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The Innocence Osiris Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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The Innocence Osiris

The Innocence Osiris Profile

  • Aether Gazer Tier List Rank: A
  • Element: Physical
  • Resource: Trace
  • Gen-zone: Nile

The most popular corrector in the headquarters is affectionately called “Little Osiris” by everyone. After discovering the troubles of her companions, she will do his best to send help quietly, and always put her companions’ affairs first.

  • Height: 143cm
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Birthday: November 9
  • Likes: Beautiful clothing, hand-woven

The Innocence Osiris Build

She is the best in terms of damage and consistency in all the A-rank modifiers. Even without her signature functor, she still performs well. For newcomers, we recommend using her.

We also recommend getting her signature functor (gaining All the Aether code node three effects), greatly increasing her abilities.

When she is on auto without Mimtastic (the pink cat), we recommend using the 1st and 2nd Red Aether codes. Otherwise, she will die easily in higher-difficulty content.

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The Innocence Osiris Best Aether Codes

  • No signature functor: Road to the Underworld – Spellchant
  • Boss: 2 Blue 1 Red Aether code
  • With signature functor: 2 Red 1 Blue build

The Innocence Osiris Best Team

Nile Team:

Main Carry:

The Innocence Osiris Best Sigils

Mythic Warriors
Positions: 1,3,5

Moon Drifter
Positions: 2,4,6

The Innocence Osiris Skills

Basic – Hell Slash

  • Continuously swing scythe at enemies (5 phases), dealing 196% (Max: 344.1%) Physical DMG.

Skill 1 – Forbidden Blade 11s CD

  • Chop with scythe, dealing 160% (Max: 319.9%) Physical DMG. When Skill is in CD, able to consume HP to release a strengthened version of this Skill once.
  • Strengthening: deal DMG to self equal to 15% of max HP, DMG of this Skill increase by 70%.
  • Trace: Gain 1 Trace

Skill 2 – Scythe-erang 12s CD

  • Lock on to target and throws scythe, dealing 200% (Max: 399.9%) Physical DMG.
  • Trace: Gain 1 Trace

Skill 3 – Judgment Scythe 16s CD 4 Trace

  • Can only be used with 4 Trace.
  • Locks on to target and releases a powerful slash, dealing 400% (Max: 799.9%) Physical DMG. If attack defeats enemies, recover 20% HP for self.

Dodge Skill – Styx Ripples

  • Dodge effect: Enter Zero Time for 2 seconds.

Ultimate – Soul Spiral Dance 20s CD

  • Throws scythe and deal 600% (Max: 1209.7%) Physical DMG in 12 hits. Every hit that lands recovers HP equal to 20% of self ATK.
  • Gain a certain amount of Ultimate charge when self or teammates take DMG.

Ultimate Skillchain – Of Same Heart A Osiris B Verthandi

Characters: A Osiris & B Verthandi

  • Deal 600% + (15.38% x A Osiris’s Ultimate Skill level) Physical DMG, 600% + (15.38% x B Vethandi’s Ultimate Skill level) Physical DMG.
  • This Ultimate Skillchain’s Modifier Points is increased by 200%, and recovers 25% of A Osiris’s ATK as HP to the team.

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The Innocence Osiris Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

Ruler of Duat

  • Sah: S3 lowers enemies’ Wind RES by 10% for 8 seconds; while in Underworld Judgement, lower by 20% instead.
  • Sacred Cist: S1 will inflict Weaken on enemies, lowering their ATK by 10% for 8 seconds; while in Underworld Judgement, lower by 20% instead.
  • Mummification: S2 will stack a DMG taken debuff on the enemy with every hit, only triggering every 0.3 seconds, and stacking 3% each time. Recasting S2 will reset this effect; while in Underworld Judgement, it becomes 6% per stack instead. (This debuff only affects S2’s DMG.)

Road to the Underworld

  • Punishment: During the battle, the CD of S3 decreases by 11 seconds.
  • Blade of Evil: When S3 lands on an enemy, recover 10% HP.
  • Spellchant: Third and fourth sequence of Basic attack strengthens S1. Strengthening: S1 is able to suck in enemies in a small area, and additionally gain 2 Trace.

Eternal Judgment

  • Soulsong: S1 Modified Mode meter gain increased by 100%.
  • Powerful Words: During Modified Mode, the more HP enemies have left, the more DMG self-deals. This effect has a maximum of 80%, removed upon exit of Modified Mode.
  • Netherlight: When releasing S2, able to immediately activate S1, and strengthens S1. Strengthening: S1 will lower enemy physical resistance by 40% for 3 seconds. This effect does not stack.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.