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Ultimate Football Guide Wiki Roblox

Ultimate Football is a game that can be difficult to master, but with the right guidance, anyone can become a skilled player. This Ultimate Football guide will provide tips and tricks to help players improve their skills in the game.

Ultimate Football Guide Wiki Roblox

We will cover various aspects, including kicking and playing as a wide receiver, quarterback, defense, cornerback, or rusher.

Ultimate Football Guide

Ultimate Football is a 6v6 game that can be played on regular public servers or in park mode, where players can participate in 4v4s, 3v3s, and 2v2s.

To start, it is important to learn the basics of the game by going through the tutorial mode and reading what it says. This will help players understand the different concepts involved in the game. You can also redeem Ultimate Football codes for in-game freebies.


Kicking in Ultimate Football is easy and can be practiced through the tutorial. To kick, players have to click once to start the wheel and then click again to get the arrow at the center of the white arrows. It is important to time the accuracy wheel because the white arrows move on the accuracy wheel, making it harder to get the arrow into the white arrows.

Playing as a Wide Receiver

Being a wide receiver is an important job and can be the difference between a touchdown and an interception. To start learning how to time a football in this game, it is suggested to go to the park or trade hub and practice timing at the loud machines. Timing is very important, as missing a wide-open pass will cause less trust between the receiver and the quarterback.

The timing won’t be the same for every pass, and being a receiver is more demanding than most would think. However, it is recommended to keep practicing and, if possible, practice with friends in public servers or park mode. Caring too much about the record is not recommended as long as the players have fun.

Playing as a Quarterback

The quarterback plays a vital role in the team’s success. The quarterback’s primary responsibility is to throw the ball to the wide receiver, aiming ahead of them to avoid interceptions. However, being a quarterback requires patience and the ability to rate the defense. Throwing the ball where the receiver is instead of where they will be will likely lead to an interception, and quarterbacks do not get to make a lot of mistakes. Therefore, it is hard to get voted QB when one is not well-known in the community or does not have good stats or global things of that nature.

To become a better quarterback, one must learn the powers, which takes time and practice. The best tip for quarterbacks is to aim ahead of the receiver. Learning the powers can be done by going to the QB Gauntlet in the trade hub and practicing there for a few minutes daily to freshen up one’s skills.

Playing as a Cornerback

As the tutorial in-game suggests, playing cornerback is one of the hardest concepts in the game.

Playing cornerback requires the offense to make a mistake, whether a bad lob or a slant and then take advantage of that mistake. The most underrated advice for playing defense is not to let the receiver cut outside you. Keeping the receiver inside is crucial because, most of the time, allowing the receiver to cut outside leads to the offense getting a free completion touchdown or first down.

Playing as a Rusher

Playing as a rusher in Ultimate Football can be a rewarding experience. Rushers’ main job is to pressure the quarterback into making bad throws or tackle them behind the line of scrimmage. Unlike playing as a cornerback, rushers do not lose experience points for their overall rating.

To be successful as a rusher, players must learn stamina control. Rushers have the advantage of not waiting for the offense to make a mistake. They can actively seek out and pressure the quarterback.

And that was our Ultimate Football guide. Hopefully, you’ve learned more about the game and can start increasing your OVR!