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Rebirth Champions X Value List 2023 (February)

This is a Rebirth Champions X value list for each pet currently in the game. It has been created by the community and will be updated regularly.

Rebirth Champions X Value List

The list is intended to give an overview of which are the best and rarest pets in the game.

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What do the Values Mean?

The value of each pet is based on how many Tokens they are estimated to be worth. Tokens are a new in-game currency that can be bought with Robux and traded for pets.

What is the most valuable pet in Rebirth Champions X?

The most valuable pet is currently the Mysterious 60M Destroyer.

Rebirth Champions X Value List

Updated June 27, 2022
Adjusted prices

This is the main value list. You can filter pets by rarity.

This list has been compiled by the Rebirth Champions X Discord community. Huge credit and thanks to them for putting the effort into making it!

O/C = Owner’s Choice for the price.

5M Immortal7,30032,850O/CO/CO/CLimited Tier 2 Secret
Hacker Dragon6,000O/CO/CO/CO/CShop Exclusive Tier 2
50M Orbit5,30015,90047,700143,100429,300Limited Tier 3 Secret
Special 30K Pets5,00015,00045,000135,000405,000Exclusive
Mysterious 60M Destroyer4,50013,50040,500121,500364,500Mysterious
Easter Tutel3,70011,10033,30099,900299,700Limited Tier 3 Secret
Fire Star3,40010,20030,60091,800275,400Shop Exclusive Tier 3
Fire Shard3,3009,90029,70089,100267,300Shop Exclusive Tier 3
Immortal Shard3,3009,90029,70089,100267,300Shop Exclusive Tier 2
Moon Knight2,3006,90020,70062,100186,300Shop Exclusive Tier 3
Bread2,2006,60019,80059,400178,200Shop Exclusive Tier 1
10M Beast1,6004,80014,400O/CO/CTier 2 Secret
50M Beast1,2003,60010,80032,40097,200Limited Tier 2 Secret
Palm Gem1,0003,0009,00027,00081,000Limited Tier 2 Secret
60M Split7502,2504,5009,00018,000Limited Tier 2 Secret
Star Champion6001,8005,40016,20040,500Mysterious
Dark Soul6001,8005,40016,20048,600Shop Exclusive Tier 3
Alien Tutel4001,2003,60010,80027,000Permanent Tier 3 Secret
Baguette 4001,2003,60010,80032,400Shop Exclusive Tier 1
Egg Overlord3259752,9258,77526,325Limited Tier 2 Secret
King Bunny2758252,4757,42522,275Limited Tier 2 Secret
Palm Island2507502,2506,75020,250Limited Tier 1 Secret
50M Trophy2407202,1606,48019,440Limited Tier 1 Secret
Galactic Gryphon2256752,0256,07515,188Permanent Tier 2 Secret
5M Trophy2251,0134,55620,50361,509Limited Tier 1 Secret
Galaxy Dragon2006001,8005,40016,200Shop Exclusive Tier 2
Easter King2004008001,6003,200Limited Robux
10M Trophy1755251,5754,72514,175Tier 1 Secret
Solar System1514531,3594,07710,193Permanent Tier 2 Secret
50M Creature1503006001,2002,400Limited Robux
King Star1503006001,2003,000Permanent Robux
Water Monster1503006001,2003,000Permanent Robux
Magma King1503006001,2003,000Permanent Robux
60M Trophy1354051,2153,64510,935Limited Tier 1 Secret
Easter Immortal 1252505001,0002,000Limited Robux
60M Star1252505001,0002,000Limited Robux
50M King1003009002,7008,100Limited Mythic
Easter Star1003009002,7008,100Limited Mythic
Alien Creature912738192,4576,143Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Cerberus792377112,1335,333Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Mars Lord752256752,0255,063Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Happy Sun752256752,0256,075Shop Exclusive Tier 1
Prismatic Pyramid702106301,8904,725Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Easter Creature702106301,8905,670Limited Tier 1 Secret
50M Defender701402805601,120Limited Robux
Flower Guardian701402106305,670Season 1 Premium Pass
Spring Immortal551101654954,455Season 1 Premium Pass
60M Trio50100200400800Limited Robux
King Dragon4590180360900Permanent Robux
Water Dragon4590180360900Permanent Robux
Magma Star4590180360900Permanent Robux
Egg King45901354053,645Easter Premium Pass
Eternal Egg351053159452,835Limited Tier 1 Secret
Spring Dragon35701053152,835Season 1 Premium Pass
Egg Shard3060902702,430Easter Premium Pass
Ice Overlord3060902702,430Season 2 Premium Pass
Steampunk Jellyfish26782347021,755Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Magic Creature20601805401,350Permanent Tier 2 Secret
King Hexagon204080160400Permanent Robux
