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Best Light Armor in Skyrim

Wondering what’s the best light armor in Skyrim? Here’s our list of the top armor in the game!

Best Light Armor in Skyrim

The best part about Skyrim is that the players have the option to choose their own equipment and role play as their character. If you are someone who loves to travel light and wear light armor, and carry light weapons, you’re in luck! This guide will show you the best light armor in Skyrim so that you can find the perfect choice for yourself. 

Best Light Armor in Skyrim

Out of all the armor sets in the game, these are the best light armor in Skyrim:

  • Dragonscale Armor
  • Deathbrand Armor
  • Stalhrim Light Armor
  • Ancient Shrouded Set
  • Guild Master’s Armor Set

These are just a few of the best light armor sets in Skyrim. However, out of all the other armor sets, the aforementioned sets have the best stats and will help you from the moment you get them till the end game if you upgrade them along the way. With that said, let’s get started and check out these armor sets in detail. 

1.) Dragonscale Armor

Best Light Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 111
  • How to obtain: You can craft it through Smithing or find it from rare loot drops in the world. 

The Dragonscale Armor is easily the best light armor set in Skyrim. After trying out tons of other armors, this one feels special and has the best stats while weighing less. The lightweight of this armor allows you to equip heavy weapons so that you do not compromise on dealing damage. 

On top of that, this set looks extremely cool and can intimidate even the toughest of foes. Just like the Daedric Armor is the best heavy armor, this is its counterpart in the light armor division. The only downside – much like the Daedric Armor – is that it can take you quite some time to get all the parts for this armor. 

2.) Deathbrand Armor

Best Light Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 78.5
  • How to obtain: Complete the “Deathbrand” quest to get this legendary armor set.

Just look at this beautiful light armor set. The horns on the helmet are a great addition that makes any character look intimidating. Plus, the stats it offers is superb so you’ll be blocking damage left and right. On top of that, this armor only weighs 13 points, so, you’ll be wearing this while carrying tons of other things without worrying about anything. 

Another great feature of this armor is that it gives you a good stamina boost so that you can perform more actions without being fatigued. If that’s not enough, it also allows you to breathe underwater so that you can explore more without the worry of drowning. 

3.) Stalhrim Light Armor

Best Light Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 108 
  • How to obtain: It can drop from random loot after level 35 or you can buy it from merchants in Solstheim.

Much like its heavy counterpart, the Stalhrim Light Armor set is extremely good and quite useful in terms of stats. After you reach level 35, you can find random pieces of this armor set from various loot drops after killing enemies. 

However, if you want to get the entire armor set at once, you can purchase it from merchants situated in Solstheim. 

Just keep in mind that this armor can only be accessed if you have the Dragonborn DLC.

4.) Ancient Shrouded Set

Best Light Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor rating: 72
  • How to obtain: You can get it by joining the Dark Brotherhood.

This armor set weighs only 7.5 points, making it one of the lightest armor sets in the game. Due to its lightweight, you can wear the entire set and carry a lot of other items with you without being over-encumbered. Plus, this is one of the best sets when it comes to playing like a ninja. 

Another great reason to get this is that you can get it quite early on by joining the Dark Brotherhood and doing various quests for them. This is a great light armor set for early game and it will carry you all the way through mid-game as well until you find a better armor. 

5.) Guild Master’s Armor Set

Best Light Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 76 
  • How to obtain: Finish the main quest for the Thieves Guild and restore it to its full glory.

The Guild Master’s Armor Set is one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim due to a number of reasons. First of all, it makes you look like an assassin from Assassins Creed. If you want to roleplay as Ezio, you should wear this armor set and sneak around killing enemies without alerting them. 

Not only are the stats of this set good but the way you obtain it is extremely fun. You need to complete the fan-favorite Thieves Guild main quests and then complete a few jobs to restore the guild to its former glory. The overall questline is quite fun and takes a few twists and turns (we won’t discuss spoilers here in case you haven’t completed it yet.)


With that said, we are at the end of our guide about the best light armor in Skyrim. Out of all these armor sets, my favorite is the Dragonscale Armor since it not only looks cool but also provides ample defense considering it is light armor.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available to play on Steam.

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