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Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s Guide

In our Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide, we’ll be going through character roles, combat, food, PvP, questing, mimics, and so much more. Let’s get started!

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Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Towers of Fantasy is a free-to-play, open-world action RPG set in gorgeous post-apocalyptic Aida. Since its release back in August, the game has been making daily headlines. Like most MMORPGs, starting it can be daunting due to the vast variety of decisions and options to choose from. 

In this guide, we’ll be going through character roles, combat, food, PvP, questing, mimics, and so much more. So without further ado, let’s jump on the bandwagon!

Character Roles

Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Tower of Fantasy offers a myriad of customization options to spice up your Wanderer’s look. If you already have a character from a previous run-through, you can pull up their preset from the bottom right.

An important thing to note here is your character’s gender. Be careful when choosing your gender as you cannot change it later. However, you can change your appearance later, but it will cost 100 dark crystals. 

Similarly, choose your character wisely. You can only go through one character in one full run, and switching characters means starting their progress separately. However, later on, you can collect far rarer and more powerful characters, with unique ultimates, passives, and skills!


Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Tower of Fantasy features a revolutionary RPG combat system. Each Wanderer has their own special set of skills and attacks, and so does each weapon. 

Essentially, they consist of four types, which are normal attacks, dodge attacks, skill attacks, and discharge attacks. 

Likewise, there are four different damage types with their unique effects. These include Grievous, Fire, Lightning, and Ice.


Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

There are 12 weapon types ranging from scythes to cubes, each having unique strengths and weaknesses.

There are three weapon rarities. R in blue, SR in purple, and SSR in orange. 

SSR is the rarest weapon rarity, yielding the highest Attack Power, flashy combos, and powerful ultimate skills. The better the weapon rarity, the better the weapon.


Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Food is a vital game mechanic in Tower of Fantasy, allowing your Wanderer to level up and use their abilities in fights. 

It can increase stamina, heal HP, increase damage output and upgrade damage resistance. 

Gaining 10% HP consumes one Hunger Point. Essentially, these points increment every 5 minutes. Therefore, consume food to remediate Hunger Points.


Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Ah, the fun stuff. PvP in Tower of Fantasy is chaotic, fun, and highly addicting. There are three game modes to choose from:

  • Apex League, a 1v1 Ranked game mode where each player has two lives 
  • Duels, a 2v2 game mode where each team is confined within a zone
  • Break Fate, a battle royale mode

PvP is skill-based in Tower of Fantasy, meaning you will only be paired up with opponents at your level. Additionally, all weapons and characters are maxed out for PvP to flatten the equipment gap, but no Mimics or Advancements are allowed. The healing rate is halved by 50%.

Rewards in Tower of Fantasy are given according to rank: the higher your rank, the better the rewards. Play PvP to earn up to 500 dark crystals!


Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Quests in ToF can be completed for different rewards and boasting rights.

In essence, there are three types of quests in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Daily Quests, offering quick and easy rewards for daily grinds
  • Weekly Quests, which are harder and offer far greater rewards
  • Seasonal Quests, with the greatest rewards and the greatest difficulty

Quests also have unique levels, going from C to S. The higher the quest level, the greater the rewards and the quest difficulty. 

Grind Quests to gain equipment and XP; advance quickly within Aida and secure a place at the top of the leaderboards!


Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Mimics are Tower of Fantasy’s unique character system. They assist your character in damage output and make fights far more efficient. 

You can level them, upgrade them, change their rarity – from SR to SSR – and switch to the mimic themselves. 

These mimics have special abilities of their own and evolve to become more powerful as a fight goes on, becoming very aesthetically pleasing and destructive beyond your wildest imaginations.


Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide

Upgrades in Tower of Fantasy can happen in three ways: 

Either you can spend Gold to Enhance your weapon directly. This is the primary method since Gold is the standard currency and therefore easier to get.

Secondly, you can augment your weapon once you’ve reached the enhancement cap. To Augment your weapon, you will need the correct core type for the weapon according to the weapon’s damage type.

Finally, you can also gain Ascension Advancements for your weapon over six levels. Find Fusion Cores to unlock its full potential!


Now that you have a solid understanding of how Tower of Fantasy works, you should start by completing all main Quests, grinding for dark crystals, and finishing all Daily Quests every day.

Try out all the weapon types, damage types, and characters to see which one fits you best. Use your jetpack well, and time your dodges to freeze time itself. Practice, and increase your weapon and character proficiency. In a game like Tower of Fantasy, it takes a while to learn the characters! 

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded for free on PC from the official ToF website