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V Rising: Silver Ore Guide

This is our complete V Rising: Silver Ore guide.

In V Rising, you must do everything you can to survive. Whether it be sucking the blood of your enemies or building an entire castle to shield you, there’s a lot you can do to survive. But one important aspect of survival is having the strongest weapons. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your weapons, you’ll need to know about the Silver Ore that can be found in the world of V Rising. 

How to Mine Silver Ore in V Rising

You will need Merciless Iron tools to mine silver ore. A good tool for this purpose is the mace due to its high damage against minerals. In case you haven’t come across a Merciless Iron tool yet, you will need to get the research books from higher-tier enemies in the Dunley Farmlands. 

An additional item that you can use is the Worker’s blood. With the worker traits, you will be able to get more silver ore out of each silver node/vein that you come across. 

How to Find Silver Ore in V Rising

V Rising: Silver Ore Guide

Unlike Copper Ore and Iron Ore, Silver Ore is considered one of the rarer metals in V Rising. However, there are certain areas where you can find an abundance of Silver. You can find silver ore in the form of nodes coming from the ground. 

Although these nodes can be found throughout the world, the best spot for them is the Silverlight Hills, found in the northwest part of the map. The place is relatively tougher, so be prepared for some hard fights. 

V Rising: Silver Ore Guide

But if you want to step it up even further, you can head over to the Sacred Silver Mines, northwest of the Silverlight Hills. But be mindful that the enemies there are of level 60 or higher, so if you don’t have the gear to match that, you will struggle quite a bit. 

Once you reach the mines, you’ll need a proper strategy to get inside. You can, of course, take the aggressive approach and take down each enemy in your way. But if you’re at a relatively lower level, that might not be a viable option. Instead, you can use your various transformations to get past the guards. The human form (acquired after killing Beatrice) and rat form (acquired after killing the Putrid Rat) are great choices for sneaking in. 

One thing to note is that even if you’re in your rat form, enemies will target you. Therefore, if you’re inside the mine, never stay in one place for too long, as enemies will eventually pile up on you.

Holding Silver Ore

As Silver is an element that is known to hurt vampires, it is the same case with silver ore. If you hold more than 250 Silver Ores in your inventory, you’ll notice your health deplete over time. Furthermore, you will be inhibited from fast traveling, using Waypoints, and get slowed down. 

There are multiple methods of tackling this situation. You can create a silver resistance potion at your Alchemy table. Additionally, you can use your bear form to negate the harmful effects. 

Using Silver Ore in V Rising

V Rising: Silver Ore Guide

It may seem like acquiring Silver Ore is quite tedious, but it’s worth the hassle. You can use them to create Dark Silver ingots. These are safe for vampires, and you can carry them around freely. Furthermore, you can use them to craft weapons and armor that are stronger than your regular iron equipment, essentially the next tier up from the Merciless Iron tools.  

V Rising: Silver Ore Guide

To create Dark Silver ingots, you will first need the recipe. It can be acquired after killing Octavian, the Militia Captain, a level 58 boss. Then, you will need 1 Scourge stone and 20 Silver Ores to craft 1 Dark Silver Ingot. 


And that’s all we have for our V Rising: silver ore guide. Getting the ore can be challenging, but if you want to upgrade your weapons, it is an essential item. 

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