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Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of shops and currencies. This Tower of Fantasy shop guide will cover everything you need to know about shops in the game.

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Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

Tower of Fantasy is the latest game in the world of MMORPGs. The game allows you to earn different types of currencies, some of which are exclusive to stores. However, the standard currency in the game is Gold.

Tower of Fantasy has several shops, all selling a variety of items such as cooking ingredients, weapons, and such. These are available in essentially a market in the game, called the Commissary. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about these shops.

What Is The Commissary? 

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

The commissary is essentially a market, comprising six shops. All of these shops sell different items. Namely, these are:

  • Weapons Shop
  • Crystal Dust Shop
  • Support Shop
  • Points Shop
  • Matrix Shop
  • Crew Shop

Weapon Shop

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

As you can tell from the name, the weapon shop deals in weapons and items related to it. The main form of currency used in this shop is called Black Gold. 

Purchases vary for each weapon item as some can only be bought to a certain limit. After that, the buying limit for that item will be capped. To purchase again, you will have to wait a certain number of days, until the cap is reset. 

Crystal Dust Shop

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

The Crystal Dust Store can be used to buy Relic Shards. However, this store can be unlocked only after you have reached level 20 of the game.

The currency used in this store is called Energy Crystal Dust. To give you a picture, there are essentially two kinds of crystal dust. These are the blue energy crystal dust and the purple variants. 

To get crystals, you can spend vitality in spacetime domain, omnium beacon, dimension trials, and interstellar exploration. 

Support Shop

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

The support shop can essentially be used to buy Gold and Black Nucleus. 

The main form of currency in this shop is called Support Points which can be essentially earned using Team Support System by participating in group dungeons.

There is a catch, however. Support points have a cap of 1500 per week so you can not get more than that. After the week, the cap resets.

Points Shop

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

The points shop can be used to buy special items by redeeming training points. 

Training points are primarily earned by taking part in adventures, challenges, and training grants. 

We suggest spending the points on blue gifts. 

Matrix Shop

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

The matrix shop sells matrices for weapons. You can use these to boost your weapon stats. 

The main form of currency in the Matrix Shop is called Base Chip. These are quite rare to come by so we suggest spending them wisely. 

One way to earn Base Chip is by buying matrices in special orders. 

Crew Shop

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

This shop works a bit differently from the rest. You can either buy items or exchange them with Crew Points. To buy items from the Crew Shop, you need merit points. 

These can only be earned by being part of a crew and actively taking part in activities involving a crew. 

The Crew Shop sells expensive items and not all of them are worth buying. We suggest you go for Potent Omnium Crystal.

What Currencies are in the Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide

Essentially there are 13 currencies, all of which are made for a different purposes. These are:

  • Gold Black Nucleus
  • Gold Nucleus 
  • Red Nucleus
  • Dark Crystal
  • Tanium 
  • Black Gold
  • Flame Gold
  • Merit
  • Training Points 
  • Energy Crystal Dust
  • Support Points
  • Return Support Points


In this guide where we discussed all six shops in the Commissary. Along with this, we also mentioned the currencies used in each shop. 

Some currencies are comparatively rarer than others due to which it is important to not waste them on unnecessary items. That brings us to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading. 

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded for free on PC from the official ToF website