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takt op. Symphony Shop Guide

Here’s a complete takt op. Symphony Shop guide. Learn everything you need to know to become an expert shopper in takt op!

Special thanks to Yukkiko on the official Discord for creating this guide!

takt op. Symphony Shop Guide

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takt op. Symphony Shop Guide

First, it’s important to know that the Shop is divided into two Sections. One is the cash shop (real money), and the other is for in-game Currency. The Shop for the In-game Currency is called the Regular Shop.

The Cash Shop

Let’s go over the Cash shop first. If you are planning to play this game on the global launch, I would recommend you buy the Powerful Companions pass (monthly) for real cash.

You won’t find something with better value than that. If you can’t spend any money on the game, don’t forget to use takt op Symphony codes for some freebies.

The Regular Shop

This is where you can spend your in-game currency. It is divided into 9 shops… yes 9.

Cultivation Shop

Here you can buy Upgrade Mats for Note Coins. Right now, we swim in them, so I would recommend buying the stuff from it daily. (should it change and we don’t swim in Note Coins, I will edit this section.)

Consonance Shop

Here you can buy Gifts for your Musicarts. You won’t have many of them at the start because they drop mainly from Expedition, and Expedition is unlocked with level 20. With Gifts, you can enhance the Bond with your Musicart.

Tea Break Shop

Here you can buy mats to make Drinks. You will need Drinks to enhance the Bond with your Musicart. Same as above, you need Consonance Coins, and at the start of the game, you won’t have many of them.

Record Shop

Here you can buy the Music of your favorite Waifu to play in the Jukebox. It costs Consonance Coins as well, so you should ignore this shop at the start and only buy from it when you swim in Consonance Coins.

Sr Memory Shop

Here you can buy SR Memory’s (Gear) for Normal Memory Currency.

SSR Memory Shop

Here you can buy SSR Memory’s (Gear) for Rare Memory Currency.

Musicarts Notes Shop

Here you can buy Dupe mats ( the same that you will get when you pull a dupe) with Notes. How do you get Notes? It is easy. When you pull a dupe, you get a certain amount of Character Specific Notes from the Character you pulled and normal Notes. The Normal Nodes can you use them to buy Notes of a specific Character.

Echomond Exchange

You can use 150 Echomond to buy 1 Friendship Score. Translated, does that mean you use 150 Crystals to buy 1 Gacha pull. Pretty useless because you can do the same when you pull on the Banner. So the shop currently has no reason to exist.

Harmony Exchange

You can buy Concerto Reformer with Inspiration Soundwave. You need Concerto Reformer to reset the attributes of a Soundcore randomly.

takt op. Symphony is available to play for free on the App Store, and Google Play.