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Vampire Survivors Normal Stage Guide

Here’s our Vampire Survivors normal stage guide. All you need to know about the five normal stages in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: Normal Stage Guide

Stages are the different locations you can choose from to play in. There are five normal stages and a handful of bonus and challenge stages. Your goal, no matter the stage, is to survive until the 30-minute mark – after which, a boss will dispatch you and you will receive an additional 500 gold.

Each stage applies modifiers to certain player and enemy stats. Modifiers can affect the player’s movement speed, projectile speed, gold gain, and Luck, as well as the speed, health, and an overall number of enemies.

Each stage also has certain stage items that spawn at the beginning of your run. For example, you can find a Clover or Spinach in the Mad Forest on the ground rather than having to pick it up during a level-up.

Finally, different stages have different map events. These events spawn special enemies which attack in a certain pattern. The Bat Swarm map event from the Mad Forest, for example, spawns 50 small bats that sweep in a straight line across the map.

Game Modes

All stages have two toggleable modes: Hyper and Hurry Mode.

Hyper mode alters some stage modifiers. It increases the movement speed of both the player and of the enemies, the projectile speed of weapons, and the number of enemies that spawn at once. Hyper mode can be unlocked by defeating special bosses in each map.

In Hurry Mode, the clock will move at double the speed, so you’ll only need to survive for 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes to secure a stage completion. Hurry Mode is functionally the same as a normal run and all time-based events occur at their usual timestamps in the in-game timer. To unlock Hurry Mode, you must first find the Sorceress’ Tears relic in the Gallo Tower.

List of Normal Stages

  • Mad Forest
  • Inlaid Library
  • Dairy Plant
  • Gallo Tower
  • Cappella Magna

Mad Forest

The first stage of Vampire survivors is free and unlocked from the start.

The Mad Forest is a fairly difficult level even though it’s the starting one. It’s an open area and enemies may spawn from any direction. This means you have to be wary of every direction and plan your movement accordingly.

There are several tricky map events in the Mad Forest. Occasionally, Bat Swarms will spawn and target the player. The bats have low health but high numbers, and with enough damage, you can cull the hoard. Another dangerous event is the Flower Wall. During this event, 100 flowers will spawn in an elliptical shape around the player and begin to close in on their location. They have high health and it can be difficult to penetrate the wall.

You can unlock the character Pugnala Provola by finding her coffin in the Mad Forest.

You can find the following Stage Items: Clover, Pummarola, Hollow Heart, Spinach, Skull O’Maniac.

Inlaid Library

The second stage of Vampire Survivors is unlocked by reaching level 20 in the Mad Forest.

The Inlaid Library is walled to the North and South, so enemies will only spawn to the East and West. This makes movement much easier.

There are several dangerous map events in the Library. Red Shades frequently spawn and chase the player at high speed, self-destructing after a short-timer. When you see them, be sure to start moving in the opposite direction immediately. Skull Swarms and Medusa Swarms can also occur and are very similar to Bat Swarms from the Mad Forest. All you need to do is cut through them with raw damage.

You can unlock the character Giovanna Grana by finding her coffin in the Inlaid Library.

You can find the following Stage Items: Empty Tome, Stone Mask.

Dairy Plant

The third stage of Vampire Survivors is unlocked by reaching level 60 in the Inlaid Library.

The Dairy Plant is a much harder challenge than the previous two maps. Movement in this map is restricted by large barriers in the forms of buildings, traps on the ground, and enemies which, once again, are able to spawn from any direction.

Unsurprisingly, the Plant has the largest amount of possible map events, which can occur even before minute one. The Stalker event spawns a Green Reaper that menacingly follows the player around for two minutes. While the Green Reaper is most likely to spawn at minute 12 or 8, it has a 1% chance to spawn at the beginning of the game as well

You can unlock the character Poppea Pecorina by finding her coffin in the Dairy Plant.

You can find the following Stage Items: Attractorb, Armor, Wings, and Candelabrador.

Gallo Tower

The fourth stage of Vampire Survivors is unlocked by reaching level 40 in the Dairy Plant.

Gallo Tower is a mix between the Dairy Plant and the Library. Like the Plant, this is a very challenging stage with numerous traps and projectiles to avoid. Like the Library, it is walled, and enemies can only spawn from two directions – North or South.

The Gallo Tower has a large number of unique enemies, including 14 bosses, and powerful map events. At the 25th minute mark, the Giant Enemy Crab boss will appear. This boss drops a special Treasure Chest that can evolve up to five weapons at once. The Giant Crab is more difficult than any previously encountered boss and has two pincers that need to be destroyed before it can be killed.

You can unlock the character Concetta Caciotta by finding her coffin in the Gallo Tower.

You can find the following Stage Items: Spellbinder, Bracer.

Cappella Magna

The fifth and final normal stage of Vampire Survivors is unlocked by completing the Lunar Eclipse event in Moongolow. To access Moongolow, you must first unlock Hyper Mode for the other four normal stages.

As expected, Cappella Magna is the most difficult map in the game. It features a staggering 41 unique enemies.

Like in the Dairy Plant, there’s a small chance for a Yellow Reaper – The Maddener – to appear at the beginning of the game and follow the player. Other Reapers spawn at various points during the run as well. All of the Reapers are difficult to deal with and, left unchecked, will almost certainly lead to your downfall.

You can unlock the character Zi’Assunta Belpaese by finding her coffin in the Cappella Magna.

You can find the following Stage Items: Tiragisú, Duplicator, Crown

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Vampire Survivors is available to play on Steam.