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Best Food in Minecraft 2023 (December)

Today we’ll show you the best food in Minecraft!

In the Minecraft world, Food refers to any consumable items that restore Hunger and Hunger Saturation points, with them sometimes being able to cause status effects as well. Food items are crucial for the survival of your character, and if you don’t consume them, you’ll die from starvation. Food is consumed by holding the “use item” while having it selected in the hot bar or in the off-hand.

Best Food in Minecraft

All of the food items can be stacked in the inventory slots, except for the milk, rabbit stew, mushroom stew, beetroot soup, suspicious stew, and cake. There are two major components here that you need to know about: hunger and saturation. The first one is visible, while the second one is the first statistic to decrease when you perform energy-intensive actions.

Also, saturation needs to be completely depleted before the visible hunger meter begins its decreasing process. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to know which food is the best in Minecraft. Therefore, we’ve made this guide for you!

10.) Bread

  • Restores: 2.5 hunger points, 6.0 saturation

Novice-level farmer villagers can sell 6 pieces of bread for one emerald as part of their trades, as this food is very common and easy to be obtained. All you need is Wheat as an ingredient, and you’ll have bread to eat! It restores 6.0 hunger saturation, and villagers can pick up bread items to become willing, which allows them to breed. In order for the villagers to become willing, it requires 3 pieces of bread. Similar to baked potatoes, placing bread into a composter has an 85% chance of raising the compost level by 1.

9.) Beetroot Soup

  • Restores: 3 hunger points, 7.2 saturation

This is an unstackable, common and renewable item that can be obtained by combining beetroot into a bowl. It restores 7.2 saturation, and after eating, the empty bowl remains just like the mushroom stew and rabbit stew. It’s very easy to obtain it and there isn’t any philosophy behind it, therefore not much information is available about this cheap, yet effective food!

8.) Baked Potato

  • Restores: 2.5 hunger points, 6.0 saturation

Baked potatoes are obtained by cooking potatoes in a campfire, smoker, or furnace. They can also be obtained by killing a zombie or one of its variants while they are on fire. However, the drop chance is still affected by looting. It restores little fewer saturation points compared to the above-mentioned foods, 6.0. Also, placing a baked potato into a composter has an 85% chance of raising the compost level by 1, with this process being more efficient than composting with raw potatoes.

7.) Steak

  • Restores: 4 hunger points, 12.8 saturation

Steak is a common, renewable, and stackable food that is obtained from cows or from cooking raw beef. Whenever you kill a cow or a mooshroom, raw beef is dropped. If a cow dies while on fire, steak is dropped instead. Raw beef can be cooked in a furnace, smoker, or campfire, just like any other raw ingredients. Each steak removed from a furnace output slot gives 0.35 experience, while the food itself restores 12.8 hunger saturation. Just like the cooked version of a salmon, it can be used to breed and heal tamed wolves and make them grow up faster by 10% of the remaining time.

6.) Cooked Salmon

  • Restores: 3 hunger points, 9.6 saturation

Cooked salmon can be obtained by cooking the raw edition of this food. It’s very nutritious and you shouldn’t have problems regarding the obtaining process, as it’s also available by trading with fisherman villagers or finding it in buried treasure. While trading, apprentice-level fishermen villagers have around a 50% chance to sell 6 cooked salmon for 6 raw salmon and an emerald. The food provides 9.6 saturation, and it can also be used to feed the wolves only if they are not in full health.

5.) Cooked Porkchop

  • Restores: 4 hunger points, 12.8 saturation

This item can be obtained by cooking the raw version or by trading with butchers. It can drop from pigs and hoglins that die while on fire, as adult ones drop around 1-3 cooked pork chops if killed while on fire. Like the cooked mutton, the maximum amount is increased by 1 per level of Looting. Adult hoglins drop 2-4 cooked porkchop if killed while on fire. They can be cooked in a furnace, smoker, or campfire, as they provide 12.8 hunger saturation too. Cooked pork chops are mostly used to breed and heal tamed wolves, lead them around and make baby tamed wolves grow faster by 10%.

4.) Cooked Mutton

  • Restores: 3 hunger points, 9.6 saturation

This food can be obtained by cooking raw mutton, as it also belongs to the renewable class. It can be stacked up to 64, as it drops mostly from killing adult sheep while on fire. They can drop around 1-2, as the maximum amount is increased by 1 per level of looting. This level goes to 1-5 with Looting III, and it’s worth mentioning that cooked mutton can be obtained by cooking raw mutton in a smoker, furnace, or campfire. Like the golden apple and enchanted version, it provides 9.6 saturation.

3.) Golden Carrot

  • Restores: 3 hunger points, 14.4 saturation

Now we’re onto the second slot of food, which also provides huge amount of saturation in the game, and the first food here is the golden carrot. It’s a renewable one, and master-level farmer villagers have a 50% chance to sell 3 of these vegetables for 3 emeralds in Bedrock Edition. Eating a Golden Carrot will provide 14.4 saturation points, as they are mostly used to tame, breed, grow and heal horses, donkeys, and mules. Apart from these animals, you can use golden carrots to breed and grow rabbits.

2.) Golden Apple

  • Restores: 4 hunger points, 9.6 saturation

We’ve mentioned this fruit above, and it’s a different one compared to the enchanted version. This item bestows beneficial effects when consumed, as it’s classified as a renewable one with a “rare” rarity color. It’s stackable up to 64 items, and it provides Absorption for 2 minutes and Regeneration II for 5 seconds. Just like the Enchanted version of the golden apple, this one also regenerates 9.6 hunger saturation. When you use a golden apple combined with a potion of weakness, you could convert a zombie villager into a regular one, as the fruit itself also helps in improving the chances of taming a horse by 10%.

1.) Enchanted Golden Apple

  • Restores: 4 hunger points, 9.6 saturation

This is a very rare item that is also a non-craftable variant of the golden apple, with the enchanted one having stronger effects. Apart from it restoring 4 hunger points, it provides 9.6 saturation too, and it can be used to improve the chances of taming a horse by 10%. While we’re at the horses, the enchanted apple can speed up the growth of baby horses by 4 minutes. Enchanted Apple provides Absorption IV for 2 minutes, Regeneration level II for 30 seconds, Fire resistance I for 5 minutes, and Resistance I for 5 minutes.

Piglins are attracted to this fruit, and they run toward any enchanted golden apples found on the ground. They tend to inspect it for 6 to 8 seconds before they proceed in putting it in their inventory. It’s very interesting that piglins do not eat this, or any fruit, at all!


We hope that this guide has helped you in choosing the right food for you in Minecraft. Of course, there is a variety of other foods you can choose from, but these are the Top 10 ones or the ones that provide the best nutrition for you.

Some of them could be hard to be obtained, but on the other hand, they provide your character with more saturation and are worth more compared to the low-nutrition ones. Therefore, be sure that you know which ingredients you need to possess in order to obtain these foods!

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