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Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim

Here is our list of the best heavy armor in Skyrim!

Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim

Heavy Armors in Skyrim are extremely strong and can reduce a lot of damage to increase your survivability. For my fellow two-handed weapon users, a good heavy armor can go a long way. If you have heavy armor that has good synergy with your weapon, you can easily destroy anyone standing in your way without breaking a sweat. That is why this guide will take a look at the best heavy armor in Skyrim. 

Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim

After using tons of armors, we came to the conclusion that these are the best heavy armor in Skyrim:

  • Daedric Armor
  • Dragonplate Armor
  • Stalhrim Armor
  • Ebony Armor
  • Nordic Carved Armor

Choosing just one heavy armor out of all of these can be difficult since every player has a different playstyle so you might prefer something else. All 5 of these heavy armor sets have unique effects that will assist you greatly. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in and take a look at the best heavy armor in Skyrim.

1.) Daedric Armor

Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 108
  • How to obtain: Can be dropped after killing Legendary and Revered Dragons. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Dremora Merchant. 

This is widely considered the best heavy armor in Skyrim by the community. After trying it out, I can safely say that it truly is the best heavy armor set due to a number of reasons. The first reason is that it looks superb. Whether that’s the intimidating helmet, the beautifully textured chest piece, or the magnificent shield, this set is extremely aesthetically pleasing. 

This fan-favorite armor will scare your foes due to its evil and eerie nature. If you somehow get lucky – or are dedicated enough to farm for all the parts, you can get an armor rating of 149 with the shield and everything; making it almost impossible for enemies to deal damage to you. 

2.) Dragonplate Armor

Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 102
  • How to obtain: You can craft it or get it from loot drops.

I’m going to be honest, this armor does not look the best visually. However, there are dozens of mods from the community that improves its looks and lightning, so there’s that. Apart from the looks, this armor is possibly the best if it wasn’t for the Daedric Armor. This armor has almost impenetrable defense but due to being extremely difficult to obtain, I do not recommend you to farm it. 

If you truly are dedicated, you’ll farm for its parts for hours and hours but the end result is absolutely worth it. 

3.) Stalhrim Armor

Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 102
  • How to obtain: It is part of the Dragonborn DLC and it can be purchased from either Glover Mallory or Halbarn Iron-Fur.

This is one of the best heavy armor sets in Skyrim. Although, it is quite underrated since most players do not discuss it. Before you can craft it, you will need to do the  “A New Source of Stalhrim” quest after which you are able to craft this armor if you please. Otherwise, you can simply purchase it from either Glover Mallory or Halbarn Iron-Fur.

On top of that, the defensive rating is quite decent all things considered. Plus, it is lightweight when you take into account that this is a heavy armor set. That means that you can equip the entire set without being over-encumbered. 

Apart from the stats, the horns on the helmet are a nice touch that reminds me of the ancient Nordic armors. The shield also looks quite nice when holding it with the rest of the armor set. 

4.) Ebony Armor

Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 96
  • How to obtain: Drops from the Ebony Warrior. Alternatively, you can get it from merchants after reaching level 33.

First things first, I love this armor when it comes to plain looks. This is one of the best-looking heavy armor sets in Skyrim. Considering its weight, this armor set offers you insane stats without any risk or drawbacks. If you get the entire Ebony armor set, you can potentially reach an armor rating of 128 – which is insane when you think about it.

However, the only drawback I can think of for this armor is that you’ll have to farm for its parts. If you’re lucky, you’ll get its parts in quick succession. Otherwise, good luck because you’ll be farming it for hours upon hours. 

5.) Nordic Carved Armor

Best Heavy Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating: 93
  • How to obtain: Introduced in the Dragonborn DLC, you can find it in various dungeon chests or drops from reavers and bandit leaders.

While the Falmer Heavy Armor can easily take this spot, I had to go with the Nordic Carved Armor to honor my fellow Nords. This armor looks extremely detailed with amazing textures and designs on the chest plate, helmet, and shield. This is undoubtedly one of the best-looking armor sets in the game while being quite simple as well.

Unfortunately, you can only get this if you have the Dragonborn DLC. But let’s be real, at this point, everyone has the complete edition of Skyrim so you’ll automatically have all the DLCs without even realizing it. 

The best part is that you can get this armor after you reach level 25. After reaching the required level, you can find various parts of this set in chests or throughout the world. It offers an amazing defense, makes your character looks intimidating, and can help you reach all the way to the end-game.


That’s everything you need to know about the best heavy armor in Skyrim. Hopefully, this guide assisted you in choosing a good heavy armor set for your character. If I had to choose only one armor set out of these, the Daedric Armor would be a safe bet since it is easily the best due to its sheer stats and looks. 

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available to play on Steam.

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