Water Shard204080160400Permanent Robux
Magma Monster204080160400Permanent Robux
Volcano Overlord2040601801,620Season 2 Premium Pass
Zombie Tutel18541624861,215Permanent Tier 2 Secret
5M Overlord18541624861,458Limited Mythic
Alien Hexagon15451354051,013Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Easter Hexagon1530451351,215Easter Premium Pass
Fire Golem1530451351,215Season 2 Premium Pass
Void God1339117351878Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Mars Heart1339117351878Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Nuclear Lord113399297743Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Sun King113399297743Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Glitched King11223399891Season 3 Premium Pass
Huge Robot103090270675Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Divine Harp103090270675Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Devil103090270675Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Crystal Master92781243608Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Crystal Gem92781243608Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Gear Immortal92781243608Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Reaper Immortal82472216540Permanent Tier 1 Secret
10M Immortal82472216648Limited Mythic
Spring Soul8162472648Season 1 Pass
Void King72163189473Permanent Tier 1 Secret
5M Dragon61854162486Limited Legendary
Glitched Dragon6121854486Season 3 Premium Pass
Nuclear Overlord51545135338Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Flower Spirit5101545405Season 1 Pass
Elemental Split5101545405Season 2 Pass
Surf Turtle51545135405Limited Mythic
Heaven Soul41236108270Permanent Tier 1 Secret
10M Hexagon41236108324Limited Mythic
60M Gift41236108324Mythic
Coco Overlord41236108324Limited Mythic
Galaxy Hexagon392781203Permanent Tier 2 Secret
50M Split392781243Limited Mythic
Spring Bunny36927243Season 1 Pass
Elemental Spirit36927243Season 2 Pass
Glitched TV36927243Season 3 Premium Pass
60M Ninja39183672Mythic
Alien Immortal261852154Mythic
Magic Shard261854135Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Chocolate Dragon261854162Limited Legendary
Glitched Hexagon24618162Season 3 Pass
Glitched Guardian24618162Season 3 Pass
Parrot261854162Summer 2022 Premium Pass
Crimson Skull1272256Mythic
Phoenix1392768Permanent Tier 2 Secret
Cyber Immortal1392768Permanent Tier 1 Secret
50M Heart1392781Limited Mythic
Easter Dragon1392781Limited Mythic
Easter Split1392781Limited Mythic
Mars Warrior1261844Mythic
Shadow Dragon1251434Exclusive
Easter Basket1272163Exclusive
Fire Rock123981Season 2 Pass
Glitched Pixel123981Season 3 Pass
Panda1251441Summer 2022 Pass
Sand Overlord00011Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Snow Overlord00011Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Lava Immortal00126Permanent Tier 1 Secret
Planet King012718Permanent Tier 1 Secret
50M Monster00138Limited Legendary
Immortal Carrot00138Limited Legendary
King Crab00000Mythic
Sea Monster00000Mythic
Desert Monster00000Mythic
Ice Dragon00000Mythic
Lava Overlord00000Mythic
Star Overlord00001Mythic
Cyber Dragon00001Mythic
Magic Immortal00001Mythic
Angel Overlord00001Mythic
Nuclear Dragon00013Mythic
Void Overlord00124Mythic
Bone Overlord00126Mythic
Crystal Overlord00149Mythic
Steampunk Overlord012513Mythic
Hell Overlord013820Mythic
Space Guardian0141230Mythic
Egg Cube00014Easter Pass
Carrot001412Easter Pass
Egg Dragon0141236Easter Pass
Puzonik00000Twitter Code
Roblerom00000Twitter Code
Fmakju00000Twitter Code
Pedro00000Twitter Code
Holix00000Twitter Code
Roksek00000Twitter Code
Tedy00000Twitter Code
60M Guardian012516Limited Legendary
60M Hydra013824Limited Legendary
Coco Warrior012516Limited Legendary
Surf Shark012516Limited Legendary

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Krzysztof Karasek

Saturday 10th of December 2022

where is the pumpkin shard


Saturday 26th of November 2022

I have a bunch of 60M birthday cakes idk the value can anyone help me out? P.S my use is Guardianangle502 but my display is Gezzer


Thursday 24th of November 2022

Whats the ancient warrior worth?


Saturday 12th of November 2022

new 90m trophi i 90m divine crystal

Joe Obama

Wednesday 5th of October 2022

can u add the value list of the saturn core please?