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Grim Harvest Weapon – Wayfinder Wiki

Grim Harvest is a Sword and Shield weapon in Wayfinder. It belongs to the Guardian Melee weapon class.

Weapon Details

Grim Harvest
Guardian Sword & Shield Melee
Ability: Plunges the sword into the ground to unleash an eruption of Bone Spikes in a radius around the Wayfinder, dealing damage and staggering even Heavily Armored enemies. Deals additional damage for each Latent Power Pip consumed.
Throughout history, every champion who’s carried Grim Harvest has died a gruesome death – but only after vanquishing their enemies. Who will be the next to fall prey to this curse.

Crafting Requirements

Grim Harvest Form1
Grim Harvest Spirit1
Grim Harvest Essence1
Grim Harvest Shell1

Affinity Statistics

ResilienceWeapon PowerAbility Power
Crit RatingPhys DefenseMag Power

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