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Silo Build, Abilities, Signature Weapon & Lore – Wayfinder Wiki [May 2024]


The Tactician

Wayfinder Tier List (Leveling): B

Welcome to our Silo wiki guide for Wayfinder. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best Silo build.

Silo Profile

  • Archetype: Survivalist
  • Role: DPS / CC, Soloing
  • Signature Weapon: Longshot (Rifle)
  • Difficulty: Medium (2/5)

Silo is one of the three starter characters in Wayfinder. He is a ranged crowd control specialist who utilizes abilities to slow enemies and dictate battlefield positioning. Silo also has strong defensive attributes allowing him to mitigate incoming damage.

He seems great on paper with a mix of grenades and rifle attacks. But his abilities are a little too inconsistent and tough to aim properly. Enemies can dodge explosives unexpectedly. Solid damage when everything connects, but other characters have more reliable kits.


  • Use Firebomb and Oil Bomb together to maximize damage over time.
  • Drop Oil Bomb in chokepoints to slow incoming enemies.
  • Time Proto Clone well to draw in enemies and relieve pressure.
  • Use Arc Nemesis to shock grouped up enemies.
  • Utilize barriers and keep distance to avoid taking too much damage.
  • Equip gear to boost defenses and crowd control potency.

Silo Build

We’ll be updating this page with the best Silo build soon.

Silo Abilities

Strategic Advantage
Deals 10% bonus Melee and Ranged Standard Shot damage to enemies that are debuffed (slow, burning, poisoned, stunned etc)
Fire Bomb
Toss a firebomb that ignites enemies, dealing damage over time. Causes a chain reaction with Oil Bomb, resulting in a large explosion.
Level 1: Increase direct damage by 10%.
Level 2: Increase Burn damage by 10%.
Level 3: If an enemy dies while burning, they will detonate, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Oil Bomb
Leaves a pool of Oil in front of Silo, slowing enemies. Enemies directly hit by the bomb are also Oiled, remaining slowed even after leaving the oil pool and taking additional damage when ignited by Firebomb. Refreshes a charge of Fire Bomb.
Level 1: Burns enemies hit when the pool of oil detonates, dealing damage over time.
Level 2: Oiled enemies are more likely to be critically hit.
Level 3: Increase damage and guard break of detonation by 15%.
Dash backwards, leaving behind a clone that pulls nearby enemies in. The clone will taunt nearby enemies into attacking it until it expires.
Level 1: Increase Duration of clone by 25%.
Level 2: Shooting the clone with a ranged attack will cause a concussive explosion dealing high break damage to nearby enemies.
Level 3: Add an explosion on expiration, dealing damage to all enemies in range.
Arc Nemesis
Silo sends out EGG to shock all enemies in the area dealing a burst of damage. EGG remains in the area for a short time, slowing and damaging nearby enemies.

Silo Signature Weapon

Longshot is a Marksman Ranged-class Rifle. It is Silo’s signature weapon.

Longshot was built by Salan Vex, the first Shrike. He won a fortune from the Avar Reeve in a high-stakes shooting contest, and used this gold to found his network of smugglers.

Weapon Ability

Dead Eye
Weapon Ability
3 Deadeye Weakspots appear on every enemy in range. Hitting these weak spots result in high damage and guaranteed crits.

Crafting Requirements

Longshot Form1
Longshot Spirit1
Longshot Essence1
Longshot Shell1

Silo Affinity Perks

Affinity AspectAffinity Perks
InstinctLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)
DisciplineLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)
FocusLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)

Silo Lore

Swift and precise, Silo makes every shot count. Born into a family of smugglers, he spent his life running under the radar and challenging tyrants. Now he’s using those same skills to fight the Gloom. Silo loves long odds—the greater the challenge, the greater the thrill.

Before the Gloomfall, the Shrike Syndicate was a network of smugglers and mercenaries who played both sides in the endless conflict between the Avar Imperium and the Maze. While many saw the Shrikes as criminals, they lived by a code. Silo was born Silas Vex; the Vex’s were the leaders of the Syndicate, and made sure that the Shrikes served the common people of the Westreach. Silo was an exceptional Shrike—an excellent marksman with a knack for designing explosives and arcane gadgets—but he always felt the shadow of his parents, the expectation that he would eventually assume the mantle of leadership.

Silo is a clever scoundrel, equally quick with a quip and a blade. He remembers grand heists and feasts with the people of the Westreach. But as an echo returned from the Gloom, his memories are incomplete. Silo doesn’t remember what happened to his parents, or how he came to be in Skylight when the Gloomfall struck. In this broken world, the Shrikes have become a menace. What has Silo forgotten?

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