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Payday 2: How To Upgrade The Safehouse

The safehouse is your base of operations to plan and execute heists. Here’s our Payday 2: how to upgrade the safehouse guide.

Payday 2: How To Upgrade The Safehouse

Payday 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter; although it was released almost a decade ago, it has garnered a loyal fan base that is still thriving to this day. Payday 2 can be played with up to 4 people, including yourself, as each of you can play one of the four characters named Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains.

You can plan and carry out action-packed heists in single-player story missions or in cooperative play with your friends. You and your squad will need to return to your safehouse after finishing your deadly heists. Safehouse is your base of operation where you plan your heists, and upgrading the safehouse will unlock more content.

Payday 2 introduced a new in-game currency called Continental Coins that you can earn by doing various activities. Continental Coins are used to upgrade the safehouse. Here’s how you can obtain continental Coins to level up and upgrade the safehouse.

  1. By Gaining XP
  2. Daily Side Jobs
  3. Safe House Raid
  4. Crime Spree
  5. Trophies

Why Do Players Need To Upgrade The Safehouse In Payday 2?

Safehouse is your base of operations, and as you upgrade each part of the safehouse you will get additional content. As you upgrade the Dallas’ office it will be furnished with progressively fancier equipment on each level with a large wall-mounted Side Jobs monitor, coffee table, and various other furniture. (Courtesy: payday.fandom)

Similarly, upgrading different parts of the safehouse will make additional content available for your exploration. It is an essential part of the overall experience in Payday 2.

Payday 2: How To Upgrade The Safehouse

Each player begins with 12 Continental Coins. In order to upgrade the safehouse we need a lot more Continental Coins, here’s how you can earn these coins.

1- By Gaining XP

You can earn Continental Coins by gaining experience points (XP). Every 50,000 XP points will get you 1 Continental Coin.  You can also earn Continental Coins in Career mode previously called story mode. You will get a total of 135 Continental Coins for progressing in career mode.

2- Daily Side Jobs

Completing daily safehouse side jobs is a great way to earn Continental Coins. You can earn 6 Continental Coins upon completing the daily side jobs which are easy to complete but you can earn more coins by other methods.

3- Safe House Raids

Defending your safehouse is another easy way to earn Continental Coins. Defending your safehouse earns you 6 continental coins and you can even earn more coins by defending other players’ safehouses, whenever the opportunity pops up on your map.

4- Crime Spree

Crime Spree is the most effective and fastest way to earn Continental Coins. Although you need to spend Continental Coins, soon you will realize that you are earning way more coins than you initially spent. No matter what level you are at, crime sprees will be the best way to earn Continental Coins.

You can also join your higher crime spree level friend to start a crime spree and when you finish you will earn more coins.  The higher the coin spree you join, the more will be the coin payout.

5- Trophies

Trophies are challenges in Payday 2, you can compete to earn Continental Coins. Completing the trophies will also unlock new furniture in your safe house. There are a number of Trophies that can be unlocked ranging from killing specials to completing a heist with only your suit and no skills.

Each completing trophy will earn you 6 Continental Coins that you can use to upgrade your safehouse. Continental Coins are also needed to get your hands on the most powerful weapons in the game.

Upgrading The Safehouse

Payday 2: How To Upgrade The Safehouse

After you have successfully acquired the required amount of Continental Coins, you can now successfully upgrade the safehouse. 

Your safehouse has different sections, and upgrading each section will reward you with different content. You will need a total of 828 Continental Coins to completely upgrade all of the rooms in your Safe House. Upgrading the safehouse will give you more content, and you will quickly progress through Payday 2.

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PAYDAY 2 is available to play on PC via Steam.