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Pet Simulator X Leaks

Here are the latest Pet Simulator X leaks for the next update! Please note that nothing is confirmed until the official update log is posted.

Pet Simulator X Leaks

There are no active PSX leaks.

Pet Simulator X Leaks: Unreleased pets

These pets have been leaked. We don’t know if they will ever be released

Spiffy Cat Value

Spiffy Cat

Bluey Chihuahua Value

Bluey Chihuahua

Titanic Capybara Value

Titanic Capybara

Titanic Lucki Value

Titanic Lucki

Heavenly Lamb Value

Heavenly Lamb

Lovemelon Value


Huge Lovemelon Value

Huge Lovemelon

Super Axolotl Value

Super Axolotl

Pet Simulator X Guides

And that was our current Pet Simulator X leaks guide. Wondering what all the pets are worth in Pet Sim X? Check out our Pet Simulator X value list guide for a comprehensive list of prices for all the best pets in the game.

Looking for free in-game items? We’ve got a special page dedicated to Pet Simulator X codes.

Pet Simulator X can be played for free on


Friday 9th of June 2023

June 10 well be summer pet simulator X


Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Pet Simulator X [New Leaks] 25.03.2023

Food - [80% Coin and Diamond] [??% Huge Bleebo] [??% Egg Hype Gift Season 1]

Plush - [Titanic M-2 Prototype] [Titanic M-6 Prototype]

Egg Exclusive 11 - [80% Gargoyle Cat] [50% Gargoyle Dog] [30% Gargoyle Parasite] [1.25% Huge Gargoyle Cat] [0.07% Huge Gargoyle Parasite] [0.007% Titanic Gargoyle Dragon]

Mystery Wheels - [80% Huge Dalmatian] [50% Huge Pig] [30% Huge Shark] [10% Huge Pinguin] [5% Huge Bunny] [5% Huge White Bunny] [1.25% Huge Agony] [0.07% Huge Plantom Wolf] [0.07% Huge Wyvern of Hades] [0.007% Titanic Sad Cat]

Codes - Free [Huge Alien Parasite] Release [Huge Phoenix] Psx [Huge Noob] BigGames [Huge Big Maskot] CowFarm [Huge Cow] FreeTitanic [Titanic Alien Parasite] 5ksubs [Huge Puffin] Devexmoment [Huge Bear] Ilovemadeon33 [Huge Black Bear] Wow [Huge Doge] Woah [Huge Flamingo] Giftbox [1+ Hype Gift - Huge Wicked Angelus] Omg [Dark Matter 10 Second and Huge Parrot] Pog [Huge Pog Cat] Luck [+100 Super Lucky and +100 Ultra Lucky]


Saturday 18th of March 2023

New robux egg???


Thursday 16th of March 2023

Pet Sim X is such a p2w


Friday 10th of March 2023

Can u add an egg that’s limited for 1WEEK and only gives gOOD HUGES Pls preston I’f u do this will be the best update ever