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Diablo Immortal Resonance Guide

Here’s our Diablo Immortal resonance guide.

Diablo Immortal has a lot of confusing leveling and upgrading systems. From the Paragon Leveling system to the odd Gem ranks, it can get really confusing. But worry not, as this guide will break down everything that you need to know about Gem Resonance in Diablo Immortal!

What is Resonance? 

One thing that many players get confused about is the difference between Gem Resonance and normal Resonance, so we thought it’s best to define what “Resonance” is.

Whenever you hover over the stats over legendary gems, you might notice in the stats something along the lines of “increases Resonance by X amount.” The Resonance that is being discussed here is something that is linked to your overall combat rating. 

Ideally, you want your Resonance to be as high as possible. The higher your Resonance, the more damage output you’ll have against enemies and players.

As you increase your gems from rank 1 to rank 10, you’ll notice that your Resonance will increase. But there is a difference that depends on whether you have a 1-star gem or a 5-star gem. 

If you have a 1-star gem, then every time you increase its rank, your Resonance could increase by 15. However, if you have a 5-star gem and you rank it up, then the increase in Resonance can be +80. Therefore, if you want a higher overall resonance, then you should look to increase the ranks of your higher star gems. 

Unfortunately, increasing the ranks of these gems is not an easy task. You often need to use Gem power or add other gems into the mix, which leads to more real money being spent on the game. 

What is Gem Resonance?

Diablo Immortal Resonance Guide

Now that we have a good understanding of Resonance let’s move on to Gem Resonance. As we discussed earlier, you can upgrade any of your gems till rank 10. As you do that, the Resonance of your gems will increase, which will increase your overall combat rating. 

Well, when you hit rank 10, it says max beside it, meaning you cannot increase the rank any further or increase the Resonance. However, there is a way around that by using Gem Resonance. 

When you’re at rank 10, you get the option to “awaken” the legendary gem. The perks that you get for awakening the gems can differ and can be quite specific to various armor pieces. But more importantly, you will get the option of “Gem Resonance.” 

Gem Resonance is essentially the way of increasing the Resonance of your maxed-out gem even further. So, by using Gem Resonance, you can push the perks of the gem even further. 

You will, of course, be able to increase your overall Resonance, but there is a further catch. To increase your Resonance, you will be required to mix specific gems with the awakened gem. These gems will be specified by the game itself, but it could require certain gems that are ranked 5 or any other stat. 

Diablo Immortal Resonance Guide

When you add in 2 of the required gems, you will get an increase of 10 in the Resonance along with another buff known as a socketed bonus: Primary Attack Damage increased by 3%. And then, when you add 2 more gems, you will get another bonus: an increase in your skill damage by 2%.

How to Awaken a Gem for Gem Resonance?

Diablo Immortal Resonance Guide

As mentioned earlier, to get Gem Resonance, you need to awaken the gem. But even doing that can be a tricky process. 

First of all, you need the gem to be ranked 10. It is recommended that you should aim to increase the rank of 1-star gems instead, as it can be very costly to increase the ranks of any other gems. 

When you have a rank 10 gem, you need to head over to Vic. You’ll need to hand him over the gem and “Dawning Echo.” It is an item that requires 1000 orbs. But when you give Vic both these items, he can awaken the gem for you. Then you’re ready for the gem resonance!


With that, you know everything about Gem Resonance. It is a late-game mechanic but certainly not a cheap one because of all the gem upgrading and buying all the various materials. But, if you do reach Gem Resonance, you can expect to get a lot of buffs for your character’s combat rating!

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