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Best 1.17 Texture Packs In Minecraft 2024 (June)

There are a lot of texture packs to choose from in 1.17. Need to know which texture pack is the best for you? Here are the best 1.17 texture packs in Minecraft. This also includes 1.17.1 texture packs, which are essentially the same thing.

Best 1.17 Texture Packs In Minecraft 

The modding community has been the crowning jewel for the PC master race for a long time. Several games have received some fantastic mods over the years, and Minecraft is one of those games. Texture packs are an incredible way to give your newly built Minecraft world a distinct look. In version 1.17, there are several different texture packs that you can choose from depending on how you want your world to look. 

Your texture pack choice ultimately depends on personal preference and what kind of textures appeal to you. If you like more vibrant colors, there’s a pack for you. If you want sharp textures, there’s a different texture pack. Either way, it can get tedious looking for a suitable texture pack. So, we took the liberty to compile a list for you. 

In this article, we’re going to go through the best 1.17 texture packs in Minecraft alongside the reasons why we picked them in the first place. 

Best 1.17 Texture Packs In Minecraft

  • Epic Adventures 
  • Faithful
  • Bloom
  • Misa’s Realistic
  • Good Vibes 
  • Mythic
  • Jolicraft 
  • Quadral
  • Bytecraft
  • LB photo realism reload 
  • Sapixcraft
  • Wanderlust
  • Ichigo PvP texture pack
  • Ultra FPS booster texture pack

1.) Epic Adventures 

Epic Adventures is an excellent 32x resolution resource pack that stays true to the original pixelated art design of Minecraft while also adding new and refined visuals. It only adds to the original art style of the game by introducing a touch of realism to in-game entities. Any in-game objects won’t look any different in their appearance, but they will look more realistic. 

As far as performance is concerned, this 1.17 texture pack will be of little hindrance. The game will run just as smoothly as it was running before. 

2.) Faithful

Faithful is another 32×32 resolution resource pack that earned popularity by staying true to Minecraft’s art design. It fixes the sharp edges on the blocks, enemies, and other objects to give the game an all-around, cleaner look. The Faithful texture pack adds a touch more detail to every block on your screen.

The Faithful texture pack doesn’t make significant changes to the game’s look but it’s just enough for you to notice. Faithful is also one of the longest-running packs in the game 

3.) Bloom

If you are someone who is into more of a cartoony art style, then this 16x pack is for you. It makes the colors of the game more vibrant and shiny. The objects don’t look that different, but they give off a distinct vibe due to their cartoony art style. 

Bloom does an excellent job of looking very Minecraft-like but still being different enough to stand out. Bloom fresh new art style might just be the missing piece in your Minecraft experience.

4.) Misa’s Realistic

If you are not accustomed to the vanilla art style of Minecraft, Misa’s realistic texture pack might be for you. It is a 64x resolution texture pack that focuses on high-resolution textures and provides a realistic look to your Minecraft world. It also is one of the first texture packs released for Minecraft, how cool!

Another difference is that this texture pack adopts a slightly darker tone, allowing for a more atmospheric experience. The performance more or less remains the same after installing the resource pack, which makes installing the pack a lot more worthwhile. 

5.) Good Vibes

If there were a visual representation of sitting next to the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate on a cold, snowy night, it would be the Good vibes Texture pack. It replaces the dull colors with a bright, cozy color palette that is easy on the eye. 

The differences between the vanilla textures and the good vibes texture pack are striking. You will straight away notice the cheerful look of the pack. It might not be for everyone, but it is worth checking out for its good vibes (pun intended). 

6.) Mythic

Are you someone who doesn’t like the feel-good aesthetic of good vibes? Well, Mythic offers the complete opposite of that. Other texture packs offer a darker and grimmer tone, but none of them gets close to Mythic.

Not only does Mythic make the environments more dark and grim, but it also affects mobs. Making them a lot scarier to fight than usual. So, if you are looking for a much darker Minecraft experience, you should try Mythic. 

7.) Jolicraft

Jolicraft is a fan favorite texture pack. It has its personality and it never shy’s away from that. It tries to showcase more natural colors of every in-game object. It’s a 16x resolution pack which means that it doesn’t enhance any visuals, but its bold color palette makes it stand out.

8.) Quadral

Quadral is another texture pack that doesn’t drift too far away from the original art style. It provides a much softer look to different textures. They look gentler and refreshing if you have been playing the game without any texture packs. 

The colors are also made to be much more vibrant so that it feels like a complete visual refresh. Quadral is also a 16x resolution texture, but it still provides significant differences in tone and style. 

9.) Bytecraft

Bytecraft is our only 8x resolution texture pack on the list, but it still does an incredible job of maintaining the visual identity of Minecraft. Each structure and landscape looks immediately recognizable but also has its own identity. The detail achieved on half of the standard resolution is significant. 

The other tremendous upside to this texture is that it allows you to run Minecraft on a very low-end device without compromising the game’s looks or aesthetics.

10.) LB Photo Realism Reload

LB photo realism reload ramps up the resolution to an excellent 128x while also staying very close to the true essence of Minecraft. It just takes the vanilla art designs and bumps up the resolution. You can still recognize that it’s Minecraft, but it’s just more beautiful. 

So, if you want to give your newly built world a complete makeover, you don’t need to look too far away from the LB photo realism reload texture pack. It’s an absolute must-have 1.17 texture pack.

11.) Sapixcraft

Sapixcraft has resolutions ranging from the normal 16x to a maximum of 512x. Even at 512x, Sapixcraft adopts that cartoony style while making everything much more colorful and vibrant. The resolution bump obviously improves the textures as well and gives them a nice clean look. 

The cleaner look allows you to distinguish between blocks and other objects easily. This 1.17 texture pack is a must-have if you are looking for a much more clean-looking Minecraft experience. 

12.) Wanderlust

Wanderlust is one of the few 1.17 texture packs that completely modifies every texture in the game. More vibrant colors and sharper visuals replace everything. The sharper visuals come from the resolution bump from 16x to 32x. 

Wanderlust is another fantastic texture pack that gives off a completely new look while also staying faithful to the original art design of Minecraft. 

Best Minecraft 1.17 PvP Texture Pack 

Ichigo texture pack is used explicitly for PvP. It is instantly recognizable as it gives the game a crimson red theme and remodels the blocks and some other items. During PvP games modes, it helps give them a distinct identity and makes them look different from the original Minecraft theme. 

This texture pack also has a wide range of resolutions to choose from. It starts from 16x and ranges all the way up to 128x. 

Best Minecraft 1.17 FPS Texture Pack

Now, this 1.17 texture pack is going to be a godsend for owners of very low-end machines that just want to run Minecraft. This texture pack reduces the resolution to 1x.

You will definitely need some time to get used to this pack, but the results are absolutely massive. Ultra FPS booster allows you to run Minecraft on almost any PC in the world. No matter how low-end it is, on a significantly high frame rate. 


Texture packs have always been a massive part of the Minecraft ecosystem. 1.17 texture packs are no different. Some of these texture packs have returned from earlier updates as well. All that said, these texture packs will surely enhance your playing experience in Minecraft. 

The 1.17 texture packs you use depend upon how you want your world to look and how you want your game to run. Every Minecraft player will have their own choice regarding what their favorite 1.17 texture packs are. Do you want to escape the pixelated world of Minecraft and jump into a delusion of photo realism? Or do you just want your game to run on a low-end computer at high framerates? All of it depends upon you. 

This is our list, and we recognize that we have had to leave out a lot of perfect packs for the sake of this piece. Know of any other 1.17 texture packs that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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