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Diablo Immortal Legendary Crests Guide

Here’s our Diablo Immortal legendary crests guide.

There are various methods in Diablo Immortal to level up or to find better gear for your character. Among those methods is the use of Crests while entering rifts. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Legendary Crests in Diablo Immortal!

What are Legendary Crests?

Diablo Immortal Legendary Crests Guide

Crests, in general, are upgrade keys that you can use on Elder Rifts for better loot. These Elder Rifts are randomly generated dungeons that you can use to gather XP, Runes, Fading Ember, and most importantly, Legendary Items. 

You can farm through these Elder Rifts without using Crests. But you will have a higher chance of getting better loot if you use crests. 

Crests come in two variants, Rare Crests, and Legendary Crests. Rare crests can be used to increase drop rates as well. However, Legendary Crests will guarantee the drop of Legendary Gems. These Gems can be used to increase your overall combat rating and the effectiveness of your character. 

Therefore, if you want to decrease the time spent on grinding, you can get Legendary Crests to help you get Legendary Gems faster.

How to get Legendary Crests? 

There are a few ways of obtaining the Legendary and Rare crests. Some methods require real money, whereas others can be done for free. But there is a difference between buying the Legendary Crests and getting them for free, which we will discuss later. 

The three main methods that you can use to get Legendary Crests are:

  • Battle Pass Rewards
  • In-game Store
  • Merchants

Battle Pass

Diablo Immortal Legendary Crests Guide

First of all, we have Battle Pass. The Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal works in a similar fashion to the one in Fortnite. As you progress through the Battle Pass and its various challenges, you unlock certain items. 

There are a total of 99 Tiers in the Battle Pass, and it can be unlocked after you finish the “Ashwold Cemetery” from the main story.

The Battle Pass has the free and the Empowered (paid) version. You can use both to get Legendary Crests, but of course, if you want more crests, the paid pass will give out more.

In-game store

You can also buy Legendary Crests using Diablo Immortal’s in-game item shop. To use the shop, you will need to buy Eternal Orbs that require real money. 

Regardless, when you have Eternal Orbs, head towards any Elder Rift. Over there, you will get the option to buy a Legendary Crest on the spot before you go into battle. 

1 Legendary Crest costs 160 Orbs, so you’re looking at about $3 per Legendary Crest. 


Additionally, there are merchants that can sell you Legendary Crests. There are actually two merchants; one can give you them for free, whereas the other requires Orbs. 

The first Merchant that we have is known as the Hilts Trader, found in the northern part of the Westmarch Region. He is essentially the Merchant that you want to use if you’re trying to get Legendary Crests for free. You can buy 1 Legendary Crest and 2 Ordinary Crests from him per month. You will need to use “Hilts”, which is the in-game currency required for trading with him. 

The 1 Legendary Crest per month limitation can be quite disappointing. But sometimes, the trader has limited-time deals where he will offer you more crests. So be on the lookout for those deals!

The second type of Merchant sells Legendary Crests for Orbs. These merchants are known as Crest Merchants, and you can find one on the square under the entrance to the Elder Rift. The benefit of purchasing Legendary Crests from these merchants is that you might get a discount from them every now and then.

How to use Legendary Crests

Using the Legendary Crests is quite straightforward. Go to the square in Westmarch where the entrance of the Elder Rift is located. 

As you’re about to begin a Rift, you will see the option to insert the crests. As we mentioned earlier, you will get Legendary Gems upon using Legendary Crests. If you use a Rare Crest, you will get Runes. And, of course, there is always the randomized chance of getting other loot as well. 

It is worth noting that you can insert multiple crests at once. Specifically, you can insert 1,2,3 or 10 Legendary Crests at once. And you will be given 1, 2, 3, or 10 Legendary Gems accordingly after clearing one Elder Rift. 

Eternal Legendary Crests vs Legendary Crests

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Although Legendary Crests work the same way that we’ve discussed, there is one slight difference that you should be aware of. And that are the two different versions of the Legendary Crests. 

You see, there are the Legendary Crests which you acquire by free means (through the merchant or battle pass). Then there are the Eternal Legendary Crests. These Crests are the ones that you obtain through Orbs. They work exactly the same, except the reward that you’re given (Legendary Gem) differs slightly.

The Gems that you get from simple Legendary Crests are bound to your character, and you cannot trade or sell them on the Market. Whereas the Gems acquired through the Eternal Legendary Crests can be traded with other players. 

The change is quite subtle, and in fact, you cannot really distinguish the two crests if you’re not looking closely. But simply hover over your Crest to check whether it is an Eternal Legendary Crest or a regular Legendary Crest.


With that, you know everything about Legendary Crests in Diablo Immortal. They can be great for saving time while farming for Legendary Gems. Just ensure that you know whether you’re working with an Eternal Legendary Crest or a regular one so that you don’t have any trouble later when you try to sell it in the marketplace! 

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Wednesday 7th of September 2022

You can also can legendary crest from the crest merchant for free after creating a warrant or joining.. something along those lines.