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Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

When choosing an armor set in Elden Ring, Elden Bling is the way to go. Let’s take a look at our Elden Ring best looking armor sets list.

Players tend to prefer fashion over effectiveness since your base stats matter more. The only time when armor matters properly are when you need specific resistances against a boss or area.

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

The best looking armor sets in Elden Ring are:

  • General Radahn Set
  • Maliketh’s Armor Set
  • Leyndell Knight Set
  • Carian Knight Set
  • Malenia’s Set
  • Crucible Axe Set
  • Black Knife Set
  • Land of Reeds Set

There are hundreds of armor sets in Elden Ring and there is something that fits everyone’s aesthetic. The ones mentioned are fan-favorites that have left a great impression on players worldwide. 

Let us take a look at each of the armor sets above and what landed them on our list. Keep reading to find out what sets these armor sets apart. Without further ado, here are the best looking armor sets in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

It is important to know that this only covers the best looking armor sets and while some armors might have better stats and defense, these look cool. I mean, you are going to be dying a lot in the game. You might as well look pretty doing it. Here are some of Elden Ring’s best looking armor sets:

General Radahn Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

If you want to look intimidating and downright majestic, Radahn’s Armor set is the way to go. With glistening gold armor and a fiery red extension on the helm, this armor is fit for a powerful individual well on his/her way to claim the throne and title of Elden Lord. No wonder the legendary Starscourge Radahn donned it with pride.

Maliketh’s Armor Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

Next up, we have Maliketh’s Armor set. This badass armor is a bestial armor made of black iron and decorated with gold. This armor is the definition of cool, transforming you into an awesome warrior not afraid to go head-to-head against gargantuan beasts and emerge victorious.

Leyndell Knight Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

The majestic knights of the Royal Capital don this armor set with pride. The beautiful gold and the elegant build of the armor make it fit for a warrior such as yourself. Wear this and feel like a badass as you explore the world and slash into foes who dare stand in your way.

Carian Knight Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

If you are a more humble player, the Carian Knight set is the one for you. While it is modest in its flashiness, it gives off a clean and refined look. If you want to play as an honorable knight on a mission to restore order in a chaotic land, the Carian Knight Set is your best friend.     There is something beautiful about the refined deep blue and chain decorations. It is Elden Bling for players who want to look subtle yet superb. 

Malenia’s Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

This armor set is worn by one of the best bosses in the entire game. Similarly, this armor is no joke either. The alloyed gold will radiate your warrior’s spirit as it glistens in the sun or under the luster of flames. Don this armor to feel like a badass and have the time of your life slicing into your foes!

Crucible Axe Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

You can obtain this entire set from the Crucible Knight Ordovis boss fight. If you are playing Elden Ring and digging the epic fantasy vibe, this armor is for you. The set looks something out of a George R.R. Martin book (I mean… duh!) and it does not disappoint. Look into it and complete your journey as a dashing Crucible Knight as you slay large monsters.

Black Knife Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

This set is a personal favorite. The Black Knife set was donned by the legendary Black Knife assassins, who are a crucial part of Elden Ring lore. This set seems like something out of Bloodborne. People who are fans of the mercenary aesthetic will dig this set. Hunt from the shadows, Tarnished!

Land of Reeds Set

Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

The starting armor set of the Samurai class does not disappoint! Taking you back to the classic Shogun era, this set is a great fit for the feudal Japanese aesthetic fanatics. Slay in style with this suit made for the toughest of warriors to wear as they protect their honor and philosophy and look fabulous doing it!


That concludes our list of the best looking armor sets in Elden Ring. We hope you found your next Elden Bling fit so you can slay in style. Have fun slaying enemies and we let us know what you thought of this article in the comments below. Good luck, Tarnished!

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