide a decent amount of gold, but less EXP than other types of quests.
  • Town Board Quests – These quests are found at the town board within any town. They have random objectives, such as gathering, crafting, and kill quests. There is a refresh timer on them, so only a certain amount can be done at any single time.
  • Faction Quests – These are the quests that your faction provides. Only players with the same faction can do them.

Leveling Rewards

Reaching certain level milestones in New World will unlock rewards.

  • Level 5: Unlock Extra Weapon Slot
  • Level 10: Unlock Extra Bag Slot
  • Level 15: House, and Unlock Extra Quick Slot
  • Level 20: Unlock Ring Slot
  • Level 25: Unlock Extra Quick Slot
  • Level 30: Unlock Extra Weapon Slot & Bag Slot
  • Level 35: House
  • Level 40: Unlock Earring Slot
  • Level 45: Unlock Extra Bag Slot
  • Level 50: Unlock Corrupted Invasions
  • Level 55: House
  • Level 60: Unlock Outpost Rush

Powerleveling Guide 1-60

This is likely the fastest way to level, however it requires a group and it’s extremely grindy.

Level 1-10

You’ll start on a beach. At this point, all you really need to do is follow the main quests.

As soon as they’re done, head to the first town. If you’re leveling with someone else, it’s advised to go to the same one.

Once you reach the town, there will be a few more main quests. Once level 8, you’ll get to choose which faction to play as.

Which faction to play is entirely up to you, there’s no objectively best one. The one thing to keep in mind before choosing is that you can only join Companies (guilds) of the same faction. At the bare minimum, you should preemptively decide which faction to play among anyone you’re planning to play with.

You should of be around level 10 by now.

Level 10-20

At this point, it’s advisable to pick up all of your faction and the townboard quests in the town then go get them done.

At around level 14-15 you can go to Fisherman’s Bend and start the main story quest that eventually unlocks the Azoth Staff.

Level 20-30

Once you reach level 20, Corrupted Breaches (Portals) will be unlocked. These also require the Azoth Staff from the main quests. Find a group of at least 3 people and go grind out the portals on the map. It’s insanely good XP/hour and also gives decent items.

At some point around level 20 you should receive a quest to go to the first dungeon in the game called Armine Excavation. It’s not advisable to go there until you’re at least level 23 as the dungeon quest there is only unlocked at 23. Also, one player needs the key for everyone to enter it. That comes from

Much like most other MMO’s, dungeons in New World grant a lot of XP. If you can find a group to do it, it is absolutely worth grinding the dungeon a few times for the fastest XP possible. Don’t forget to take the quest from the dog NPC outside the dungeon before you go inside.

To finish off the grind to 30, corrupted portals & faction/town quests are the way to go.

This is currently the fastest method, but it obviously isn’t viable for soloing. Repeating the faction/town board quests is still likely the best solo method.

Level 30-60

Once you’re level 30, the real grind begins. The fastest way to level is generally a combination of Main quests, along with Corrupted Portals and the Faction / Town Board quest cycle.